Demi Moore (and Nia Vardalos?) helped prevent ANOTHER potential suicide attempt over the weekend with the help of Twitter. On the one hand, great. On the other hand, what? From the AFP (via FilmDrunk):

Hollywood actresses Demi Moore and Nia Vardalos, star of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” helped police on Friday thwart a possible suicide attempt after being alerted to it through Twitter.

Moore and Vardalos were instrumental in rushing police to the home of an 18-year-old Florida man who had written a message on Twitter saying he had “messed up my life bad” and was “thinking about killing myself.”

The suicidal man, who is not being identified by AFP, wrote a message addressed to Moore’s Twitter account saying he was “about to go hang myself from a tree outside my house and end my life.”

“I have no reason to live anymore,” the man wrote, adding “I am going to send a live feed of me hanging myself. No one cares if I die or not.”

Moore, who is married to actor Ashton Kutcher and goes by @mrskutcher on Twitter, wrote the man back asking if he needed help. He responded “yes.”

Vardalos, who saw the exchange on Moore’s public Twitter feed, called a suicide prevention center in Los Angeles which contacted theSeminole County Sheriff’s Office.

The police officer who arrived at the young man’s home in Casselberry, Florida, around 2:30 am said in his report that he found him “sitting at his computer desk crying.”

Oof. This is obviously a sad story, and I hope that this young man gets the help that he needs, but why are people in emotional despair constantly turning to Demi Moore? Is she really the best that America has to offer? Is she even the best that Twitter has to offer? Why not send a Tweet-for-help to @AnnCurry, or @JoshGroban? I am sure the two of them have spent more than a couple dark evenings staring desperately into the black abyss of human existence. At the very least, you know that if you write to them for help it’s actually them, and not Ashton Kutcher accidentally logged in as them.

Of course, it does no one any good to question who the kids turn to in their hour of need, and so, if Demi Moore is standing watch at the gates of hell, so be it. We salute her, and we toast her health. This guy knows what I’m talking about:


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  1. She’s just making up for all the misery she has brought into this world.

  2. I just like the idea of Nia Vardalos stalking Demi Moores twitter feed. Kutcher should have been her man!!!

  3. Jules Van Patten understands suicide.

    • No kidding, amirite? Remember when she tried to commit suicide by locking herself in an apartment WITH THE WINDOWS OPEN? Also, I know I am going to hell cause when I read that Demi tweeted back, do you need help, I was all, is she going to give him advice on how to do it??

      • there’s no use living! i throw myself to the wind! what a ridiculous and nonsense way to go. everyone in that movie is a big dumb.

  4. You’ve missed the saddest part of this entire exchange: poor Nia Vardalos has been reduced to monitoring Demi Moore’s Twitter feed for potential suicides. Big Fat Greek Fun.

  5. Videogum is just trying to make us grow up too fast this week. Hags, Anti Fags, Suicidal Sads.
    I need a spring break.

  6. ….he found him “sitting at his computer desk crying.”

    If that had read, “sitting at this computer desk dying” it would have been really sad. but since it didn’t, I admit that I LOL’ed when I read that.

  7. First of all, thank you for posting that photo of Winona Ryder. I forgot that she is pretty.

    Secondly, I saw Demi Moore on the Chelsea Handler show and she seems like a decent lady.

  8. He tried tweeting Alyssa Milano but she didn’t respond

  9. Turning to @mrskutcher is a far better strategy than, say, DMing @shitmydadsays.

  10. Didn’t she thwart a suicide attempt last year too!? Jeez, at this point, she should just make this her new job. I mean, no one really needs Demi Moore as an actress anymore, and I’m sure they can halt production on The Joneses 2: Keeping Up with the Laffs so she can continue to help.

  11. So twitter cries for help work better than holding out a rose to Megan Fox? Duly noted.

  12. As if I didn’t already feel enough pressure to join the Twitterz, now it SAVES LIVES?! Man. I may have to sign up now. I don’t have faith that Tom from MySpace will come through for me like that.

  13. “sitting at his computer desk crying.”
    This is also how i read @mrskutcher. It doesn’t mean I want to kill myself.

  14. Hey, that’s not a guy, it’s a LADY! That’s Martha Dumptruck. I can’t be the only one old enough (and sad enough) to remember the details of The Heathers, right? Right you guys? RIGHT!?! Demi?

  15. while it’s great that this person got the help they needed, it’s really disturbing that their method of reaching out involved tweeting a celebrity. i mean, that’s just really disturbing.

  16. Talk about your suicide pacts, huh? When our school blows up tomorrow, it’s going to be the kind of thing to infect a generation! I mean, it’s going to be a Woodstock for the 80′s

  17. I used to tweet Bruce Willis with my problems – he would always show up, say something witty, then crawl back into my house’s air conditioning vent until I needed him again. Now I just tweet Ashton and it’s really helped my career.

  18. Why do I think the word(s?) Hair diaper had something to do with all of this? If you don’t know what I am talking about google (DON’T) Demi Moore Bush (DON’T DO IT!).

  19. I don’t want to get all Professor Suicide over here, but if you hang yourself in a tree in your yard isn’t there a pretty good chance a neighbor will see it and put the kibosh on it? This is just one of those half-hearted cry-for-help suicide attempts.

    • mclusky.!

      That being said, I think we can rule out any Jeff Golblum character-level intelligence in the suicide schemes of people who will stop if they just here from their 4th favorite third-rate celebrities over Twitter.

  20. “I am going to send a live feed of me hanging myself. No one cares if I die or not.”
    i.e. “No one wants to see this, so I will put it online.” Yep, that’s how blogging works.

    (And yes, I’m already on my way to jail.)

  21. threads like this are why i love videogum.

  22. Heathers screen caps are why I love Videogum

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