Just got this email in my email, you guys:

hi gabe.
i love videogum and i know you’re a big fan of goop and her shiny legs. so imma give you the VIDEOGUM exclusive.

gwyneth paltrow in nashville for the “love don’t let me down” wrap party. singing “killing me softly” karaoke. i was there. my friend shot this video, but apparently no one else did. it wasn’t on the youtube before this

she was actually pretty good.

I am a big fan of Goop! (I am not a big fan of Goop!) My favorite part about this email, actually, was the fact that it came from an email address that was clearly created just to send me this email. Someone wants their identity kept secret. My guess: Barack Obama. My second favorite thing about this email was the footage of Gwyneth Paltrow singing “Killing Me Softly” at a bar in Nashville, which I have posted after the jump:

She is not bad! I mean, she is bad, as a human being, but she is not bad as someone singing “Killing Me Softly” at karaoke at the Love Don’t Let Me Down Duets 2 wrap party in Nashville. Full throttle!

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  1. **Triple Threat Alert** Gwyneth Paltrow: Writer, Visionary, Songstress.

  2. I really like this! #oppositecomments

  3. EGOT here she comes!

  4. She doesn’t seem knackered at all!

  5. She actually dedicated this song to her recent discovery that lack of sleep was bad for her, or “killing her softly”

  6. Teenage Ke$ha has nothing on GwenPal.

  7. I’m surprised she doesn’t sing with a British accent

  8. I had hopes that it was going to be more like this. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x71puu_killing-me-softly-karaoke-fugees-st_music

    Oh well. Abandon hope, all ye who play on the internet (inspired the the internet ad, inspired by the game, inspired by the story, inspired by The Dvinia Comedia by Dante).

  9. Well, that was a freebie.

  10. they’ve compromised our defenses! The Sharks have become super intelligent, who would have thought that Alzheimer’s medication could do such a th—

  11. I guess someone got sidetracked on the way to the Jersey Shore messageboards :(

  12. This woman broke our website for 10 minutes. Completely inappropriate.
    Also her singing sucked.
    But she did give us a cringe-worthy party game! The Almost Best Somewhat Old Party Game 16.9

  13. God she gave me goosebumps!!!! And Im at school and couldn’t even turn the speakers on and I forgot my earbuds so I just watched her!!!! And teared up!!!

  14. You know the next Goop will be about expounding the virtues of karaoke in Nashville. “You have not LIVED until you have sung karoake in Nashville.”

  15. Maybe this is an indirect message to Chris Martin.

  16. wow, I can’t believe you got a hold of Gwynnie’s Gemini’s Twin audition tape


    /Just me, or is there too much Paltrowcrotch in that video?

    • Ugh, downvote me if you must, but GP made me laugh in that. “Sam Goodeeeyaahhh!”

      (Maybe I was susceptible because of all the Maya Rudolph, who is my girlfriend.)

  17. Videogum: The one-stop source for all your Gwyneth Paltrow Monster Person news.

  18. Seriousgum, this is my go-to karaoke song. Along with Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These) by the Eurythmics. I bring down the house every goddamned time.

  19. My brain quit working, so I started reading this expecting it to conclude with a “Gwyneth Paltrow singing ‘Killing Me Softly’ Karaoke… Priceless.”

  20. Edward Paperhands
    Courage and Affection in Las Vegas
    What’s Regurgitating Gilbert Grape?

    (Johnny Depp round)

  21. This feels completely appropriate on this post.

  22. Also, I repeat what I said earlier: Next You Can Make It Up should be “Gwyneth Paltrow Gets Bedbugs”.

  23. Nobody remember the movie and album she did with Huey Lewis?

  24. It’s not a karaoke bar, btw. It’s the Mercy Lounge, which is a proper music venue.

  25. Lauryn Hill would shit herself if she saw this.

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