The promos for this week’s episode are funnier than everything Jennifer Lopez has done in her entire life combined.

Status: Pumpt.

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  1. I’m crazy in love with Zach.

  2. Is there a greater hero than Zach? This guy, maybe?

    Nope, still Zach. Nice try though, brave Brazilian rescue guy.

  3. It’s almost like someone who is paid to be funny and has spent years practicing being funny is pretty darn good at being funny! What a bold new direction for a comedy show to take!

  4. I don’t like watching Saturday Night Live. To me, it’s just a buncha junk.

  5. This is the best TV news I’ve heard in a very long time. I wonder if Seth Galifianakis will make an appearance. Fugees N Funyuns, amirite you guys?

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  7. I’m a little disappointed Sugar Ray didn’t jump out from behind the bar.

  8. Yeah, I guess a comedian hosting the show could work, but wake me up when an awkward athlete or an old politician hosts. Or maybe a young singer who is trying her hand at acting. Those episodes rule.

  9. very Excited for this!

    (I love you Paper Werewolf)

  10. OH NO That is the wrong gif!

    Now I am excited

  11. Status: So hard right now.

  12. The appeal is in the beard.

  13. Love Zach Galifilinkisfisdinkis… but have no faith in The Kristen Wiig Show. They exhaust him of his humor by sketch 3.

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    • Based on my knowledge of SNL, the host has a say in which sketches get on air. I don’t think Zach will be working with Kristen Wiig that much… hopefully. Also agree that Kristen is not very funny, all of her characters are the same, she’s so one-note.

  14. hope we get at least a taste of the weird Tim and Eric style – Zach, and not mainstream Zach. Also pumped though!!!!

  15. I love Zach Galifianakis

    I also like Vampire Weekend. I feel like I’m the only person above the age of 16 that does, though.

  16. I will only truly be happy if Zach and Will secretly rehearse a sketch with the cast of Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job and perform it a minimum of three times during the show.

    And it must include Richard Dunn.

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