Today, of course, is St. Patrick’s Day, the most wonderful day of the year. Many people love it because it gives them an opportunity to wear novelty clothing like the women in the secretarial pool, and people look upon them with less shame and disdain when they vomit on the sidewalk in the middle of the day. But most importantly it’s the day that everyone watches their favorite Leprechaun movie! Right? Sure. That is definitely not a thing that I just made up this morning and it definitely isn’t super culturally insensitive at all. Now, a lot of people will claim that Leprechaun 1 is their favorite, and remind you that it was Jennifer Aniston’s first movie role. This is true, but liking Leprechaun 1 best seems like a failure in curiosity to me. The only way you can like Leprechaun 1 best is if you haven’t seen the others. For one thing, it takes itself way too seriously. And for another, it makes way too much sense. It is the hilarious absurdity of the Leprechaun series that brings people back. Similarly, though, people who tell you that they like Leprechaun In Space or Leprechaun In The Hood (or Leprechaun Back 2 Da Hood) are just trying to show off. Because those movies are REALLY terrible, and no amount of self-aware placing of the Leprechaun in archly-silly scenarios is going to make them any better. I am willing to accept Leprechaun 2 as one’s favorite Leprechaun because Leprechaun 2 does feature Leprechaun getting drunk to the point of his telekinetic powers being “wobbly,” and having to sober up at a cappuccino bar. And because he’s Leprechaun, you can imagine, HE NEEDS A LOT OF CAPPUCCINOS! Haha. Also, there’s a go-kart race.

But the true aesthete knows that the very best Leprechaun movie is Leprechuan 3. And here are just a few of the reasons why:

Leprechaun 3 opens in a pawn shop in Las Vegas where a man with an eyepatch and a wooden leg (AN EYEPATCH AND A WOODEN LEG) brings in a Leprechaun statue wearing a giant medallion. Later, it will turn out that the medallion is magic and turns the Leprechaun to stone. But, uh, we have never heard of this medallion before. And the second movie certainly didn’t end with the Leprechaun being turned to stone. THERE IS A WHOLE OTHER MOVIE BETWEEN LEPRECHAUN 2 AND LEPRECHAUN 3 JUST WAITING TO BE TOLD.

The pawn shop owner releases the Leprechaun (duh) because he is greedy for the medallion (oh pawn shop owners!) and the Leprechaun hits him with his sheleighly. Knowing that he needs to learn a lot about leprechauns and fast, the pawn shop owner digs through his desk drawer frantically until he finds what he was looking for: a CD-ROM about mythical creatures! Luckily, there is a very informative chapter on this disk about leprechauns. But it might be too late.

Did I mention that the Leprechaun speaks entirely in limerick? Surprisingly, this is the only movie in the series in which this is true.

The hero of the movie will eventually get bitten by the Leprechaun, and of course we all know what that means: HE IS SLOWLY BECOMING AN EVIL LEPRECHAUN. Uh oh. Well, you can’t argue with science. (At one point, he will go to the hospital to try and find out what is wrong with him, and his EKG reading will be in the shape of leprechauns, which is how you know this is pretty serious.) But before that can happen, he is going to end up at the only run-down casino that would allow the movie to film there. He would love to try his hand at gambling, but he’s not old enough, and the only money he has is the check that his parents gave him for college for ALL FOUR YEARS OF HIS TUITION, HOUSING, BOOKS, AND SUPPLIES along with a letter that just says GOOD LUCK AT COLLEGE, SON. It’s definitely a tricky situation, but he works it out.

And let’s just say that there may or may not be a Vegas nightclub magic show performed by a leprechaun. There is just no way to be sure whether this is true or not.

I’m not going to give the whole movie away, because that would spoil this wonderful holiday. But I do have a gift for you. You can watch Leprechaun 3 in its entirety on-line HERE. It’s a Leprechaun 3 Day miracle!

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  1. All of these INSANE movies mashed together so bad when I was 12-16 that I have forgotten them ten+ years on (save for key bits of trivia per flick). Thank you for re-clarifying for me that Leprechaun 3: Curse of the Medallion was my favorite.

  2. Now I see why there is no Hunt for the Best Movie of All Time. We have already found it. That’ll do, Leprechaun. That’ll do.

  3. “Look at all these glittering goods – I’ve got more loot than Tiger Woods!”

  4. Who all see the Leprechaun say yeah!

  5. You know, they just don’t make Leprechaun-based horror movies like they used to.

  6. Gabe is the 2nd Leprechaun expert I’ve ever met, and my friend Chris in 9th grade was also all about no. 3, so I’m taking him at his word and watching it ten years late.

  7. “Leprechaun Back 2 Da Hood” is some good Leprechaun and huge improvement over “Leprechaun In Da Hood”. I don’t know why it doesn’t get its due. But you’re right, 3 is the best in the series… I’m thinking of writing a Leprechaun spec-script… a leprechaun film set in the suburbs… a cross between Eric Bogosian’s Suburbia and the episode of Fresh Prince of Bel Air when they find a million dollars in a cave, and of course, Leprechaun…

  8. If you ever watch “Lephrechaun 2″ with the closed-captioning on….well….I closed-captioned it.


  9. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

    • That’s so romantic, like that movie I only saw the first ten minutes of, Fatal Attraction.

      • jana1983, the celebrity-stalker relationship is very special. my debilitating devotion validates how wonderful gabe is!

        • 1982* (damnit)

          • I was where you are once. Gabe is VERY GOOD at being a celebrity stalkee! He really makes it seem like he’s not receiving or not reading your carefully-assembled letters from bits of newspapers and magazines. And the way he actually pretends like he’s not engaging in a lengthy telepathic conversation with you is just…so…coy!

            But, ya know, eventually you’ll move on. Your favorite bloggers, latenight hosts, reality competition judges…they’re for everyone, not just you. But someday you’ll find that special someone…the man you’re going to drive across the country for in an adult diaper to kidnap after meting out your righteous justice to whoever stands in your way!

  10. I’m going to have to give “Leprechaun 3″ a shot, since the only celebrating I do on St.Patrick’s Day is watch the parade scene of “The Fugitive” over and over. Harrison Go Bragh!

  11. I was always partial to “Troll” myself, but I will give this a try.

    • This kid knows what you’re talking about…

      • Eeeeek! I have been a Videogum reader (and comment stalker!) for about two years now, but I’ve never felt compelled to create a profile and post. Until now. For this gif of Troll 2, you have my heart, sir.
        Meet me at 125th St. and Nilbog Ave. where we will consummate our love and eat of a vegetal diet. Btw, watching Leprechaun this St. Patrick’s Day will be extra poignant since heaven just got a little bit smaller: RIP He Pingping. Never forget.

  12. “Sheleighly” is my new favorite word. I must find ways to use it more in daily conversation (and not as a euphemism for Leprechaun private parts)(not that anyone uses it as said euphemism, but it seems to have that ring to it, so it’s just a matter of time, I figure).

  13. Joey is definitely the best evil doll movie (for when St. Ventriloquist’s Day rolls around).

  14. i’m so confused. in total, how many leprechaun movies are there?

  15. Leprechaun marathon on SYFY!
    Part 3 is on RIGHT NOW!

  16. At the supermarket when I was a kid they had a rack of VHS tapes for sale. EVERY SINGLE TIME I went to the supermarket, I would go to the Leprechaun movie and the sequels and read the synopsis. Because that’s the kind of kid I was.

  17. Hey guys, this is the perfect opportunity to link to my collection of Leprechaun Movie slash fiction! Let me know what you think.

  18. BREAKING NEWS: John Gatins (who plays Scott, the breakout star of this fine film) doubles as a screenwriter. He has written such gems as Coach Carter, Summer Catch, Hard Ball, Dreamer: Based on a True Story, and Real Steel–the movie (starring Hugh Jackman) based on Rock-em Sock-em Robots. Oh, and his most recent acting gig was playing “Homeless Tom”. Check it out: Just thought I would lay some truth bombs on you guys.

  19. St. Pat’s, the only day where stereotyping and prejudice is encourage.

    It’s ok, I have a lot of Irish friends. and a picture of Bono in my wallet.

  20. Where’s my ‘Kiss Me I’m iPhone” t-shirt?

  21. Ed Hardy bikini for $25? That seems like a reasonable price. Thanks, apper!

  22. It’s late but I had to throw this in:

  23. I am Irish and very drunk right now and have no idea what the Leprechaun movies are, but I still make time for videogum! cause priorities

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