Here is a parody of the Parks and Recreation opening credits but about Jabba the Hutt. Why? This is the Internet. Do you ask the SUN why it SHINES?

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  1. Yay! I also sing little songs during opening credit sequences.

    “First comes the law… Then comes the Or-der…”

  2. The answer it gives each time is classic(al thermodynamics): Gravity, pulling inward, causing fundamental nuclear transitions in my atoms, causing kinetic energy which is expelled through randomized motions and collisions, causing the particles to heat up collectively as a gas.

    Smart-ass. *muttered under breath*

  3. The Parks and Recreation theme is one of my favorite tv themes. That and 30 Rock.
    I really enjoyed The Office theme at one time too, but after the Office theme got married I lost all interest. BORING!

  4. That’ll do, internet.

  5. “PARKS AND RECREATION ATE MY BALLS” — the guy who made this video

  6. I used to do this with Magnum PI, but with Bossk.

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