Joe Biden appeared at last night’s Annual Radio and Television Correspondent’s Dinner to perform what people in the comedy industry call “a tight 13.”

Give it up for Joe Biden, everybody. He may be Vice President of the United States, but he’s President President of LAUGHSSACUSHETTS. Just kidding, this was terrible. I’ve never really understood why they have these miserable open mic dinners. The argument is that it is a chance for everyone in Washington to relax and take a break from the high-stress sniping that politicians and the media engage in on a daily basis. But isn’t that what all of their expensive luxury vacations are for? I hope everyone has to take vacation days in order to go these dinners. Also, Joe Biden doesn’t have to be funny, because that’s not his job, but he should also probably be a little better at his job. I’m the Vice Zingadent! (Video via Mediaite, to whom I apologize for ripping and re-uploading your video, but also, no offense, but can you please work on getting a better video player? That is the worst video player I have ever seen! End shoptalk.)

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  1. This was for the best, his 60 minute set is pretty much a word-for word rip-off of Chris Rock’s ‘Never Scared’ Album, which can get pretty uncomfortable in front of a DC crowd…

  2. Was too distracted by the MOSS hanging out of his breast pocket to focus on the jokez.

  3. I was hoping he’d do some RAAAAAAAANDY material. Oh well.

  4. “and those who don’t may god turn their ankles so we know they’re coming by their limp”

  5. Y’know, Laughssacushetts isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. You should come to DeLOLware. that’s where the real funnies are at.

  6. I have a crush on this man.

  7. Dammit, I always forget to crash this one… But imma crash the big doozy, the White House Correspondents Association Dinner on May 1. Look for me on C-SPAN, I’ll be wearing my “Old Woman” disguise to sneak in.

  8. It would be funny to say ‘that’s your vice president’ if it weren’t true.

  9. I bet Joe Biden now has a little plaque on his desk that says “Laughmaster General”

  10. i’ve been wondering what high priority country-altering agenda items biden has been working on. mystery solved.

  11. When I heard him say he just flew back from Israel, I really thought he was going to add “and boy are my arms tired!” Unfortunately the actual joke was worse. Then I looked and saw 13 minutes were left and the video kept buffering. It was a Nightmare. NIGHTMARE I tell you!

  12. this is painful. at least when my dad tries to be funny, it’s endearing ’cause he’s MY dad. but it probably helps that he’s like a million times more adorable than joe biden.

  13. He is my Dad. And I love him.

  14. I know why this was so bad – He didn’t have a screen behind him to elucidate all of his humor through images and gifs.

  15. That Dick Morris joke makes up for all of it, though.

  16. Joe needs to lighten up on the h-e-double-hockey-sticks. VICE president, indeed. And was that a “maa-an” I heard in there? Get off my lawn, hippie.

    • All the “hell’s” are because he’s the Nick Nolte character in this buddy cop movie about the United States.
      He’s probably getting to old for this shit too.
      Do you understand the words that are coming out of his mouth?
      Because I sure don’t.

  17. I only made it through the first minute, but did anyone else catch “Barack Obama is the first African American in the history of the United States of America”? Classic Biden.

  18. I couldn’t get more than halfway through, but might I just congratulate him (the way all good congratulations are given, anonymously, via internet) for the correct pronunciation of the word “Taoiseach”. Though this is Joe “a-tee-tee-tee-tee-tee-potatoes” Biden, why am I even surprised!!

    The african gentleman who ho-ho-ho-ed his way through the HILARIOUS joke around 1.00 made the video for me.

  19. “I was going down on my girlfriend, I said to her, “Jeez you got a big pussy. Jeez you got a big pussy.” She said, “Why did you say that twice?” I said, “I didn’t.” ” – Joe Biden

  20. I got excited when I saw the Louis CK tag. Cruelgum.

  21. mydaughter'sname69  |   Posted on Mar 18th, 2010 +4

    The funniest part was when the camera cut to Bill O’Reilly after Biden sarcastically said “You guys know the truth, sometimes.”

  22. Who the hell’s in charge of these slides? Aw, jeez.

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