Hey, I’m no dummy! I know that sometimes the smart thing to do is just give the people what they want and then get out of the way. And apparently what you guys want is to watch this guy doing improvisational piano songs while goofing on Chatroulette. “But you guys, this video is a few days old and has already been posted on most websites.” “Shut up, Gabe, and do what we say. We are in charge of you.” “Hey!” “You hey yourself! POST IT, LITTLE MAN!” Yikes. Relax, you guys! I’ll post it!

I’ve still never been on Chatroulette and I will continue to never have been on there. It is not for me. All I need in this world is a crystal radio set, a pocketful of butterscotch, and a soft porch to sit on. Chatroulette just sounds like noise to me. Chatroulette should cut its hair and get a job. Chatroulette doesn’t know how easy it has it. Chatroulette is weak like its mother. (Thanks for the tip, Chris, Brian, Spencer, and Weston.)

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  1. This guy is such a beast, (Pro Indeed – despite no pay lol) WOW, I wanna jam with him

  2. Ben Folds is my hero.

  3. But Gabe, doesn’t this remind you of the player piano you have in your sitting room? The one with the sofas covered in plastic? No no, Gabe that’s the bathroom, you know… the one where you keep the ribbon candy. Yeah, that’s it! Doesn’t this remind you of ‘Buffalo Girls’ that you’ve heard so many times from that old piano? No Gabe, the war is over…

  4. Rumer Willis may be 21 but her crew looked 13. DO NOT SWEAR AT CHILDREN!

  5. if this guy sees another guy trying to do the same thing with another piano, does the internet explode?

    • And also, what did this guy do before ChatRoulette was invented? Like, imagine going about your whole life with the feeling you were meant for something special but not ever sure what. Then one day, BAM – a Russian teen programs some destiny for you.

      • He’s not the first man whose destiny was determined by a Russian teen

      • You have no idea how absolutely, eerily, clairvoyantly accurate this comment is.

        For a dude with some serious stagefright, but a burning desire to be heard and to connect with people musically, Chat Roulette provided the perfect combination of spontaneity, anonymity and the absence of expectations.

        A month ago I hadn’t even imagined such a situation, and was resigned to a life of solitary musical exploration. But now it seems like something I dreamed up as a child – my own TV show, broadcast from my bedroom, with personalized concerts for anyone interested enough to listen.

        Problem is, I may have destroyed my own playground by becoming famous. Now most people on that website know who I am, thus the element of surprise is lost. And they will be stilted and self-conscious, knowing that they are probably being filmed.

        But I got goosebumps when I read your comment, which encapsulates something that I’ve been trying to articulate for days. Thank you.

  6. Laugh all you want guys, but it’s only a matter of time before Usher signs him and he starts singing songs about babies.

  7. This is cute until you realize how apparently super easy for people to film their chatroulette experience. Privacy, you guys! I’m steering clear of CR but only because I don’t want to end up in the next OKGo video.

  8. THE. BEST. I’m going back to bed. Wake me up when this day happens again.

  9. MAY CONTAIN SWEARS! How about a NSFW heads up, Gabe? Geesh.

  10. I love how quickly the people’s expressions change from bored to smiling and happy.

  11. this guy’s really bringing the whimsy

  12. Who are these people who demand you post this? Are those not by definition the people who have already seen it and know where to find it? You are being tricked, Gabe! As soon as you post it, they will (or should) say “seen it!”

    I demand that you post that hilarious video of Keyboard Cat performing at Woodstock that I have never heard of and am not at all sure exists!

  13. I got Katy Perry on chat roulette once. I nexted her after it was clear that I figured out it was her. I’ve found that it is more entertaining to check out other peoples chat roulette experience on tumblr than to actually experience it yourself.

  14. Chatroulette never put in a hard day’s work in its life. Chatroulette thinks the world owes it a living!

  15. T14TT? Mande can impress people with his Gande impressions!

  16. I’d heard about this Chatroulette from my five year old son who says it’s great. I wish I had a webcam!

  17. This one is pretty fun too! Ukelele Jesus.


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  19. The whole time he was just stalling while he tried to think of something that rhymes with “Can you please take your shirt off.”

  20. Piano improv guy posted another video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfamTmY5REw

  21. Hooded jacket + chunky nerd glasses = virtually any white dude could pass for ‘Ben Folds.’ #halloween2010

  22. Also, I suggest you go on Chatroulette. If you have no idea what a penis looks like.

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