I’ll be honest, because that is my policy (only the best policies for me!) but I haven’t been enjoying the Funny or Die series on HBO very much. Oh, and I really wanted to! It is just so violent and screamy. The show really makes it seem as if the only joke in the world is punching and/or shooting someone in the dick before screaming obscenities into his mouth. I’m sure there are lots of people who find that really funny, but maybe there could also be a couple other kinds of jokes in this show? And by other kinds of jokes I do not mean jokes about how awesome tits are, because there are lots of those, too. Don’t get me wrong, Funny or Die Presents has its moments. I like the Playground Politics, or whatever that thing is called, and the Adventures of David and Jennie are weird and good. Also, Slovin and Allen’s “Identical Twins in a Funhouse” was great. Like I said, don’t get me wrong, the show has its moments.

And speaking of the show having its moments, on Friday night’s episode there was a 16-minute short film by Tim and Eric called Father and Son that is literally one of the best things I have ever seen in my entire life. My only complaint is that it is not 10 times longer and playing on an IMAX. Seriously. Until then, I have posted it after the jump, because I love to share!

Admittedly, there is plenty of violence and screaming in this, after I just complained that Funny or Die Presents had too much violence and screaming in it. I admit it! So we can spend all day talking about double standards and my weaknesses as a cultural critic*, or we can spend the day talking about how amazing this movie is. YOUR CHOICE. (And remember, there are no wrong choices, only wrong people making choices!)

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  1. The New way to laugh, is with This video.

  2. Oh this has nothing to do with Cat Stevens

  3. So bummed I can’t watch this right now! Grrr work. I need some good Tim and Eric after the unfunniness that was the ‘Puberty’ episode of Awesome Show.

  4. I too agree that Funny or Die has been mostly die lately, but I was dying watching this Friday night. The whole time, my girlfriend was staring at me and looking at the tv like, WTF, and she kept asking me (Literally) “WhatTheFxxx is this crap. This is retarded.” I kept trying to explain the merits of their comedic stylings, and the post modern comedic thing they kinda do, but fart noises and spitting chewed up pancakes at her didn’t help me make my points any clearer.

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      • I’m afraid it is, but, yeah, you could say it is internet humor because a lot of internet humor postmodern. It might not be intentional, but that’s what happens when the pervading art movement influences popular culture.

  5. It was great until the dad from The Wonder Years showed up as one of the judges at the Father and Son cover contest. Then it was AWESOME!

  6. My jaw dropped at the dad’s outburst when they didn’t win the competition. Funny, that that was what shocked me, and not the reason behind such an outburst. Oh, the complicated relationships between fathers and sons…

  7. Clearly a metaphor for T+E’s relationship with me. This season of TEASGJ is represented by the Dad yelling, “get the fuck out of the car.” That must mean that the next episode of TEASGJ will pull up next me me as I’m slouching down the street, give me a couple jolly honks and invite me back into the fold. Then it will kiss me on the head and take me for noodle pizza. All will be well.

  8. So far, the only thing I’ve really enjoyed from Funny Or Die Presents is Drunk History.

  9. “They’re whirlybirds, dad.” Classic.

  10. Dan Lauria. Sweet.

  11. that squishy noodle sound haunts my dreams…

  12. I’m sorry, you guys, but I didn’t really enjoy this. I thought the entire audition scene was damn funny, but most of it was too agressive and violent for my seventh grade ears. (I’m not even TRYING to get Lowest-Rated comment right now)

    But judging by how much you guys love it, I guess I stand alone?

  13. This movie was so rad. Bring on the feature film, dudes.

  14. Really? I’m clearly missing something here, because that does nothing for me.

  15. Yeah, Tim and Eric never did it for me either. Maybe i’m just not hip to what all the youngins are into these days

  16. these guys cant get enough praise. they really are pushing things forward, even if they make alot of pee pee and poo poo jokes. this is one of my favorite things they’ve ever done. i think if and when they make a feature it will be a big deal

  17. I’m going to have to agree with the dissenters a little bit. But that’s ok! Different strokes for different pups.

  18. I understand everyone’s arguments, plus and minus, honest; but oh my god NOODLE PIZZA.

  19. Is there no love for Designated Driver? Yeah, it’s probably the screamiest of all, but it’s also DONUT MIND IF I DO.

  20. Nice callout on this post from boingboing.net. Nice one Gabe.

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  22. My LOLk Portfolio just got 16 minutes longer.

  23. ok so I am at work and waiting ot watch thsi with sound but the best things about Funny Or Die EVER was ‘designated driver’ in the pilot episode. I lost it durin that bit “Donut mind if I do.” “cant you see im weak with hunger”

  24. I’m somewhat smitten with “Space Baby” — perhaps because she reminds me of Notsewfast

  25. montage f’in sux

  26. Father and son was good, but not as good as chuck.


  27. “So far, the only thing I’ve really enjoyed from Funny Or Die Presents is Drunk History.” Couldn’t agree with you more.

    razor drifter

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