Seth Meyers joined a MacGruber panel at SXSW to describe a prank that Will Forte had played on him during the movie shoot, and while pranks are the worst, always, this one is pretty great. Also pretty great: Seth Meyers’s Will Forte impersonation.

Honestly, when someone tells you that making movies is a lot of hard work, sock it to them, because liars get socked! At the very least, do not believe them. If you do, then Mr. Boner died in vain.

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  1. So he pretty much summed up the plot to Ghostbusters 3.

  2. As wrong as this is, every time I see the word ‘Bieber’ I think ‘Boner’…

    Oh, and now you will too.

  3. Is ‘Boner Ghosting’ allowed in pottery class?

  4. “Boner Ghost” makes me think of the kid from Growing Pains and that really dampened my enjoyment of this anecdote.

  5. Kilmer was sitting a few people over from Seth. I’ll have to say, he was the most active on the panel and was pretty quick to chime in, specially during the audience Q&A. Anyway, the boner ghost story was highlighted be the fact Will’s mother was sitting right there.

  6. nothing is funnier than being sexuallly accosted at a sleepover.

  7. AWESOME impression of Will Forte.

  8. A boner ghost is when you get a boner and your pants keep the shape after the boner has died down.

  9. So, is the boner ghost the ghost of a man that died with a boner, or the spirit of all boner’s that have ever died, or is it just a ghost that has a boner and cannot find “release” because of his non-corporeal form.

  10. Duh, condoms = boner ghosts. I get it, now. Weird, but I get it.

  11. So I m confused was Will Forte the boner ghost, and if so, did he have boner?

  12. Is he insinuating Forte is gay?

  13. I’m going to take a wild guess that those 2 minutes were funnier than the entire finished movie will be.

  14. So is this anecdote going to be turned into a movie or what? Like Dirty Dancing and GI Jane, the name guarantees at least 50 mill.

  15. Hey! It’s Jason Mraz! LOL

  16. Thanks to Weekend Update, Seth has been the only thing consistently funny about SNL for the past couple years(SNL Digital Shorts are not always consistent missing from the occasional episode) and if he wants to join on an SNL spinoff Q&A let him do it. He has earned as Chevy Chase has earned the right to star in Super Bowl commercials telling you to watch the complete short film on an advertisers website. Community 8p/7c

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