I could literally watch this all day.

Hey, wait, why did it stop? I JUST said that I could literally watch this all day. Note to creator: needs more infinite loop. (Via DailyWhat.)

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  1. My eyes just exploded, “And God Said, ‘Thou shalt not see my face’”.

  2. This reminds me so much of what Sesame Street was like when I was a kid. If only they had some stop-motion socks walking up and down the street.

  3. Bear City! Bear, Bear City!

  4. So this is what happened to the Island in the flash-sideways universe.

  5. Which part do I click to email Jim Carrey?

  6. HAHA so fun! Whoops I think I just clawed my face!! Good morning!

  7. Wow. just.. wow.

  8. Weird, I don’t remember making this video when I was 5

  9. Um, is that the Bay Parkway?

  10. ‘Cycles’ was robbed. ‘Logorama’ MY ASS Academy!

  11. Speaking of wonderful infinite loops..

  12. Beardemic! Shock and Awwwww.

  13. wowowowowowowowowowowowowow! WOW!

  14. I see a pattern emerging.

  15. It was only a matter of time before the Internet found a way to squeeze adorable animals into that Chemical Brothers video.


  16. You should also watch his cat video…and comment.


  17. all AT-ATs should be bears. and vice versa.

  18. Eh, same old crap I always see when I close my eyes.

  19. Yup. I can get down with that.

  20. i didn’t like when the bears got hit by the cars.

  21. The giant Cloverfield monster bears are pure nightmare town.

  22. Whatever it is they’re selling, I’ll buy it.

  23. Way better than Avatar.

  24. This is eerily reminiscent of the last time I did peyote…

  25. I can’t stop staring at it…

  26. My first reaction was

    but i got better

  27. I like the video “Cycles” because while it is playing, I no longer feel responsible for my actions.

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