Erykah Badu’s “Window Seat” video, you guys:

This is a visually arresting music video that deals with issues of identity politics and offers up an enigmatic condemnation of “groupthink,” yes, but it is also a music video in the Internet Era. What I am saying is this guy definitely gets it:

This guy also definitely gets it:

The important thing is that everyone gets it. (Via Sohh.)

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  1. “Don’t get me wrong, this is a beautiful song with a beautiful message

    but I gotta masturbate at least once DAMN!”

    I said the exact same thing when I first heard Baz Luhrmann’s “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)”

  2. I have to believe that’s how that person ends every sentence.

    “Hey father, that was a powerful and moving sermon, but I gotta masturbate at least once DAMN!”

    “Thanks for dinner mom, it was delicious, but I gotta masturbate at least once DAMN!”

    That’s probably enough examples.

    • Don’t get me wrong this is a beautiful post with a beautiful message, but I gotta masturbate at least once Damn!

    • I’m enjoying how the trend of comments has to do with anything but Erykah Badu.

    • this sounds incredibly like a Raaaaaaaandy bit.

      Erykah is a genius. I hope this inspires people to actually listen to Nu Amerykah instead of just talking about her ass. Or talk about people talking about her ass.

  3. I’m so confused – she wants a window seat so she can get some alone time, and when you take all your clothes off you might get shot? And your blood can write stuff and it’s also blue? And also you’re Rick James at the end?

    Someone get me a caramel and a TV Guide. My Depends are full.

    • Well, she is walking through Dealy Plaza where Kennedy was shot and got shot near the “grassy knoll.” Does that help? I’m not trying to be condescending, but it just occurred to me that it might not be clear for someone not familiar with the area.

  4. these guys get it so much that they inspired it!

  5. These guys did it better:

    Or equally well. Whatever!

  6. Nothing says ‘fuck you’ to the man or social norms like making sure you have put adequate money in the parking meter before you walk about the streets naked. First we take care of fiscal parking regulations and then, anarchy!

  7. my favorite part is the fool in the red hat (around 2:00) who is clearly following this naked woman and picking up all the clothing she is so carelessly dropping, way to be pragmatic.

  8. I like to imagine that the KeiferMookie quote is the caption bubble for the Kevin Costner picture.

  9. I guess I should go take a music appreciation course, because I don’t get anything about this.

  10. Hmmph! Once!

  11. I think our generation will always remember where they were when they masturbated at least once to this video. DAMN!

  12. Baby’s got back, and to the left.

  13. Won’t someone PLEASE think about the children…I am sure that the little kids in the park that day will never forget the importance of getting your message across with nudity. Great.

  14. great song, love me some Erykah Badu, but her bra isn’t fitting properly. the clasp should be sitting lower on her back (just under the blades) for optimal comfort.

  15. How is this a condemnation of groupthink? In that everyone was looking at her as she was walking down the street, taking her clothes off? That’s because that is a strange thing to do.

    It was like: getting naked, getting naked, song in the background, DEAD. GROUPTHINK IS BAD. BE AN INDIVIDUAL.
    While the message at the end is valid, what the hell does it have to do with the video or the song?

  16. In my mind now, DAMN! (s) are the new units of measurement for masturbation. (units! teehee!)

    -grainy video of Erykah Badu with the ladypieces blurred out=1 DAMN!

    -Alexander Skarsgard shirtless=5 DAMN!s

    -John Travolta’s codpiece= -3 DAMN!s

  17. Erykah Badu should understand that her right to get naked does not give her free reign to influence children with her nakedness, and Jesus and the bible.

    • i would much rather my children look at erykah badu naked than watch any sort of television program having to do with jesus and the bible any day.

  18. Her twitter feed was ridiculous. So many tweets and retweets. All of it inane bullshit being spewed by people who just KNOW what she was communicating and RECOGNIZE her amazing talent and defending her, with the occasional HATER re-tweeted so her followers could put em on blast….

    Basically a big know nothing circle jerk. I followed her within ten minutes of seeing her ass jiggle on the video. And unfollowed her 2 hours and 1700 tweets later.

  19. character assassination, you guys.

  20. I went to her concert a few years ago and during one of her dances, her nipple slipped out (of which I unintentionally took a picture of, praise Jesus) and the gay man next to me screamed, “Damn, that titty came OUT!” at the top of his lungs.

    I guess the people in that video have a better story than I do now. Well, shit.

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