Four Lions trailer, you guys:

On 9/11, I worked in a building in Times Square. It was a really weird day, obviously. The first plane had struck the North Tower while I was still on the subway, and before going into work, I watched reports of it on the Jumbotron in Times Square. It was actually like a scene from the movies, with dozens of people standing in this normally-chaotic city center, their eyes glued to massive televisions, all playing actual news instead of Chevy commercials, or whatever. Then I went into work, and that is when the second plane hit. Needless to say, everyone was freaking out, and at one point the head of our department went down to the cafeteria and brought up a bunch of breakfast pastries and juice, because he was nervous that people weren’t eating anything and were going to wear themselves out from shock. I ended up walking down to Washington Square Park, along with the rest of the world, everyone filling the streets in a flood of humanity, and up ahead, this mushroom-cloud-like plume of smoke filling the sky. I actually don’t remember the rest of the day that well, other than that we tried to give blood but they didn’t need us to give blood because they had enough blood and there was no one to give blood to anyway. And I remember thinking that it was really weird how many people were enjoying boozy lunches at outdoor cafes on a bright sunny day when probably the world was falling apart, although in retrospect I’m pretty sure those people had it right. I don’t really remember when or how I got home, actually. I do remember that it was really weird working in Times Square for months and months afterwards, because there were constant bomb scares called into various buildings, but in response all the buildings were constantly being evacuated. Not to mention the homemade votive-candle-and-color-xerox-missing-persons-poster memorials that were all over the place. For the most part I try not to think about it, because it really was an emotionally difficult time. For everyone, I’m sure, but all I have is my own stuff to deal with, you know?

Wait, I feel like I lost the thread of what was I trying to say. Oh yeah, this movie looks super funny and I want to see it! You were right, as usual, Mark Twain. Never Forget!

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    • Applicable how?

    • This is terrible and yet in no way surprising.

    • Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

      This is just plain horrible.

    • Uh, CLEARLY there is a bit of a rift within the comments lately. Some users have brought up the fact the comments section has become one massive GIF repository; where there may have previously been serious analytical discussion (anyone remember What’s Up With J.D. Salinger?), there are now dancing choral singers (and a serious lack of dancing J.D. Salingers).

      I have no problem with this, however; I would love to believe that jokes referencing Camus can live in harmony with animated koalas playing the kazoo. But as a relatively new user that has no prior standard to compare today’s comments by, I am undoubtedly reading into this situation incorrectly, and perhaps someone can explain it more coherently than I.

      Now I’m not good with any sort of conflict, and I’m, well, conflicted over this situation far more than I should be. I love you, Videogum, but you’re bringing me down.

      And please make note that whatever I say should be taken under strict scrutiny, as I enjoyed Ghostbusters 2 more than Ghostbusters.

      • I see where you’re coming from (except the whole Ghostbusters thing, weirdo! j/k kinda) I just learned how to do gifs (see 2 comments up) and I feel I’ve gotten a little overzealous with them.
        Maybe I should kick it a little more oldschoolgum and go back to my commenting roots?

      • I’m just being a grump old man. The comments section is so completely different to what it used to be, it become more like 4chan than anything, and it’s lost a large part of what made it great. I just find it frustrating when their is a great article written and some vacuous comment is made. I don’t hate gifs, some of them are funny, but most are not, especially when Seriousgum is a possibility. The day the funny died is when a new ‘gummer berated Am Pat for using capitals, my heart sank! Bring back Da Cake Eatur, he will know what to do.

        • Typos are the worse though, so I’m just going to head out and drink lots of Guinness. Solidarity through hardship?

        • 4chan is the perfect comparison. There are already so many places to comment whacky things all over the web, videogum used to have a quiet sophistication with its whackiness. I miss the Wacko that would comment with a monocle. I want that back. And the worst thing is how much I sound like FR Leavis right now.

          • There are fewer animated penises than 4chan, but I see your point. There’s a time and place for gifs, and when they are used to punctuate conversations, rather than overpower them, they work.

          • I dunno, I think the 4chan comparison is taking it a bit far. Granted, I can’t remember the last time I was at 4chan (I’m not made of puppy blood and baby tears), but those people are actual monsters. I do agree about the overabundance of gifs, but they can be used for serious lols (see werttrew’s Amelia rants, or pretty much anything he posts).

            Say what you will about the decline in quality of the comments here, but Videogum has quite a ways to go before it devolves into generic intertube douchebaggery. I mean, have you read any comments from over a year ago? There’s usually only three and they’re all variations of “this is gay lol”. Videogum has what’s evolved rather quickly into one of the best collection of commenters on the web, IMO. I don’t think that’s not going to change anytime soon.

          • Agreed, I know Gabe has to put food on his family, but I secretly hope that nobody else finds out about this place and we can live in the blue lagoon forever.

          • This is just second wave complaining about first wave. Obviously we’re going to complain about growing pains, and third wave commenters are going to disagree. But can we stop complimenting ourselves all the time. We aren’t that great and we never were.

          • No no, I am definitely not complimenting myself. Sorry, I guess that was kind of misleading, so sorry for that. I am not nearly as funny or insightful as the majority of the people here, so it’s cool just to be able to interact with them. But seriously, you guys crack me up every single day and you’re for the most part, really nice and civil. On the internet, that’s a rarity, and I guess I was trying to make the point that VG is still head-and-shoulders above most of the trash out there. I’m not trying to turn this into a big circle-jerk (gross, sorry), I just basically disagree with you that Videogum’s comments are not what they used to be.

            And sorry for this tangent but, when is this Golden Age or whatever that we’re talking about? A year ago? Six months? I only ask because internet time bears virtually no resemblance to real-world time and it fascinates me and freaks me out simultaneously. A video I saw last week gets posted somewhere and I think “man, that’s old”. Slow down, internet! I’m old and the world is scary.

        • Agreed. Someone needs to make a tribute to Lindsay, quick! For the sake of nostalgiagum.

          • Another thing that b/tards do on 4chan (not that I’ve EVER been to 4chan) is complain about ‘newfags’ and how 4chan isn’t as good as it used to be. WE ARE EXACTLY LIKE 4CHAN.

          • Astrid this comment is in no way a reply to you, I just wasn’t sure who to reply to because the ones I want to reply to don’t have reply buttons after their comments for whatever reason. (Wow, perfectly executed sentence Carrie, there is just no possible way to improve upon the arrangement of those words.) ANYWAY. You guys, gifs suck. I’m sorry. They’re flashy and impressive but they slow down my page significantly and 9 times out of 10 don’t make any point that couldn’t be made more effectively with words. As visual metaphors sometimes they work! But you know what, I remember that moment when Locke punched Claire or whatever, because I saw it on the actual show, that is why I’m reading the review of LOST and all the comments, and I don’t want to see it on loop OKAY? It’s like a gif-off half the time here. Those referencing “Old Vgum” are not being ridiculous. There was a time when it was possible to have a widely appreciated comment based on the arrangement of thoughts therein and not because their gif had the best 80s movie reference or was the gayest moment from last week’s “Glee.”

            I love the Vgum “community.” I’ve been here over a year and because I’ve been more or less absent for several months the “new” “generation” probably don’t even recognize my name or avatar. And okay, whatever, that literally doesn’t even matter to me. New blood is fine. This is a website. But GOD can there be one thread of Seriousgum without someone falling all over themselves to congratulate everyone for posting comments?

            I want to talk about how much I hate the lists. I hate them. Every time a new joke gets added I feel like I can’t use it anymore. To me that list is a list of jokes that are forthwith dead to me. I want to go on for paragraphs about this but I also really, really don’t want to because I just truly adore and value Werttrew and his good intentions. And the last thing in the e-world I i-want is to alienate him.

            Gabe, this was a great post. You don’t deserve vapid Glee gifs and you don’t deserve this absurd over-considered bullshit deconstruction of your own website by anonymous Internet people who probably should be thinking about other things in the world than how much moving pictures in comment boards just annoy them so much, like how virtually none of the billions of dollars being funneled into Haiti are being dispersed to the people who need it the most because the very infrastructure of their government, what’s left of it, is inherently corrupt but no one on the outside who matters cares and no one on the inside knows how to go about changing that internally. I wanted to contribute my own 9/11 vignette to this thread, because everything about 9/11 is so interesting to me. I just watched “Man on Wire” and it was the most beautiful and poetic filmic response to 9/11 that I’ve seen yet. I’ve thought about it every day for almost two weeks now. But I won’t talk about that because I’m talking about this.

            I guess what I am trying to say, really ineffectively, is just BE MORE THOUGHTFUL OKAY? Okay, you guys? V for Vgum.

          • And now you all know what V for Vgum was all about. :)

          • I hardly even comment here anymore, but Carrie: preach preach.

          • Yeah, I remember when I had my first beer.
            Uhuh huh.
            (being cheesy)

        • anytime i feel sad about how things are different than they were (and not just in videogum world, but in my life as a whole), i listen to this song. it helps! although it also makes me want to smoke a pack of cigarettes due to emotional connections.

        • I’m such an old school Videogum grump. I disliked Da Cake Eatur for being an annoyance and still dislike Am Pat for his old faux-conservative troll shtick. But I almost perfer them to the .gif party that rules today. My .gif rule: if it is pertinent, it’s good. And it must be extremely pertinent. If it is random or shoehorned at all, you can go to hell.

          I feel all Gran Torino here.

          • As a newbie, (I started coming to VGum a few months ago to help staunch the soul hemorrhaging caused by law school), I have to say I’m really impressed with the wit and the kindness of VGum commentators. For all the complaining and nostalgia I see on this thread, I see 10x more humor and thoughtfulness following the average Vgum article.
            Yes, the humor is sometimes expressed in GIF form, but rarely is it expressed with bile or, god forbid, cynicism.
            I’ve never felt comfortable commenting on any other site I’ve read. Here, I know I will be welcomed and not judged, whether I post an opinion, a suggestion, a comment, or even a GIF (If I could figure out how to), so long as I post in good spirits and with optimism.
            Videogum is, and I hope will remain, one of the few places on the Internet where the joyous is venerated above the hurtful.

          • I miss your old avatar.

      • “I would love to believe that jokes referencing Camus can live in harmony with animated koalas playing the kazoo”

        This is my favorite sentence of all time.

    • Yeah, as a gifster, I don’t even understand this misplaced gif (and obvz attempt at lowest vote for MB?). So I drink your milkshake, usurp the general premise of your gif and return it back with a hearty “No Thanks!”


    • Why are we bagging on Skinny tie? I don’t think it is called for.

    • After the flurry of comments that just happened because of this gif, I just want to say that I thought the cookies in the gif were actually a platter of raw steak… My comment isn’t really relevant, but wouldn’t someone handing you a platter of raw steaks be unpredictable and so weird?! Heh heh, let’s ease the tension in here with some steak jokes!

    • Clearly the terrorists have not won. We are all able to sit here at our keyboards and bitch and moan about the quality of the commentary on a site about trampoline videos. C’mon guys! Both sides are losers in this argument.

      People who love .gifs: maybe chill out some, not every .gif is hilarious just like not every written comment is hilarious. In fact most of them are garbage.

      People who hate .gif: Its the internet. There are hundreds of people that comment on this site, and in theory, millions that could, of course ppl are going to post .gifs and photos and random one-liners. If you want more discussion, DISCUSS.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an entire bottle of whiskey to drink straight from the bottle b/c I have real problems in life.

  2. This looks brilliant. Chris Morris usually gets the balance between funny and insensitive just right. Especially with his Brass Eye series. I mean getting Z-list celebs to join a anti-pedophile campaign called ‘Nonce-sense’. Genius.

  3. I’m waiting for the big-budget U.S. adaptation of this film starring John Travolta and Robin Williams, “Old Lion Dogs”. It could co-star Seth Green and that Borat guy, you know, for the kids.

  4. Humor is tragedy plus time+great writing, because no matter how much time passes, there will never be anything funny about ‘An American Carol’

  5. I think Four Lions works better than the original title Lorry Lorries

  6. this post basically feels like my relationship with treme.

    • Which also looks fantastic, and completely necessary.

      • right. agreed. but there’s a big emotional connection there that stems from a very dark place, and the intersection between those emotions/memories and entertainment is uncomfortable. and it gets worse when people not coming from that background get super hyped on a tv show depicting something that i and my friends lived through, you know? and i know i’ve already talked about it. but it’s not gonna go away anytime soon.

        • Would you rather that what you went through was ignored? Surely it is better to have an accurate, or adversely, funny depiction of the event. That would breed acceptance and solidarity instead of ignorance and bitterness. No?

          • that’s a really good point. and hopefully that’s what will happen. but the other worry is that people will view the experiences of the whole city through the prism of whatever stories they depict on treme, and take it as gospel. like, nobody gave a flying fuck about what kville said or did, because everyone knew that shit was ridiculous. but there is this inherent gravitas to treme (aka everyone already is saying it’s going to be AH-MAZ-ING) that makes me worry that whatever narratives they create will supplant the narratives that exist, or that they will make people feel like because they watched treme, they completely understand what happened and what’s still happening, which most likely will not be true.

          • Yeah, that’s the danger. We are slowly becoming an idiocracy. I once spoke to this guy who played a bad guy in the British soap opera ‘Eastenders’ (awful, woeful show). We were both a bit drunk and he told me that he received legitimate death threats from people believing he was actually his character. Eeeek! So by that logic and idiocy, Treme could definitely be taken as gospel, but I don’t see how Four Lions would be. It will also not just be ‘slap stick’ as I have confidence that Morris will ensure that there is a serious backbone throughout the film.

          • To be honest, southernbitch, I was tired of all your posts about Treme until now b/c I finally know exactly what you mean. This is exactly how I felt about The Wire. In no way did I go through the things I’m sure took place in the series (I’ve only watched a few eps) but I did live in Baltimore. Not in the worst neighborhood at all but not the best either. I witnessed lots of crime and drug raids, etc. Again, not comparing my life to The Wire but when all my mostly white (I am white too but you know what I mean) and mostly very privileged friends kept saying I should watch it, its so real, I could not.

          • I understand your worries southernbitch (which is hilarious that I’m typing that right now in this discussion) and its totally legitimate. Its the same way some fans of the Wire think they no all the issues that come with running a city. But that doesn’t mean the Wire wasn’t an entirely useful show. Hopefully people will walk away from Treme with a better understanding of New Orleans, and the struggles the people had to go through. That’s all I want out of it.

          • hugz all around, guys! also, i want to say one last thing, which is probably going to sound really contradictory and weird, considering the amount of crap i’ve spewed about new orleans/treme all over this place the last two days (or really anytime anything related to new orleans comes up). it’s only been in the last maybe year, year and a half that i’ve been able to go to my hometown on visits and not been completely ambushed about new orleans. or gotten on a plane and sat next to a stranger and not had to answer all sorts of deeply personal questions about my experience in post-katrina new orleans, or just had someone i’ve never met find out where i live and ask me something like, “so, how messed up is that place?” so part of the anxiety might stem from this weird sensation that i’m going to have to have those conversations again, except that it’s going to be stemming from tv, which is really strange to think about.

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          • I meant ‘alternatively’. I thought that was pretty obvious.

            Please get better at being a troll, coz you ain’t funny boy!

        • Also, please understand my response was in no way me saying I comprehend what you went through. I was merely giving you another point of view. One love.

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          • I don’t really see how adversely is any more or a ‘smart person word’ than alternatively. But hey! As said before, drunky.

            Go shit a dick.

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  7. Great post, Gabe. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have been in NYC on that day, and I’m always nervous to ask my friends from there. Thanks for sharing.

    I was in my second week of college at a small liberal arts school in Whogivzafuk, Michigan. Everyone was losing their minds because there was a huge chemical processing plant only 40 MILES AWAY OMG! Because after the freaking World Trade Center, of course the next obvious target is a chemical plant in the Midwest. The anxious uncertainty and, let’s face it, fear of that day was surprisingly stifled by the ridiculous idea. It’s like when you laugh at something because it’s actually pretty funny and then everyone else is laughing sooo loudly, like obnoxious gut guffaws, and it kinda makes the thing you were laughing at not nearly as funny. Like “Yeah guys, it was funny, but not that funny. Calm down.” It was like that. But the opposite.

    Anyway, oh yeah. Four Lions looks great.

    • i always find these stories about where people were on 9/11 really interesting. it’s one of those moments you always here about (like martin luther king jr. getting killed) where everyone remembers what they were doing and who they were with.

      some friends and i blew off school to go to the state fair. they got on the loud speakers at the fair and shut it down really quickly due to “terrorist threats.” i had just bought a bloomin’ onion and the bus driver wouldn’t let me bring it on the bus and i was soooo mad. i didn’t know what had happened and i didn’t understand why there would be terrorists interested in the new mexico state fair. it was the same story everywhere i think. everyone assumed they would be next.


      • Albuquerque HOLLA! I was in EMT school at UNMH: as we filtered in for the 8:00am class, a few people were like, “Something’s happening in New York…? I just heard something on the radio in the car…?” The instructor made us simmer down and we spent four hours doing CPR on mannequins, etc, with no further discussion. It wasn’t until I rode my bike back to the main campus (I remember nothing about the streets being deserted but they must’ve been) and went into the library to see a huge crowd of people clustered around a TV that I found out what was happening.

    • That joke analogy is perfect. I had a similar experience living near Atlanta, with everyone convinced that the CDC was next (I have never understood the logic of why someone would want to crash a plane into the CDC and destroy all of the biological agents, rather than weaponizing them, but maybe that’s just me). We also have an air force base near where my high school was, so of course that became a big deal. You’re scared and processing this horrible thing, empathizing with all of the crying families on tv, and then you see people concerned that Dobbins freaking Air Force base is going to be the next target and there just isn’t a big enough UGH.

  8. Wow… this could be OK or really really horrible. Can we get a trailer without british accents?

  9. I want to be excited about this, but I feel like we have a really shoddy understanding of terrorists as well as Arabs and Muslims. Like, they’re either these devious masterminds who we can’t try in NYC because they’ll magically be able to take control and spout their beliefs (says Fox News), or they’re hapless clowns who we should simply laugh at and deride through goofy slapstick (says this trailer). And in the meantime, there’s still very little real discussion about the roots of terrorism, the real racism in calling Muslims and Arabs terrorists but not lone white gunmen/pilots, the continuation of civil liberties violations by the Obama administration (which I campaigned for, btw–I’m not just bashing Obama).

    But maybe I’m too hypersensitive about this because I spend too much time in academia, where we invent language for talking about complicated things and often make things more complicated than they are. I dunno. Sorry to go all SuperSeriousGum here. Mark Twain would probably pshaw at me and laugh at the trailer, so I’ll go back into my Mike-Tyson-joke-making hole now.

    • I think (stay with me here) that a lot of times the actual terrorist who commits the overt act is not so much to blame. There is always a more insidious figure corrupting the minds of the innocent and brainwashing young easily influenced lost people. They, to me, are worse. You should check out Terror in Mumbai the HBO documentary. The terrorists who took over the hotel nearly forgot to execute “gods will” because they were in awe of the luxury stores in the hotel. They had never seen anything like it. They were from a remote Pakistan village and knew nothing of the outside world. They had someone communicating by phone giving them instructions and urging them on.

    • They’ve had white lorries, ahem, terrorists in the UK and elsewhere in Europe for a long time. Everything that you just mentioned is a result of post-9/11 America and that world view may or may not be more dangerous then terrorism as a whole. Also, I think we chose when or when not to use the term terrorist mostly based on foreign v domestic as well as those belonging to some sort of larger organization promoting terror. So, the Holocaust Museum shooter for example, yeah he was a member of hate groups but those aren’t necessarily terrorist organizations and it is by no means racist to not call him a terrorist. Basically, I agree with your assessment that you are reading too much into this whole thing and this debate was more than likely created only so some professors could get published and cited a few more times.

    • But hey, kudos for putting your self out there and not posting a .gif. Amirte?! Amirite?!

    • some good points boof (can i call you boof? sure i can), but it’s hard for me to motivate against a movie that plays into the goon/goof dichotomy when that movie looks funny and when i love to laff.
      I am a weak man!

      • You can call me boof. Also, I like “the space cowboy.”

        But I know how you feel. Gimme an l, an a, an f, etc. I remember how happy I was the day the Onion did their first post-9/11 edition. Good times.

  10. What. Is. This?

  11. This is a movie I’d love to see, but I’d have to wait for the DVD. Being brown, the last thing I’d want while watching this in theaters is for people to think I was there plotting an attack. God forbid I laugh during it.

    If you think I’m joking, you didn’t see people’s reactions when I laughed during American Dreamz. American Dreamz people! Who couldn’t laugh during that movie?

  12. I’ll take these terrorists over the the stock, 2-D bad guys that show up in every Matt Damon/Chuck Norris/Schwarzenegger/Harrison Ford action movie.

    This movie could do a couple things: Either mock and belittle the uneducated, hypocritical urge to commit random violence on innocent people–which is good–or provide casual, Merika-first! racists with depictions of actual human beings who, while definitely misguided and wrong, have legitimate grievances. NOT grievances that justify terrorism, but you get me. Either way, this movie looks to have some positive effects.

    What I’m saying is, I’ll see this way before I see Don’t Mess With Zohan.

  13. It’s a fact that terrorists love Toploader.

  14. The end of that clip made it look like Three Lions, amirite? Terrorism hijinks ensue!

    Seriously though, I was waiting to get on a flight at LaGuardia on 9/11, and I can’t think of any reason I’d want to drudge up what was going on in my brain that day, which is why I’ve never seen any of the 9/11 movies, and why I won’t see this one.

    • Good lord, that’s terrible. I know how you feel though. I wasn’t there–I was in my safe and cozy liberal arts college in the Shenandoah valley–but by a very strange coincidence, my parents were in NYC that weekend staying in the Marriott hotel that was nestled between the two towers. The smoke detectors went off when the first plane hit and they ran down the stairs and onto the street. They walked for a couple of miles and finally were able to flag a cab uptown to my great aunt and uncle’s. It took them about six hours to call.
      When they got home, they were insatiable for articles and information about 9/11. I was sososo glad to have them back safely (I could never express in words how glad), but I had a lot of trouble when they would show me their new 9/11 books and articles. I just didn’t want to have to go back to that day when I thought for a few moments that I might be an orphan, and I don’t really care to see many movies about it either.

  15. In real news, this movie looks atrocious and disappointing. As a dude whose whole shit’s been fucked with lo the last decade, largely due to my face and my skin tone, I find this shit fucking ridiculously offensive and in general, I say fuck this shit.

    • Not to invalidate you point, which remains VALID and acceptable in any discussion you wish to use it but when I watched this, no thought of race crossed my mind.

      Now, I have lots of pictures of lots of brown people in my wallet (its more of an attaché) and I even cohabitate with a brown person. Obviously, I am NOT a brown person though, and no matter how long I stare at those pictures I cannot change who I am and I will never react to these things or feel the same emotions as the people in those pictures.

      However, I really, really think this movie is only about making fun of militant jihadists and terrorists and none of the brown people I know are likely to feel much sympathy for those outlier groups that others may or may not be rightfully associate with them just because they are also of a similar skin color just as I do not give a fuck about white supremacists or even Christians for that matter that people associate with me b/c of who I am.

      So you have the right to say Fuck this film, but have a little faith that people will view this film as more than bashing on brown people. Or don’t, actually, that might be too much to ask of the world. Sorry.

      • As a person in “Postracial America” (Fucking sick Joke that is) Almost all of my vision is shaded through such a prism, largely because such a prism is actively being placed on me by others around me, at all times. I am not saying ALL persons do this. It is a statement of fact. MANY, if not MOST people view their world with at least some viewpoint that may be antithetical to their own common sense or sensibilities racially, and the programming is not even their fault.

        I’m not going to add too many more words to a very wordy page (and since I am a dum dum that can only use gifs apparently I am running out of my words FAST), and de-constructing media and it’s effects is not my intent.

        But when you get noticed for every action you make, walking into a movie about brown ppl that blow themselves and others up and being brown is not the best move.

        If someone managed to make a HILARIOUS (more like MALARIOUS, Right Google Spell Checker?) movie about the Tales of Roman Pederast Polanski, you would never know if a Pedophile walked into the building and laughed and laughed along with you in the theater. But the brown dude, he gets spotted, examined, motives assessed, what’s he got in the jacket, etc.

        Granted, that is a disgusting and horrible example, much like Terrorism, so why bring light to the subject? Why humanize that which is inherently Monstrous, subhuman, inappropriate, abominable? /rant

  16. I remember asking a cop on 9/11 where I could give blood and he told me to go to hell, which is weird since I thought they had rivers of it there.

  17. This movie is going to terrorize my humor receptors!
    It’s going to fly planes into my-
    *slams door*

  18. Terrorism is not a funny topic. Except when it is. I thought this trailer was hilarious. Why am I laughing at this? I don’t know. Is it too soon? Maybe, but I’m laughing.

  19. As a Subjecte of Her Majesty The Queen, I must say that I’m afraid you don’t understand our Brittish huomuour!

  20. If we were in the same room, then we’d all be made to do trust exercises. I don’t hate the gifs because of you, I hate you because of the gifs. Falling! (I just all hope you’d yell CATCHING in return.)

  21. God, sometimes you “regular” commenters are so whiny.
    All of you are too self-aware and self-centered, it’s disappointing.

  22. I wish the kinds of issues mentioned in this post’s comments had been mentioned earlier. I like to think I generally have my ear to the ground on Videogum matters and this whole thing has caught me by The Blind Side (starring Sandra Bullock). This all feels like something that has been simmering for a long, long time and it just boiled over in the last 24 hours. Why haven’t these concerns–valid, on point, worthwhile concerns–been talked about before more clearly? :-/

    I know I, for one, respond keenly to feedback, and the main feedback I get is votes. So if I get low votes, I’ll try a different tack; if I get big votes, I’ll do it again and again, (very) often to the point of driving it to the ground (eg, Lost gifs). But votes aren’t the only feedback! Comments and responses from monsters are valuable feedback too. Why hasn’t there been more of that lately if these frustrations have been building?

    As a wise NFL franchise once said, “We are family.” Let’s talk it out!

    • Oh werttrew, I don’t think anything was meant to bash you. This has all got outofpreportiongum. Lets just use our brains and love one another. No one has the right to alienate anyone or force anyone out, but I think inadvertently people are (perhaps I’m guilty of this).

      At the end of the day this is a website dedicated to funnies. We all have lives and priorities more important than this (my huge amount of comments today is due to me trying to procrastinate during an essay). Lets not get all Mel Gibson in Braveheart on anyone and let’s just talk it out in this weeks Monsters Ball.

      werttrew, ayayay Videogum is your butterfly, it needs your protection, be it’s samurai.

      • This has caught me by surprise too. And makes me nervous. (Gabe, are you and Mom getting a divorce?)

        I’ve appreciated the opportunity to get to know other commentators. Anonymity on the internet is a dangerous thing, a temptation, that I try to avoid. That’s why I’ve attempted to get to know other commentators and let them get to know me. I need to be held accountable. This has the added benefit that when notsewfast writes something I laugh even harder or when AnAmPatriot comments I think about his forthcoming book. Which means for me, Pepper_Ann’s gif, while maybe not perfect, is not something to freak out over. But to someone who does not know Pepper Ann, they may fly off the handle in a way they never would at another person in real life.

        Giving people the benefit of the doubt makes life much better.

        I admit I want to simply delete the slightly aggressive or frustrated comments by the commentators that I don’t know. But, I need to recognize that I really only know a small group of the readers and commentators on VG and there are obviously some strong feelings out there that I shouldn’t disregard simply because I don’t know where that commentator is from or what not.

        My take away: I’ll definitely think twice before I post anything self-congratulatory about the VG community. Not that I think doing so is really that bad, but I’m sure that to many it is probably annoying.

      • That Carrie girl was pretty mean about the lists, to which I say, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it. America/VGUM = FREEDOM.

        And yeah, on the gifs, I’m not stopping, so… GIFS are a part of my vocab, and if anyone doesn’t like it, get Gabe to ban me or induce me into a banning yourselves.

        JK I dont want you to ban me Gabe

    • I brought up the GIF issue a couple weeks back and was met with a sarcastic “I’m glad we’re here to serve you” comment. Bummer-town.

  23. big props (what?? ugh.) to Carrie for that thoughtful comment. i concur wholeheartedly.

    -long time reader, first time long time but less so in recent months poster.

  24. I was in Michigan too. 2nd hour English. School wasn’t canceled. We watched the news. In health class I stated emphatically to the people I was quietly talking with that there was no way the towers would fall. I remember the confidence I had in that moment. It was an innocent confidence. Things were bad, but they wouldn’t, couldn’t get worse. They did though and everyone was changed. I was too.

  25. I was half-way through my school day in a small country town in Ireland when the first tower was hit, aged thirteen, and my father took me home early to look at the rolling news reports that were coming in. We were both in complete shock and I’m pretty sure I thought the world was going to erupt in war and come to an end.

    I’m glad it hasn’t.

  26. I was working in the laboratory at a refinery in Linden, NJ, a ten-mile straight shot down the highway from the twin towers. When we heard that the first tower had gone down, a bunch of people went up to the roof of my building and saw the second one fall. I was glad I wasn’t one of them. When the non-essential personnel were sent home, one of the other employees gave me and my bike a ride home in her car and we were doing that inappropriate don’t-know-what-else-to-do giggling the whole way. “Do you really think this is IT?” I know I did.

    When I got back to my apartment in Elizabeth, which I had just moved into after leaving my first husband, I laid on my futon looking out my window at the black smoke while making and fielding the phone calls that could get through. Eventually I couldn’t stand being alone anymore and walked up to the local watering hole, where I sat for 8 hours with the other bar flies, watching TV and shaking our heads and, in my case, writing.

    Where I live now, nobody cares about anything, ANYTHING that happens outside of this county. I moved here in 2003 and I have been asked about what it was like that day maybe twice. I think it is still difficult to talk about but I haven’t really been tested. (I am actually getting a little emotional writing this, not that you can really tell why from what I wrote, just remembering how I felt.)

  27. Wow. Very interesting thread. Having been away from commenting for a while, this compelled me to actually LOG IN and come back to the fold.

    While I have no ready opinion on the gif debacle (if they are funny, i laugh), I thought I’d share my 9/11 story. I was in Phoenix, a sophmore in high school. I had woken up early that day so that I could get extra pretty (I was planning to ask a guy I liked to the Sadie Hawkins dance, who, interestingly enough, is Iranian). I never usually got up that early, but on that particular day, I got up at about 5:45 and took a shower and did my hair and the like. So even though I wasn’t aware of it at the time, I was awake when things were going down. I remember I was alone in the house, and eating my breakfast on the couch, watching tv and wasting time before I would go to school. I flipped from channel to channel very rapidly, getting annoyed at whatever this thing was that seemed to be on EVERY station (I’m a fast flipper, I couldn’t really make out what was happening). I decided to just give in and watch it… And was just immediately horrified. I thought about calling out of school, but as neither of my parents were home, I wouldn’t have anyone to call and excuse me. So I left, dazed. When I got to first period, both towers were hit. All I could think about was my mom, who was on a business trip in Malverne, PA. All I knew was that this was outside of Philadelphia. When someone told me a plane had gone down outside of Philly… I fucking lost it. I had to go to the counselor’s office for the rest of the period. They made us all go back to class eventually, which was shitty. And despite the fact that EVERY other teacher in the school didn’t teach that day, somehow ALL of my teachers were of the mind that we should just carry on as usual. Assholes. At some point I talked to my dad who said he had spoken to mom and that she was fine… then I found out, randomly, that a guy I had liked the year before had almost asked me to prom, which cheered me up a little (I was 15, guys). A ridiculous day indeed. I obviously didn’t feel up to asking that guy to Sadie’s, but we went to the Valentine’s dance together, so there’s that.

    now I live in NYC, and a few years ago I temped right across the street from Ground Zero. I just couldn’t believe that all these people worked this close to the whole thing, and that most of these people were probably there that day. hallowed ground.

    and now I still can’t believe that it looks no different than it did back then. Can someone seriously just say “fuck the freedom tower” already and just leave it as a hole in the ground? I think that trying to build another monument to the very things that contribute to the hatred of America on that soil is vomitous.

  28. this looks like the “In The Army Now” of terrorism movies…

  29. God you nerds are lame.

  30. All this and nobody commented on the damn trailer? I kinno oonderstand a bloody word those terrorist (?) lorries are sayin! No seriously I can’t even tell if it’s funny or I’m “too soon, too soon” offended. And I couldn’t let this comment go without saying, Carrie, you’ve always taken the level of discourse higher here in the threads, and your avatar of Chuck Close is fucking awesome. I Like a Skinny Tie (me TOOOO oh GOD me too) always funny but .gif kindof fail. But apologies galore and let’s DropThisAlreadyGum. I’ve been on Stereo & Vgum since I was playing Ms. Pac Man at the roller rink wearing a side ponytail and sucking on Alexander the Grape otter pops but I still think that a .gif of pandas going down a slide pretty much fucking dominates anything and everything, ever. I also agree with Joel McHale at the end of Community, sobbing about Glee, that “I just don’t understand the appeal.” And, yes, the .gifs are a bit Overboard, the remake. That’s enough ‘on the other hand’s for Shiva here.

  31. This film is actually not far from the truth. Here in Florida we had a couple of college kids think it would be really cool and romantic and hip to become Jihadists. They just couldn’t understand why everybody else didn’t think it was cool too. Especially the police officer that caught them WITH A BACK SEAT FULL OF PIPE BOMBS. He was not amused at all. They then spent the next several years trying to explain why they really weren’t a threat and a back seat full of pipe bombs was really nothing to be concerned about. Their attitude and demeanor was almost exactly like the 4 in this film except they were actually funnier because they were so incompetent.

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