Man, Joe Biden, ladies and germs! On the one hand, he seems like your superfun booze-soaked uncle who always lightens the mood at family gatherings, and still thinks it’s funny to steal your nose long after you’ve graduated from college. On the other hand, how did your superfun booze-soaked uncle get to be Vice President of the United States?! Anyway, today Barack Obama signed his historic health care reform legislation into law. But before he did that, he was introduced by Joe Biden, who was overheard on his microphone saying “this is a big fucking deal.” Hahah. Yes! On the one hand, TRUE! It is a big fucking deal. On the other hand, it is also 2010! If we can’t have a second season of Joe Millionaire because America’s young women are too smart to get hoodwinked a second time, then why are famous, heavily-mediatized politicians still falling for the old “hot mic” gag? It’s as if everyone in Washington is Leslie Neilsen in The Naked Gun, and they all have to take a leak right after their keynote address to the city. Guys! Stop peeing! Everyone can hear you!

Yoikes! Anyway, Biden bein’ Biden after the jump:

Classic. Ol’ Runny Mouth, they call him. Maybe he just said it to cheer Barack Obama up, because maybe Barack Obama wasn’t sure if this was a big fuckin’ deal or not. “Let’s turn that frown upside down.” That is Joe Biden’s motto. “With swearing!” Now the barbecue is ruined. (Via everyone.)

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  1. Joe Biden the “Gaffemaster General” preforming all week at the Chuckle Hut! Tell us “Barry O” sent you and get a free basket of wingdings!


    Unfortunately Gabe, Joe Millionaire did run for a second season. I am so sorry I know this.

    But maybe this also explains why so many people on my Facebook are angry at this bill!

    • It did run a 2nd season but only in Europe where those ladies didn’t have any idea about it, and 2nd Joe was way better than first Joe and he hooked up with the Czech girl who was perfect and they were perfect together and everything was perfect even after she left the show because she didn’t want to find love on a reality show but then came back but she had found love on a reality show and he kept her on the show because he loved her and even after she found out he wasn’t rich it didn’t even matter because love conquers all.

      I miss Fox’s hairbrained (hairbrained??) reality show wonders. Where my Paradise Hotel fan club members at?

    • There are so many people on facebook angry about this! Where did they all come from? Did all of my closet teabagger friends just come out? I think they’ve misunderstood National Coming Out Day. That is in October, and it is for gay people. They’ve already ruined tea parties. They can’t take that away from us too. :(

  3. I want to see Aziz Ansari do BIIIIIIIIIIIIIDEEEEN(Y).

  4. I think he said it on purpose so we would talk about him here, I’m on to you J.B., I can call you J.B. right?

  5. at least it was a nice, positive “fuck”, unlike Dick Cheney’s mean-spirited, aggro “fucks.”

  6. I for one am glad to have our vice-president be a constant unintentional comic relief rather than the embodiment of pure evil that the last one was. The way it should be.

  7. mydaughter'sname69  |   Posted on Mar 23rd, 2010 +31

    Maybe he just thought he was on the Juggalo News instead of the Real News.
    Just kidding! The news isn’t real!

  8. i wish that there was another muffled part after that of Obama saying, “no shit, Joe.”

  9. The LOL Debt that America owes Joe Biden will never get paid off.

  10. Comedy Central should develop a show called “That’s My Biden!”

  11. This is at the bottom of the list of memorable Biden gaffes. He can gaffe WAY better than a barely audible f-bomb.

  12. Tonight on Fox News: In Wake Of Pelosicare Passing, Biden Screams Profanity At Barack Hussein.

  13. When Joe Biden retires, he’s going to live in my closet and make me laugh all day and we’ll play catch and throw rocks at squirrels and drink Yoohoo by the dumpster behind CarpetWorld and be the best of pals.

  14. If there is a shit-storm over this, I am going to punch someone in the uterus. Or man parts.

    “When did the word ‘fuck’ ever hurt anyone? Fuck fuckity fuckfuckfuck.” – Eric Cartman
    On an unrelated note, when a Christian boy told me that my cursing wasn’t ladylike, I responded with the above.

  15. I just realized that I’ve never actually seen that WASSSUP commercial, I only had that “word” resonate in my head for about three years because of it being constantly repeated by the kind of people who like quoting commercials. Now, 10 years later, I finally understand.

  16. to be fair, “big fucking deal” is one of Obama’s best nicknames so maybe Joe just got a bit confused

  17. Wow, all the comments in this thread were negative except for two. Really, guys. Really?

  18. what about the children?

  19. “It’s as if everyone in Washington is Leslie Neilsen in The Naked Gun, and they all have to take a leak right after their keynote address to the city.”

    I just wanna say thanks for using this reference. I probably saw that movie a kajillion times as a kid with my dad, to the point that we both get warm fuzzies whenever anyone brings it up. So thanks.

    “Hey! It’s Enrico Polazzo!”

  20. am I the only one that didn’t hear it?

  21. Jan. 31, 2007

    “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy, I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”
    — Joe Biden, describing fellow candidate Barack Obama

    The remark was made the same day Biden filed the official paperwork to launch his presidential campaign. He later apologized and said he should have used the word “fresh” instead of “clean.” The Chicago Tribune observed that the gaffe “gave Obama the opportunity to appear magnanimous in the face of an insult,” after the Illinois Democrat responded by saying that Biden didn’t intend to offend anyone. Obama did add, however, that the comment was “historically inaccurate,” citing former presidential contenders Jesse Jackson Sr. and Al Sharpton, who chimed in saying, “I take a bath every day.”

  22. Rush Limbaugh is going to be all like “Fuckin’ A, bra”

  23. The VPOTUS’ BFD just signed my LOLcare bill.

  24. Yes We Fuckin’ Can

  25. Despite his resemblance, Sam Eagle would NOT approve of these shenanigans.

  26. This is what whoever was VP to Roosevelt said as well, “Frankie, I love the New Big Fucking Deal.

  27. Lets fuck the kids.

  28. “Guys! Stop peeing! Everyone can hear you!” – Gabe

    Although I’m sure this could apply to most people, for those of us who suffer from Hugh Jackmans, stopping pee is optional only in a fantasy world.

  29. The LOLest part about Joe Biden seeming like your superfun booze-soaked uncle is that he is a teetotaler and doesn’t drink. IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES!

  30. F bombs are better than bomb bombs!

  31. My new nickname for Joe Biden is “That Lighning,” as in he’s Biden “That Lightning.” No? Oh well, it’s not like it’s a big fucking deal.

  32. keep fuckin’ that chicken, joe

  33. I never noticed that budweiser commercial has a grown ass man in overalls. This upsets me more than anything.

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