Trailer for David Simon’s new series, Treme, you guys:

This is going to be great. If any show can take back the towers, it is this one. If I had to voice one reservation, it would be only this: NEEDS MORE WEEBAY.

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  1. It looks great, until you see the ham-fisted sub-plot involving a guy who ages backwards.

  2. Perfect. I’m 5 episodes into season 4 of The Wire. Treme should come out just in time to fill the inevitable void left in my heart when I finish The Wire.

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  4. Where’s FEMA at, String?
    Bunk was on this past week’s episode of Tim & Eric. Worlds been had colliding, and whatnot.

  5. For some reason, the clip of John Goodman laughing on the porch makes my heart runneth over with joy. I know there’s no reason to think that way, but think that way I do.

  6. As per the discussion of guilt and race from yesterday: this is your TV HBO series.

  7. If I had to voice one reservation, it would be only this: NEEDS MORE WEEBAY.

    Oh yeah, Gabe? Where’s Wallace? Where’s Wallace?

  8. I hope the baby and the tambourine are somehow connected, maybe the baby plays it and has its own adorable baby band

  9. “Oh, Indeed.” -Omar

  10. So at first I was like, treme? wtf? like something is too extreme for the ex? but then i drank some more coffee and i was like, oh right. this. but then i wasn’t sure if i was really awake because I thought I saw Steve Zahn and what would he be doing there? I thought he was only in terrible things.

    • If you want to see an amazing performance by Mr. Steve Zahn you should check him out in SAHARA.

      The dude sneaks up on another dude IN THE DESERT. There’s nothing around, Zahn gets shot at, he ducks and dives, the shooter has NO IDEA where he went in all that flat ground, then BAM! Steve is right behind him. Dude’s a NINJA.

      Speaking of Sahara, has it been suggested for WMOAT? I better go suggest it.

    • uh. hello? sammy from reality bites???

      • Uh. Hello. George from You’ve Got Mail??? (Just kidding. It is my eternal shame that I own and enjoy this movie on a semi-regular basis. But Steve Zahn’s bookstore employee is the best thing about the movie. “This place is a tomb! I’m going to the nut shop where it’s fun!”)

    • I can speak for myself, and for Gabe too, probably, when I say that you are very wrong:

      • i said nothing about Steve Zahn the person, merely the choices he makes. But, food on his family and whatever. I mean, I like seeing his butt and all, but If I have to sit through Joyride or Saving Silverman to do that, well, NO THANK YOU.

  11. my excitement and nervousness are pretty much equal right now!!! also i was at a faaaancy dinner thing with david simon last week but i was too nervous to go talk to him. because i am a goof. and ps. duh i love new orleans.

    • I am going to new orleans for the first time in two short weeks, and I am so excited? Yes, I am so excited. I will be the girl wandering around double-fisting beignets and contemplating haunted house tours.

    • New Orleans! Yeah! (Just for the record, I have to say this every time nola is mentioned at all.)

    • So at the New Orleans college I go to (Yeah! College!), they’re teaching a class on The Wire this semester, and the other day Detective Freamon in all his tweedy impertinence was just walking by! It was nuts! Turns out they asked him to talk to the class, since he’s down here for Treme.

  12. Great! Can’t wait to annoy all my friends by constantly telling them to watch it!

  13. patiently waiting southernbitche’s entrance into thread…

    • F5 FAIL

      • I’M ALL UP IN HERE ALREADY! ready to ooze all sorts of moral and emotional complications all over e’ry body!

        • to whit! ok, so now i have some time to lay down a little of my aforementioned excitement/nervousness. so the first season of treme takes place between november 2005 (which is roughly a month and a half after they opened the city back up, and right around i landed in the city for my first stint of work, before i moved here permanently) and summer 2006. and it was this really difficult, eerie, emotionally draining situation for everyone even remotely involved, and had so many layers and experiences for different communities of people. and i know from reading homicide and watching homicide that it seems like david simon’s m.o. is to take actual events, fictionalize them barely, and use them in the shows. which is fine, i guess, except i worry that it’s since so much of what happened during and after the storm, and so much that is still happening, is operatic high drama, it’s either going to come off as too messy and thus alienating to the viewer or they are not going to make it real enough and it won’t resonate with the populations that they are trying to depict. also i have worries about focusing on too narrow of a lens and leaving out a lot of compelling events because they are primarily focusing on one neighborhood or archetype, aka the musicians. it’s just such a big tapestry. i’m sure people in baltimore felt this way about the wire, and that any population that finds themselves at the center of a fictionalized telling of real events has this same nervousness. also i think all of this makes me realize how much the rest of the country has truly moved on from the situation, and how we have not at all, and what having a tv show about something that we are still discussing on a daily basis and still trying to navigate rebuilding and all the serious fault lines that katrina exposed, and still trying to figure out why cops were shooting civilians and why there’s missing rebuilding money and what’s going on with the housing developments and all this shit- the fact that we are still dealing with the fall out while the rest of america is going to watch the story as prime time entertainment is a really ooogie feeling. anyhow. me and my soapboxes.

  14. John Goodman better live long enough to make it through the whole series. Or do we not care about his dangerous obesity because he doesn’t have a twitter? (I know, I know, reset button. I just dont want Dan Connor to die AGAIN)

  15. I like to think that when he calls hbo about a new series David Simon just says “do you guys need a re-up of awesome” and then they give him lots of money.
    This trailer needs less elvis costello more steve earle.

  16. Kind of strange to see Eddie from Safe Men in this trailer.

  17. I caught a glimpse of Elvis Costello in there. I’m sold.

  18. I’m so confused. Where’s the Ghost Jazz?

  19. So. Excited. Except that I don’t have HBO anymore. But still! I’ll find a way… maybe not a legal way, but a way nonetheless.

  20. Ever since Homicide, I feel like I owe David Simon a debt of gratitude. So I will watch anything he does. Of course… I can’t see this trailer and youtube has taken anything that looks remotely trailer-ish down. So I will wait patiently and re-watch season 5 of The Wire.

    “It’s two o’clock! I need budget lines in case anybody’s threatening to commit an act of daily journalism!”

    • are you canadian? it wasn’t showing up for me either, but then I went to, not, and it worked for me there and now it shows up here!

      • I am Canadian. But I figured out how to work it, so yay!

        How overjoyed am I that my beloved Kay Howard is back performing with the David Simon Players? SO OVERJOYED, you guys! And Khandi Alexander is back, too! I think we should all give David Simon a round of applause for saving her from languishing on CSI: Miami with ol’ Lizard Face.

  21. Make all The Wire references you want, I’ll smile pleasantly(I have never seen The Wire.)

  22. I don’t need to really even need to know the show’s plot. If I see the guy who played Lester Freeman in it, I just watch it.

  23. These teaser trailers suck. But recently, on HBO, a trailer with actual scenes/dialouge aired, and the series looked awesome. John Goodman does indeed own in it. Don’t know why that trailer is not online yet.

  24. It needs more Skeleton Key.

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