Sometimes it’s important to remember that the world is crazy and awful and hilarious and disgusting and amazing everywhere you go, not just in this clown country.

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  1. what’s great about that is it highlights the way in which children are misshapen potato beasts

    • yeah, i was torn between the horror of a child performing inappropriate dance moves and lyrics and the horror of how that kid looks like a scary no-neck monster with a giant head and tiny tiny body.

  2. ugh what what the fuck?

  3. Your move, Mini Ke$ha.

  4. Where’s the NSFW tag? Shit is scandalous.

  5. Looks like someone in Brazil is going to win the Parent of the Year Award! Because that is a real award that they give to people.

  6. Oops, that latin santa is going to jail.

  7. So I guess I’m going to jail and/or facebook.

  8. That isn’t Lady Gaga?

  9. Does every country have a Bruce Vilanch, or just us and Brazil?

  10. Senhora Decrepito Minusculo

  11. I sent this in! I’m so pleased. I’d like to thank my mother, for always believing in me.

  12. We can’t stop here. This is clown country.

  13. It took everything in me to not post a Pedobear gif…

  14. I don’t even know how to “Forget it, Jake, it’s *BLANK*town” here. “Braziltown”? “Varietyshowtown”?

  15. This is the worst thing in the world.

  16. It’s not so bad if you pretend it’s a munchkin from the Wizard of Oz and not an actual human child who will (hopefully) grow up to regret this.

  17. This is genius, are you kidding? I want to kiss Videogum for this. Speaking of just us & Brazil…completely inappropriate child pagents with confusing sexualization – just us?

  18. thoughts going in: do i really want to be watching this?

    the answer turned out to be a firm no.

  19. I think this REALLY showcases how horrible lady gaga is because i feel so uncomfortable and uneasy watching that darling little girl do those horrible, demeaning things to herself.

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