It’s not Tracy Morgan, but it is ABOUT Tracy Morgan. It’s like they always say: promises work in mysterious ways (huh?).

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  1. I imagine that when the majority of your foreign films and tv shows are dubbed (in German!) by the same four actors, it’d be hard to “get” Tracy Morgan. Your bad, Germany.

  2. Es tut mir lied, Deutschland! More Tracy Morgan for us.

  3. How come tophersuxbuttz hasn’t some how related this with Topher sucking butts yet?

    • I think any connection to topher or buttz would be tenuous at best.
      Haven’t we learned anything from the great gif meltdown of 3-17-10?
      Correlatin’ Correctly

  4. Ahahahaha for “You look like you should be married to one of the San Diego Padres”

  5. A new show needs to be created with this simple premise:
    Donald Glover and Tina Fey tell stories about their experiences with Tracy Morgan.
    I’ll take my check now please.

  6. So many great impressions of SNL comedians this week!

  7. Speaking of, guys, Cop Out is still in theaters, and my home-town pretension despite having made 8 movies, all of which received a wide release should tell you to go see my movie. You know, to beat hollywood. Isn’t hockey great?

  8. What if Jack Hughman is in a parallel universe, and his career tanked because he decided to run offstage and use the bathroom?

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