Rich FourFour was looking for a video today, and he discovered that YouTube has introduced a new function that is still in BETA testing, which translates the audio into closed captioning for the hearing impaired. Let’s just say that they should take the system out of BETA immediately, because it is definitely READY TO GO. As you can see from the slides above, the computer has an incredibly keen ear for human dialogue. It’s basically the David Mamet of computer software. I’m surprised Roger Ebert didn’t go to the YouTube closed-captioning people to help him develop his new voice. In any case, you really have to watch the video with the sound on so that you can see just how right this system gets it. If anything, the closed captions are TOO right. It’s spooky! People make mistakes when they speak, it’s never this perfect, YouTube! We’re not flawless talking robots! Watch the original video here. (You find/turn on the captions, if/when they are available, like this.)

The CC function isn’t available on all or even most videos yet, but the rules of this game are simple: find amazing YouTube closed captions and post them in the comments. Everyone wins.

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  1. [High Fiving]

    Works fine for me!

  2. I was really hoping for Best New Party Game17 to be Awful Sex talk.


    “it’s all part would say that read your people dole have sole the case because we do we do have sold sorry and lately I have been called a changes ginger by everybody school. He really hurts my feelings.. YOU JUST HAVE SOULS! OUR GUESTS ARE TOM A CHRISTIN! …. YOU LIVED AS A SOLDIER DIED! ON THE ISSUE! OTHERWISE SPOKE TO YOU (instead of FUCK You)”


  4. I didn’t find closed captioning but I found something better, the worst of the worst

  5. “but I was not going to spend the rest of my life the next four years for the New Jersey”

    e.e. cummings is so pissed right now.

  6. She never said what happens if the guy doesn’t want Yahtzee?! Does he get thrown off his ass then too? Before or after the “first round”?

  7. I can’t get CC to work for me. Someone walk me through it?

  8. Remember when the new Videogum first launched you guys? It was perfect!

  9. “My name is Kesha” is the only straight forward sentence out of her mouth. Too bad it was translated into Ke$ha for the closed captioning. “The key issue of to Sandra” sounds like some nonsense she would say.

  10. I’m not good at the interwebz so:

    I guess CC doesn’t work for people without souls?

    Real: “ It really irritates me that south park would say that “red haired people don’t have souls ok?”

    CC: “it really irritates me it’s all part would say that read your people dole have the sole the case”

  11. WHY THE fuck are NONE OF the Star SPANGLED BANNER videos CAPTIONED!!!!!


    Drunk History is a gold mine!

    “He’s I guess I am nearly ten times as many with three things”

    • Oh man, I LOVE Drunk History!
      I gotta go check this out now…

      • Awe, it was just the FoD short segment of the new Jen Kirkman bit.
        Still really good! But I was prepared to set aside a half hour to watch all of them over again with cc.
        Oh well. I’m off to be stupid productive.

  13. Beta? Seems perfect to me.

  14. Original: Everyone did quite well on this test
    Youtube: That be moving quickly runs death.


  15. This video doesn’t have CC but still found a way to talk to me directly. I’m leaving, and no, I won’t comment.

  16. mydaughter'sname69  |   Posted on Mar 4th, 2010 +25

    From werttrew’s cat video, “Toilet Training the Feline” found here:

    “I’m going to teach my cat to use the toilet, then I’m going to sell a video telling other people how they can do it! I’ll be rich! The money will all be mine!” -you

  17. Whatever, Gabe. It’s all the same thing and fatter.

  18. file:///C:/Users/TEMP.Siobhan-PC.002/Pictures/JAy.jpg

  19. recommendation! this consumer reports video on Slap Chop. i didn’t know “Slap chop” could be rhymed so many ways!!

  20. (I really hope this works)

  21. Wait, this is even better:

  22. Who invited the downvote troll to the party game?

  23. Couldn’t find any CC videos :( Guess I’ll just stick with Babelfish.

  24. Ugh, just when I learn how to post gifs, I have to learn how to post pictures from Youtube? Gah!

  25. The most disappointing part of my day? Discovering the Die Antwoord videos have yet to be given closed captioned access.

  26. can i make a tumblr dedicated to this? that seems like a party.

    the crazy Judge Judy hipsters:

  27. to be fair, i have read some textbooks that make about as much sense.

  28. Everyone is doing awesome here. It’s really time or me to get back to work now, though.

  29. Would those annoying “insert song with lyrics!” song videos disappear now?

  30. Ok, I am delurking to participate in this game. Hopefully this is how you post images?

  31. Alright, the Internet still hates me (totes Karma), so I can’t post a pic, but good news: the HoodieFootie commercial has been closed captioned by the Youtube supercomputer.

    “That’s the risk of the need of the most likely jury dury”. Finding closed captioned videos is like an early Easter egg hunt! But funny!

  32. mydaughter'sname69  |   Posted on Mar 4th, 2010 +1

    FINALLY found a Die Antwoord video with captions.


  33. The captions and the quote at the bottom of the page eerily go together. So Jay was the murderer! Subtle clues, mr. leno, now go to jail.

    • Now that is odd I definitely posted this way after everyone else and it some how jumped up 1/3 of the page. I am not complaining but GABE you might want to check on this one.

  34. OH! soo close!

  35. “Yes, I have a gun but I don’t know how to use it.”

  36. [IMG][/IMG]

  37. Just trying to post a picture using this old thread no one will probably read.

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