“Agents”! Please go vote for Jon Glaser’s Delocated-themed NASCAR design. If he wins, there will be an actual Delocated themed NASCAR, which would be amazing, and which would not inconvenience anyone. A perfect “mission”!

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  1. Did anyone inform Gabe about the Chatroulette Videogum Everywhere Mission yet?

    • I’m pretty sure we shot him an email, but basically, Gabe, if you’re reading this, Ahem: during Friday monster chat, we decided to invade chatroulette using manycam software that gave us Topher Grace masks. I’ll send you another email with the links to said program and addon, that is, if monsters are up for braving the dangers of Chatroulette. (the internet is scary.)

  2. I just bookmarked that site and will be visiting every day for the next 15 days to vote, because if this happens I will be able to die happy (or at least happier).

  3. videogum everywhere is perfect. I love all the charmingly harmless and fun things we get to do.

  4. I’ll make sure to get right on it cuz man I love nascar and whats in this cup hermphphmhmhm ohno.Ohno oh No.

  5. Can someone explain this? I seem to be woefully out of the loop on this one, and have no clue what Delocated is.

  6. So how do we even tell if we’re making an impact? And is this thing real, aren’t NAScars expensive?

  7. OK, unrelated, but to the videogum IT crew, is there a way to delete the link to my fb account? I have a vg username and prefer it but if I’m signed into facebook it defaults to this. Can anyone help?

    • Same. The work-around I found was to log out and log back in using your Videogum username, and not click the Facebook button (which I think I accidentally pressed before by hitting “enter” instead of clicking “log in). It seemed to work, anyway.

    • If you click on the purple box at top that says profile, you’ll see your name, and next to it it will say edit, click on edit and then delete your facebook and click save

  8. I think I figured it out- you need to go to facebook and delete videogum from your applications.

  9. looks like there’s some stiff competition.

  10. “Sponsafy” is an early contender for word of the year.

  11. Am I the only one who doesn’t think Delocated is very funny? I really do love Jon Glaser, but everything I’ve seen of that show has been kinda-sorta funny but also really obvious jokes that don’t really make me LAFF. I guess I just expect better from him, especially after voicing the GYWO cartoons, which were hilarious.

  12. Voted, I was number 667! Spooky! (?)

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