HELP! HELPHELP! HELPHELP! (Thanks for the tip, Ben.)

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  1. From now on whenever I see someone driving a red convertible, I’ll be all like “nice clown car.”

  2. And here I was thinking clowns were all about saying “motherfucker” and being into necro-bestiality.

  3. The clown one the left at :20 in can’t even juggle scarves. That’s just poor clownin’.

  4. This was a deleted scene from Shakes the clown.

  5. The Vatican church once again trying to find a way to blame child rape on clowns. Who Who Who?

  6. I never understood people’s fear of clowns, even after watching IT, but this….this scares me.

  7. More like “Who Let the Full Grown Retards Out?” Amirite?

  8. I will not watch this. I don’t have the money to pay the psych ward.

    • I’m with you. A line must be drawn, and I am drawing it here. I’m just going to continue listening to nice Jason Mraz songs and not curling up in the fetal position in a tiny closet.

      (Did I just admit I like Jason Mraz?)

      • It’s ok. I’ve secretly always wanted to be a clown, but I also wanted to be cool. And while I’m not really either, I knew I could never be both.

  9. The Man in Black has dealt a devastating blow with this one. Jacob will be handed a black rock soon.

  10. You know how I know this is garbage? Their favorite “restaurant” has a Britto. Screw that guy! He is the worst. He’s the lowest common denominator in the pop art world and for this he is lauded? Ugh. If filling in bold, simplistic black lines with multiple colours in no discernible pattern was a skill, every 5-year-old in the damned world should be a millionaire artist with huge public installations in every city. Gah, is anyone with me on this? Can we have a Videogum everywhere to bring down Romero Britto? Please?

    Back to the clowns. Someone needs to tell them that throwing two two small pieces of chiffon in the air is not juggling.

  11. Im so …..cold right now…. there is a light… a blinding light… grandpa! Is that you?…

  12. their “favorite restaurant” looks an awful lot like an office break room.

  13. “what are some fun things a clown can do?”
    “um. take a nap? walk the dog? oh! what if they talked on the phone. that’s fun!”

  14. Coulrophobiagum all up in here.

  15. Silly Sally Productions- you’re on List.
    You’ve been warned.

  16. Related question: Who let my brains out of my head, after I shot myself?

  17. Obligatory Juggalo comment.

  18. somewhere, someone is proud of this.

  19. Best part of this is how the backing music is clearly just a MIDI file someone downloaded for who let the dogs out

  20. It boggles my mind that people laugh at clowns. Straw poll of monsters:

    When watching this, was your first instinct to
    a) laugh,
    b) cry, or
    c) stop watching this immediately?

  21. I’ve heard of Gatherings of the Juggalos but this is ridiculous!

  22. I could see this being the menu screen to an orientation DVD about starting your new life as a pederast.

  23. Shoot. Now we’ve got to change our production company name, Gabe. These guys already claimed Silly Sally Productions.

  24. Finally, a reaction to Crispin Glover’s “Clowny Clown” video.
    P.S. Look at the drivers hands. These are late middle-aged women hands. I don’t know why that freaks me out.

  25. why haven’t clowns been banned yet?
    the only thing they are good at is making people nervous about being murdered.

  26. Which one of them is The Great Milenko?

  27. Haha, that phone is so big! It is TOO big! You can’t talk on that phone!

  28. Go to 1:08 and look at the background! Imagine being on a nice run and seeing that scene in front of you

    • This is making me laugh so hard I am crying. It would be awesome if you saw the guy turn around and bolt.

    • Actually, I just remembered that one time my friend and I were driving to Dave and Buster’s and we saw a clown changing a tire on the Beltway outside of DC. It was awesome!

      • I was leaving a grocery store once when I saw a clown purchasing some bananas. For some reason, that was funnier than any clown-related shenanigans…

  29. So, I have a job that involves me tracking down and booking children’s performers. It is uncomfortable phone conversation after uncomfortable phone conversation. This is what it’s like – and I don’t get it b/c if you are a children’s performer wouldn’t you market yourself towards adults, the people who are booking your program? Wouldn’t you be like “Listen, children love this. Here are the numbers, here is the proof. I’m not going to make you sit through a 3 minute video of me dancing with balloons in funny suspenders”

    This is the part of my job i’m worst at.

    • Maybe they enjoy it. I used to work with a girl who made extra money being a clown at birthday parties. She loved to tell me and our coworkers about it – all of us vocally hated clowns, and none of us had kids or knew anyone who could use her clowning. She thought it was hilarious to bring in pictures of herself as Sparkles or whatever her damn clown name was (no, unfortunately it wasn’t Pogo) and watch us squirm.

  30. Whoa! Those zany folks looks like they had a few clowns for breakfast before making this video. Or perhaps they were saving them for supper.

  31. I love how the drum loop is going on an Animal-from-the-muppets-style freak out in the background of the chorus, like this song is so crazy it actually made the drum machine clinically insane.

  32. Ha Ha ha!! wait, I mean AAAhHHHHHHH!!

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