This mash-up of Lil Wayne and the theme song from The Office (via Vulture) is surprisingly good, and is just another reason that summer cannot get here soon enough. (Along with the fact that I am tired of having barbecues in my bathroom. They are much better in backyards and parks.)

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  1. Pretty good, but I like the Insane Clown Posse/2 and a half men theme mashup

  2. At least with bathroom barbecues, you skip the awkwardness of people wondering where you keep your Oscars. Great mash-up.

  3. I just keep hearing “Jabba the Hut” over and over

  4. That’ll do, White People. That’ll do.

  5. Between the piano guy on chatroulette, Treme trailer, and this, it already is summer on videogum. What a great day.

  6. …but also I live for Mash-ups now? like, why listen to one song when you can listen to two, three, sometimes FOUR SONGS AT A TIME!?

    so: ls;dr: I ♥ this

  7. worlds been collidin

  8. When are we going to get the Parks and Recreation theme mashed up with Vampire Weekend?

  9. My god, I just got back from fuckyeahmashups and The Hood Internet.
    What a rabbit hole!
    I didn’t leave until I downloaded everything I could.

  10. I would like this better if I hadn’t made the Office theme song my ringtone for the last two years, until I got a new phone. Even when the actual show is on, I still jump up and start looking for my phone when I hear the theme. :(

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