We all know how the Internet works. Straight to the canon with this one.

This is almost too raw. I bet his mom was pissed but he was just like, whatever, mom. (Thanks for the tip, Ambar.)

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  1. I see your ridiculous Nirvana ice skating and raise you an even more ridiculous Britney Spears/Tom Jones ice skating, featuring a hideous Russian in baby clothes and pram (really) and finishing in a muscle suit and harassing female members of the audiences (really): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m28xZx7gp_8

  2. How long before Courtney Love sues for royalties?

  3. An ice-skater, with mommy issues? THAT’S a leap.

  4. Someone who can do things with computers should replace the audio with “Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up”. Keep the circle of life turning, people.

  5. after my wife wanting to watch figure skating for the past two weeks, i can boldly pronounce that this is the least effeminate skating routine i have seen in years. thanks scott williams.

  6. Never mind.

  7. The worst part about figure skating is telling your parents your straight…

  8. Everyone knows that grunge is about stripping back all of the cheesy stuff that invaded rock music in the 80′s. Its good to see someone keeping that spirit alive.

  9. The “Grunge” Sleeveless Flannel is just precious.

  10. There is a period in my life when I would have totally done this, if I had known how to figure skate. If I could find a video of the interpretative dance I did to the Distillers’ “The Hunger” in 8th grade I would totally give it to you guys. Also, gay.

  11. I’m pretty sure that Scott “Williams” is actually Scott Stapp

  12. Kurt Cobain must be triple lutzing in his grave.

  13. This! this should have been the music video…

  14. Is that a planned fall at 1:40… This guy is good.

  15. I agree with the lady announcer: How the HELL did he pull off that Arabian in those jeans?!

  16. Better than last weekend’s Olympics pair that skated to “Crawling in my skin.”

  17. “Again, very unusual choreography.”

  18. Man, if I was Kurt Cobain and I saw this, I’d have Courtney Love murder me and cover it up as a suicide all over again. :(

  19. He could probably nail a quintuple salchow in pajamajeans.

  20. Get a load of Triple Axl Rose over here.

  21. This AMATEUR skater needs to put down the bong and get a job. “Ooh, I MEANT to fall over and roll on the ice.” Tell that to the judges, slacker.

  22. Shut it down. You’re not going to beat this today. I think I might actually get some work done (after a good cry). Signing off.

  23. If only he had bedazzled his flannel.

  24. This would be the scene in the movie where the coach says “no, you HAVE to skate to Tchaikovsky. That’s what the judges expect, you have to give them what they want in order to make the finals for Team USA! Tchaikovsky!” And then the rebellious former champion roller blader overcoming deep depression/drug addiction/battling his demon alcohol says “I’m doing this MY WAY, man.” He may not win the gold, but he will win the girl!

  25. Was that Nicholas Cage?

  26. What? It’s relevant.

  27. Mind bottling.

  28. This is basically a director’s cut of a Mentos commercial.

  29. He doesn’t play by anyone’s rules, except the International Figure Skating Committee’s.

  30. i don’t know. i think i liked it. normally with figure skating it’s some annoying song that i have to deal with while i say “ooo” and “ahh” at the tricks. this almost make me “get” figure skating.

  31. I’m surprised no one has recognized their boyfriend yet. Maybe it’s the hair?

    • He’s not just your boyfriend. He’s the guy who took your virginity in ’93 in the back of his Bronco after too much Zima.

  32. That is going straight to the pool room.

  33. “Corporate Figure Skating Competitions Still Suck” – T-shirt

  34. I think I saw this movie already. I think he gets banned from singles skating and has to go doubles with this golden-boy jackass and in the end they learn a valuable lesson about friendship or something. I give it about a C-.

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