Tron 2: The Edge of Legacy trailer, you guys:

Huh. Maybe they should have just stuck with the teaser trailer. That one had a lot more cool motorcycle rides and a lot fewer man-to-man talks and uses of the word “kiddo.” The teaser trailer also focused on how this movie was going to make sweet love to your nerd eyes, and didn’t bother with the suggestions that this movie was actually going to take itself so seriously as to imply that somehow beating a 30-year-old arcade game from the inside would CHANGE MEDICINE AND GOVERNMENT FOREVER. Also, I love to be as excited and action-packed as the next guy (no speedo), but Sam needs to be much more careful how he takes the exit ramp off the highway on his motorcycle! That is just too dangerous, and completely unnecessary! You should put your turn signal on 100 feet before the exit and safely make your way into the correct lane. I don’t care how much this shows you’re going to be great at lazer-cycle racing, or whatever, mister, you are in the human world for the time being, and you will ride your motorcycle with respect for your safety as well as the safety of your fellow drivers.

But my absolute favorite part of the Tron: Book of Legacy trailer? “I was paged last night.” 20100000000!

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  1. The page is coming from INSIDE the house!

  2. Well, we’re getting a futuristic club scene, skin tight Olivia Wilde (right?) and some next level beats. That’s something to look forward to huh? WHOA

    sorry! SORRY IM OUT

  3. Wait, so this isn’t just a new Daft Punk album? There is an actual movie? I guess I would still watch it.

  4. What is the difference between Pac-Man and Miss Pac-Man really?

  5. Mmm, ladies look delightful in Tron Couture.

  6. why are they wearing those stupid looking speed suits?

  7. Oh yeah, Tron is awesome. This guy knows what I’m talkin’ about:

  8. The Dude abides. In Tron.

    Or, the Dude abTrons.

    The Tron Abides.


  9. Also… half a second of Ziggy Stardust playing the letter “L”? Anyone else catch that?

  10. Oh good. Oscar winner Jeff Bridges’ new project is ‘Tron 2: Return of the Jedi’, or whatever it’s called. I guess The Dude does whatever The Dude wants.

  11. i like the David Bowie part

  12. I saw this trailer over the weekend and I was really struck by how it looks like Tron the way you remember it looking, not how Tron actually looked. So, I wonder if they ever make “Grandson of Tron” will this look as much like dudes covered in blacklight tape on fluorescent-lined graph paper as the original?

  13. Wait, “for 20 years”??? So Tron took place in 1990? They could have just been playing Sega Genesis that whole time.

  14. woozefa  |   Posted on Mar 9th, 2010 0

    you guys! you need to watch it in “HD.” you can see how shitty it’s going to be, in HIGH DEFINITION! what a world (?).

  15. Whatever, I will still gladly watch this when it comes out. Don’t all act like you won’t.

  16. Where Donkey Kong at?

  17. wait, so no one is going to complain that the light bikes can move in more than four directions? am i going to have to be THAT guy?

  18. Agreed that this trailer isn’t as good as the original teaser, which was pretty incredible. But I’m still very excited about this movie, if nothing else for the Daft Punk sound track.

  19. To be fair, that guy was expecting a call from 1983.

  20. “This is going to change all medicine, government and religion”. Because everyone will be hanging out in virtuaworld? The computer is your God now apparently.

  21. I know we all love and cherish the classic dialogue from the first TRON, (I have a TRON quote-a-day calendar) but I saw this preview before Alice and Wonderland last night, and this is a masterful piece of writing compared to that cruddy fan fiction.

  22. Can we at least all agree that this was the only thing that made seeing Alice in Wonderland worthwhile? How can a movie featuring Johnny Depp and Crispin Glover dueling with swords be so soul-crushingly dull?

  23. was that Michael Sheen as some weird technoDavidBowie? you know, I may have originally only been excited for this for the Daft Punk, but I have to say that was weird and great. Also, Jeff Bridges still has the best voice of all the voices.

  24. I don’t know why everyone is being so cynical. This movie still looks great!

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