I feel kind of bad for the second dog, who clearly wants to eat some cop car but is such a beta-dog he doesn’t even know where to start. And the third dog is just a nerd. In other news: it is nice to see that police officers refer to each other as “dude.”

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  1. this makes me feel better about how well behaved my dog is, comparatively. he has never eaten anything worth that much.

  2. that dog is going to get so many shout outs on the next DMX record.

  3. This must be what it was like in the medieval times when wild groups of dogs would run around attacking cop cars.

  4. Those cops are going to need a bigger woof

  5. This dog has more balls than I do, that’s for sure.
    I think there are some people out there that can verify for me.

  6. And Fido was free to run his international meth ring from his basement

  7. yo dogg i herd you like bumpers

  8. “You guys! I just caught the BIGGEST SQUIRREL EVER!!!” – That dog

  9. The cop must be so frustrated. He wants to just stand up on the roof of his car and shout, “YOU DO NOT GET TO WIN WE GET TO WIN!”

  10. I love how the cops are basically defenseless. The dogs are like “what are you going to do about it? Yeah thats right NOTHING!”

  11. Maybe this is actually Pedigree’s new viral marketing for Dentastix.

  12. This is normally where I would raise issues of transparency and this being a link to BuzzFeed or something. Normally. But seeing one of the things I love destroy one of the things I hate makes the world soft around the edges. I hope all the monster’s get to chew off the bumpers of their cop cars this weekend.

  13. I warned you this would happen if we elected Obama.

  14. Our Gang – “Dogs is PCP Dogs” (1991): What will the Little Rascals do when Petey starts a gang of his own…and ends up on the wrong side of the law? Hilarity ensues as the boys try to tackle Petey’s PCP addiction and set him back on the straight and narrow.

  15. Sadly the police wouldn’t listen to Winston as he tried to drag the police car to the serial killers house.

  16. I would’ve put on my happy surprised face at seeing that I have my first upvotes, but I just looked at the menstruation cycle video so my “shocked in horror” face is still frozen on.

  17. Seriously, who let the clowns out?

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