Admittedly, this was the Summer Jam of 2007, but I’m bringing it back. If we get enough songs together, I’m seriously going to make a mixtape. I’m going to “drop” a mixtape? In either case, I will be crazy for this one.

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  1. Truth be told, I hate most of this year’s Summer Jams. However, I love cheeseburgers! So I am torn.

    Also, can there be a mixtape for realz? And can you leverage some Stereogum power to get real, live hipster bands to cover some of our Summer Jams?

    • YES! If stereogum can get them to act in a faux chatroulette commercial, we can get a Summer Jamz cover album? I don’t know what the indie band cover song exchange rate is these days, but that’s like the same thing right?

  2. I can has quadruple cheezburger and summer jams.

  3. Bangs had to start something, rapping about cheeseburgers showed no sign of his future work discussing movies

  4. what about jesus?

  5. “Let it Stick vol. 4″ The mixtape that put M.C Gabe on the map.

  6. Only the third? Gabe, have you already forgotten about “Dick Towel” and “Reverse Cowgirl”? You are so old, Grampa Gabe! This should be nr.5 by that count. We can make the Mande interview a skit, so that’s six right there.

    Also, I re-submit mydaughter’sname69′s submission of the Enya vs. Die Antwoord mashup. It is as crazy-awesome as it sounds. Couldn’t find the original website, there is still this:
    Sail away, motherfuckers!

  7. I’m gettin’ the Boca Burger.

  8. “Fuck Pasta” is the name of the entree I always prepare when my lady friends drop by for a visit.

  9. The mix-tape is already taking great form. So long as it opens with the Wheezy + The Office track.

    3 tracks for a Summer Jam and it’s still March, I’m psyched for summer!

  10. I don’t dispense many mixtape pro-tips (why is that hyphenated?), but if you’re going to rap about fast food do NOT call your studio Blackhole Studios.

  11. ok, lunch time and this jam has made it clear what’s on the menu: Quadruple Burger (no lipo.)

  12. The best: “My burger was a double, so I guess I’m winning in Checkers.”

    Second best: Using “cheeseburger” as a 3 to 7 syllable word depending on flow requirements.

  13. In 2007, no one could have foreseen that, today, thanks to the Obama Administration’s hard work and dedication, millions more Americans can has cheezburger.

  14. So is that one single, double, triple, and quadruple cheeseburgers. Actually sir, could you repeat your order please?

  15. This guy definitely knows what I’m talking about

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