Andy Richter was on Regis and Kelly this morning, and unlike Conan O’Brien, he doesn’t have a gag order in his contract. So.

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  1. Ricter and Kelly has a nice ring to it.

  2. He is giving in to the cynicism that Conan warned us against.

    • WELL WHAT else are WE supposed TO DO? IT’S not like LENO CAME BACK to the fucking ABYSMAL RATINGS he deserves. INSTEAD HE instantly takes THE FUCKIN lead again.

    • Not to brag, but I drive past Andy’s house on the way to my crappy job every day. And when Coco lost the battle, Andy replaced the US flag that he usually flies with a flag of the peace symbol, and he flew that for weeks. Weeks. No cynico.

  3. I think we have a new measure for celebrity animus: the Richter scale.

  4. Andy Richter “Slams” NBC And “Rips” Jay Leno’s “Asshole Open”
    I bet Motor Oil Came out

  5. Andy Richter truly Controls the Universe!

  6. You know things are getting bad for Leno when the competition’s sidekick can effectively expose him for the jerkwad he is. Given, Andy is the best sidekick ever, but he’s still a sidekick.

  7. I sometimes wonder how so many Americans can watch Jay and raise his ratings up, even after knowing what a total douche he is.

  8. I know that I am probably way behind on this but you will have to forgive me; I live in a pop culture void where we receive current shows months down the road from their original US broadcast. Anyway, I was watching Oprah today and she interviewed Jay Leno. She mentioned that Time magazine called Leno “The Future of Television”. He said that he believes they were making reference to the high costs of producing television shows such as Lost and other action/dramas in relation to his show which is much cheaper to make. He also said that if a show was receiving the same ratings ten years ago that his show currently receives, it would have been cancelled. If Leno and Time are correct then the future of television is going to be cheap and poorly rated. Sounds like a promising future for television.

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