Good luck, Sandra! Remember, hope floats!

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  1. “That is soapy water with a cigarette in it.”
    The Best.

  2. This video should win an Oscar!

  3. I hear she’s given him 28 days to shape up, or else he’ll have to crash elsewhere

  4. Quite the role reversal!

  5. You guys are just like Dwight and Jim with the pranks. Let’s hope four years from now you’re not seriously just going through the motions, having taken your characters to weird conclusions so that you know what, just call it a day and let’s focus more on 100 Seconds with Ed Helms.

  6. mydaughter'sname69  |   Posted on Mar 24th, 2010 +1

    I had a Premonition about being pranked on April Fools, and then I realized it was less than 28 Days away! I wasn’t even given Two Weeks Notice! Now the pranks will catch me by The Blind Side!

  7. I thought Sandra Bullock was married to Meryl Streep… I really need to watch TV more than once a year.

  8. Nothing like the old getting a tin can full of pens when you are expecting cookies… the worst!

  9. I want to see Gabe playing the jokester and Max as the straight man in one of these.

  10. woozefa  |   Posted on Mar 24th, 2010 -24

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  11. So the lead actress of The Blind Side is married to a white supremacist?? COINCIDENCE?!

  12. Who nicknames themselves “Bombshell”? So Stupid. –shellbomber

  13. More like Gaberil Fools, amirite?!

    /forgot my meds this morning

  14. I think we all know Ms. Bullock well enough now to call her Sandy. Stay strong Sandy!

  15. 103 seconds, plus you skip the intro? Somebody just loves to hear themselves talk.

  16. gabe you’re a fucking star

  17. I quite liked Videogum Man being the serious one in this, yet he still brought all the laffs. Pens.

  18. When is someone going to give you a TV show already?

    But which one is the straight man?

  19. um.. 103 seconds
    thats just sloppy

  20. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

    • Not really.

      I mean, I understand what you’re saying, and it is definitely something that I’ve wrestled with, but since there is, at this point in time, only one editor of this website, the conceit that we are a multi-national media organization that disguises the personal interests of its journalists in favor of editorial subjectivity is actual nonsense. And since I am proud of what I do, and since readers of this website have expressed interest in knowing what else is going on, I don’t really think it’s that big of a deal. I know that you wanted to blow the whistle on Big Gabe Delahaye, but honestly, who cares? This is a website that I think has its priorities in the right place and A LOT MORE integrity than most, and at the very least, we do the work of thinking things through before we do them.

      So, goodbye?!

    • Trampoline accidents are great and all but the main reason I read Videogum on a regular basis is Gabe’s excellent & funny writing. Why wouldn’t we want to see his & Max’s videos posted here? It’s not like he’s selling Gabe and Max’s How To Get the Dreamlife of Your Dreams Using the Internet.

      • Exactly. This has been covered…sometime (too lazy to check) But if Gabe didn’t post it, Wettrew or others would link to it in the comments….this is just more convenient FOR EVERYONE (me).

        but a guild to Internets? i would buy that. Now where should I fax my e-mail address?

    • plus, a bunch of commenters asked for it, since we are too lazy to frequent any website beyond this one to get our gabe-based yucks.

  21. Yeah, that seems fair enough and also true.

    Thank you for addressing my grievances in a timely and efficient manner.

    Also, I got a reply from Gabe, I pretty much am awesome! wooh.

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