This is the foreign markets Lipton Ice Tea commercial starring Lipton Ice Tea’s global spokesman, Hugh Jackman, you guys:

Personally, I preferred the print ad. That being said, it IS amazing to see what they can do with special effects these days. Through the use of green-pants technology, and with the help of Pixar’s Trouser Animations Department, you can hardly see the sopping pee at all. There was some visible dampness at 0:17 and 0:52, but that is unavoidable with a performer as talented and dedicated as Dame Hugh Jackman. (Thanks for the tip, Dave.)

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  1. He is really earning that nickname of “hardest working man in showbiz” if by working you mean working really hard to make sure we never forget about the whole pee thing.

  2. Apparently pee is Jackman’s weapon of choice.

    Topher Walk’s got a leg up, imo. Ain’t no pee on those pants.

  3. Como se dice “no homo” en Chinese?

  4. Coming Soon:

  5. somewhere Fergie is kicking her agent for not coming thru on the Lipton’s “Famous Person Who Can Sing WhilePissed Themselves” casting call for this commercial

  6. i don’t care what you guys say, I want to go to there.

  7. Hm, this commercial confuses me. First there was a typical excited Japanese anime-type song, and then at the end there was some cockney “lorry lorry” accent. The two don’t add up.

  8. I’m going to have that song stuck in my head forever! How are the Japanese so adept at creating songs with a direct relationship between how extremely catchy and how freaking annoying they are?

  9. I’m impressed! All that tea, and dancing in water would make anyone pee, yet Hugh hid his peed pants so well! It was probably all that fancy adult diaper technology! You know what they say: “Black is slimming, but Depends keeps you from swimming (in urine, gross!).”

  10. You know that scene in the first x-men movie, when Wolverine (played by Hugh Jackman) says to cyclops “You’re a dick.”? Well, that would make for a fitting gif for his fans to post here every time he is made fun of

  11. I like the prominently featured fresh linens that the hotel guest services began preparing immediately after Jackman became visibly excited. True professionalism, that.

  12. the music alone makes this the best tea related commercial in the history of mankind

  13. Hugh Jackman: “Sometimes, when I’m drinking this refreshing Lipton Ice Tea, I get so excited, and before I know it, thppbt, a little spritz, right there.”

    Whoopi Goldberg: “Hugh, you’re not gonna believe this…”

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