It is funny, because when I go to the zoo, I also point at my favorite animals and say “take a look at homie, man.” GABE + RAEKWON = ZOO FRIENDZ 4 EVA!

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  1. Looks like we have show to follow Taking On Tyson

  2. Kangaroos ain’t nuting ta fuck wit.

  3. “Check this fuckin’ crocodile out, man!”
    -Shallah Raekwon, successor to Jack Hanna

  4. I’d totally watch “Look At This Motherfucker” with Chef Raekwon.

  5. Its like the Wu-Tang Version of ‘Mark Wahlberg talks to animals’

    ‘Yo mista Alligator, say whatup to your mother for me’

  6. “Yo kangaroo, you’re my homie. Say whaddup to yo momma for me”

  7. “Yo kangaroo, iz u really part squirrel n’ shit?” -Raekwon

  8. I wonder if the zoo had any Killa Bees?

  9. A++ ep of Brian Fellow’s Safari Planet! (“That goat has devil eyes…”)

    Also, all of this Wu-Tang talk leads me to suggest an exciting possible TOFTT opportunity: entering the “Become the Next Wu-Tang General” contest …

  10. I figured he’d be at the wallaby exhibit, or maybe visiting the slew-footed penguins, but I guess that’s more of a Ghostface thing.

  11. The Kangroos in the Kansas City zoo are not behind cages. So, if you wanted you could touch them and THEN they’d kick the shit out of you…just because they are relaxed doesn’t mean you can get up in their face. …yo.

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