This guy can’t get enough Advanced College! From the HuffingtonPost:

The Yale Herald reports that heartthrob James Franco will become one of Hollywood’s most-degreed actors by enrolling in Yale’s English Ph.D program.

Our sources tell us he’ll be here starting in September, though lucky Yalies may see him around campus in the coming weeks for admitted students events. Franco was on campus earlier this academic year for a Berkeley College Master’s Tea, causing a huge commotion among the ladies, the gays and the soap-opera fans.

The Yale Daily News reached Franco’s manager by phone, who confirmed that while Franco was accepted to Yale and it is his first-choice school, but he has not committed to attending.

Well, at least we know that when James Franco gets an Advanced College degree, he puts it to good use. Wait a second, Yale has COMPETING STUDENT NEWSPAPERS? In the rush to stay on the James Franco Has Too Many Degrees story, I totally overlooked the Yale Has Too Many Student Newspapers story. Relax, Yale!

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  1. First you tell me that the doctors on TV are actors and now you tell me that grad students are too. When will the world be real again?

  2. Yet another reason why a Yale Degree is utterly worthless.

    Wait, I think I messed that up…

  3. The days of Clare Danes looking down on James Franco are finally over!

  4. “I really loved him in Annapolis, remarked no one.”

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  6. This is fake right? He’s having a laugh, right? Please tell me I’m right here. This is a big meta stunt/project a la Joaquin Phoenix as a grizzly bear rapper. Except James Franco is playing the part of a guy who writes about “shadow colours” that gets a fucking Yale English PhD. This is a movie, you guys. I’m totally right about this. This whole thing doesn’t make me angry or jealous at all, James Franco is just making a really long-in-production film about his character from The Pineapple Express who is somehow embraced by the literary world for his incoherent ramblings. Yep, I got it figured out. I’m so good.

  7. The good news is

  8. I bet that was the best Berkeley College Master’s Tea EVER.

  9. “Franco was on campus earlier this academic year for a Berkeley College Master’s Tea, causing a huge commotion among the ladies, the gays and the soap-opera fans.

    Ladies, gays, and soap-opera fans. Redundant-much?

    • as a man-gay who hates soap-operas (wait, is Lost a Soap Opera? …30 rock might be too…shit.)

      ANYWAY! for no real reason, I’M OFFENDED!

      • If you’re a man why do you have a lady’s picture?

      • Yes, I am a lady and not a big fan of the soaps, but there are exactly zero soap opera fans who are not gays or ladies. Sort of like saying “…causing a huge commotion among men and people with erectile dysfunction…”

        • Hmm… saying there are no straight male soap opera fans is pretty offensive, probably. unemployed people come in all shapes…as do people who are dealing with erectile dysfunction…Bob Dole has a wife who is dealing with him dealing with erectile dysfunction. It is, after all, the disease that affects families.

          Furthermore the redundancy is there to remind people of James of all trade’s dazzling stint as ‘Franco’ (serious, I just looked this up) on General Hospital. If anything it seems to be a subtle, humorous jab at the actor’s expense. I mean, Soap Operas are the worst.

          But Dutch Tilts aside, I didn’t come on here to argue (so why am I arguing? a: boredom); I came on here to say RELAX JAMES FRANCO! for fuck’s sake.

          • I think we’re on the same team here, Hausfrau. Honest. Original comment was le sarcasm anyway (case in point – that housekeeper guy in Wedding Crashers is presumably straight and talks about watching ‘his stories’).
            Also if you’ve seen any clips from Franco’s stint on GH (Thanks, The Soup!), your LOLk will double, if not triple.

          • i know. and i tease in fun. Also: i saw some of the clips (totes awful) i just didn’t realized his character was named FRANCO! what? Good job writers. Gold star.

  10. “With great power comes great responsibility” — Michel Foucault

  11. and here i am, trying to scrape together enough hobo pennies to go to grad school without burying my future in a hole of hellacious debt. maybe if i write him a nice letter he will sponsor me.

    • So, when I read your comment I saw “hobo penises” instead of “hobo pennies,” and that tossed me into a brief whirlwind of confusion. Just thought I’d share.

      • what kind of horrible school charges tuition in hobo penises??? actually, maybe someplace like the wharton school or business, or a neat-o school where i would learn how to rule the earth alongside demonic forces. frankly, that’s probably a better path to job security! now i guess i gotta go sharpen my butterfly knives and head down to the I-10 overpass to tent city….

  12. This one time at the Savannah Film Festival James Franco showed this AWFUL movie he wrote and directed called “The Ape.” Afterwards he was shaking hands and signing Freaks and Geeks Dvds and I might have accidentally accused him of stealing a scene from the nineteenth century Swedish play “The Father” by August Strindbergh. I felt kind of felt bad cause he was otherwise a really nice guy, and I’m some jerk-off who name dropped a Nineteenth Century Swedish playwright….

    Although, any heartache I might have caused him I’m sure was wiped away by a combination of “Spiderman” royalties and “Milk” indie cred.

  13. Am I the only one who is going to say this?
    Congratulations James Franco! Good Job. You won’t be pretty for ever!

    That is a lie: You will. Men either get ruggedly handsome OR turn into your lesbian aunt….I’m betting on the former.

  14. He was into that whole Yale thing.

  15. Dear diary – today I got a PhD in English. Tomorrow, KILL SPIDERMAN.

  16. yet another post on videogum that makes me think my college degree was a waste of time. this fool got into yale?

    i’m pretty, i like to smoke weed, can i get in?

  17. Hey, James Franco, how about instead of going to Yale you Go to Fuck Yourself

  18. I’m happy for him.

  19. I hope he doesn’t expect anyone to refer to him as Doctor James Franco when he’s done.

  20. This upsets me because Yale’s English department is pretty sweet and it’s my top choice for my PHD, but I will probably never be accepted, and even if I were, I would not be able to pay for it. Yet, captain “I’m a pretty douche bag” gets to go.

    This makes me sick! I just vomited. My vomit is beige but the shadow of my sorrow ladened soul has turned it shadow colored.

    • “My vomit is beige but the shadow of my sorrow ladened soul has turned it shadow colored.” You’re a regular James Franco!

  21. Please, please, please let this turn of events result in a YCMIU entitled “James Franco Writes His Yale Application Essay.”

  22. An excerpt from the tortured mind of James Franco: “I can feel their mind-killing slime thought rubbing on me and corroding me and killing me.” Powerful stuff.

  23. I think it’s noble.

  24. “…causing a huge commotion among the ladies, the gays and the soap-opera fans” and the Japanese body pillows.

  25. Yale will be a good fit for James Franco. I hear they have very comfy seats.

  26. “My sleep drool is drool colored.” -James Franco’s dissertation

  27. i’m going to get into phd programs too, after some plastic surgeries and a few roles as an angsty teen.

  28. James Franco got in the way of James Franco’s education.

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