Yikes. American Idol is no longer an empty husk ratings-zombie, now there are actual zombies up in there. I really hope those are real undead zombies and not some stupid zombie street team trying to subliminally sell us something (zombie pants).

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  1. Would have been a successful Videogum Everywhere prank, if it wasn’t for Videogum noticing it.

  2. Honestly, this is one where I would actually like a little information or context so I can understand what is happening before I shut myself in the basement forever. Did Miley cause this?

  3. Looks like someone was in the splash zone without a poncho.

  4. You are misremembering the past. Paula Abdul was on the show for years.

  5. Ummm, the Kelly Clarkson tag is a little strange. I thought I was going to see some Zombie Kelly Clarkson! Since you’ve been gone, I can’t feed for the first time!

    Get it? On brains! Lazyjokesgum.

  6. I will admit that I watch American Idol. This was a friend of the glass blower contestant. But I don’t think it was clear that it was blood last night. I thought this particular audience member had a weird birthmark on her face.

  7. You people are such pedestrians. Those girls are friends of Siobhan Magnus, a girl in the top 12 from Massachusetts They call themselves the “Siobhanbies”. Sitting next to them was Siobhan’s boss, who has promised not to shave his beard as long as she is competing on the show.


  8. I can’t wait for this zombie trend to die out

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