Jeremy Piven posted this photo to Twitter today, which he described as “great pic from the Haiti benefit last night…” Good description! “Great pic from the Haiti benefit last night” definitely captures what this is. (The first comment on the photo also definitely captures what this is: “Great work both of you. We are very proud of you.” I have not laughed harder at anything today.) In any case, we already know what Jeremy Piven, best known for his role of Mr. Bald Screamy on the Spike TV show Entourage is thinking. He’s thinking “this is going to be a great pic from the Haiti benefit.” But what is Bill Clinton, the former leader of the free world who governed our country during an extended period of financial expansion and relative peace thinking?

The winner of this week’s Caption Contest will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. And then they can Twitter about that.

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  1. “The ‘Entourage’ actor was pleased to finally catch up with his ‘PCU’ co-star George Clinton.”

  2. “Heh, I used to use that ‘old ‘mercury poising’ excuse to get away from Hillary all the time”

  3. Seduce and Destroy 2: Respect the Cock

  4. “I don’t remember Rahm Emmanuel’s brother’s scalp smelling so gluey before.”

  5. Now all we need is McG and we can make a jerk sandwich.

  6. Both men in this picture have lied about indulging in the sushi.

  7. “Me WITH THE Prez: HALF AN Hour away from GETTIN IT Wet!”

  8. Bill Clinton isn’t threatening anyone. Bill Clinton is simply….offering a choice. Donate to Haiti, or hang out with Jeremy Piven. Bill Clinton recommends you choose wisely.

  9. When told he would be meeting “the little bald guy from that HBO show”, he was disappointed when it turned out not to be the guy who played Harry Goldenblatt

  10. I’m finding it exceedingly difficult to come up with a fresh Clinton joke however the Clinton impersonation I have going on in my head is fucking awesome. Although now I can’t get my inner monologue back to my own voice and it’s a tad alarming when Slick Willy tells me it’s time to feed the cats.

  11. Clinton- I’m just tall enough to see your hair plugs jeremy.

  12. Classic Clinton style: always surrounded by Bushes (please don’t take this the wrong way).

  13. Jersey Shore: Season 2

  14. I’m sticking with the classic.

    “Great pic from the Haiti benefit last night!”

  15. Clinton: I hope we raised some money for Haiti tonight.

  16. BC: “I loved you in Singles!”

    JP: “Me too!”

    BC: “‘What’s so funny about peace! peace! peace!’”

    Both laugh.

  17. My buddy Jay Leno just sexted me his submission: “Hey, you’re not a chubby young woman in a blue dress?! Why is my arm around you? I like sex!”

  18. Who’s this Kesha he keeps mentioning?

  19. Mercury-al actor Jeremy Piven (sorry) explains to President Clinton how he can help thousands of displaced Haitians by throwing out all of their fish.

  20. “I’m king of the world!!!”

  21. Nothing makes me prouder to be an American than the way our celebrities and former heads of state use devastating natural disasters as an opportunity to wear fancy clothes and name(pic?)-drop on Twitter.

  22. Can you introduce me to Joan Cusack?

  23. We hugged it out, bitch. For Haiti.

  24. You know what, I don’t think anyone can beat, “great pic from the Haiti benefit last night…”

  25. Did anyone else notice there for like, five minutes every comment was getting a downvote, no matter what the content? Look out guys, Jeremy Piven is the new Kevin Smith.

  26. “I hope this guy’s Ed Hardy cologne doesn’t stain my suit.”

  27. What’s with all the downvotes? Is this replacing the old self-upvote? Downvote everyone else? Weird.

  28. Some of these comments, and most of these votes are surprising to me, considering the fact that Bill Clinton is my LEGITIMATE HERO.

    This picture is actually like a picture of Jay Leno standing next to Roger Ebert for me.

  29. Just finished recorded their spots on ‘We Are the World 2′

  30. mydaughter'sname69  |   Posted on Mar 2nd, 2010 +22

    “Great pic from the Whoopi Goldberg Raising Awareness Of Women Urinating When They Laugh Benefit last night.”

  31. woozefa  |   Posted on Mar 2nd, 2010 +16

    We just gave each other handjobs in the bathroom!

  32. “It’s much harder to help Haiti with your pants down, but it is a lot easier to swordfight.”

  33. “Don’t stop, make it pop
    DJ, blow my speakers up
    Tonight, I’mma fight
    ‘Til we see the sunlight
    Tick tock on the clock
    But the party don’t stop, no”

  34. “I enjoy your bro-driven hit comedy series ‘Entourage.’ It reminds me of how Al Gore, Madeleine Albright, and Janet Reno used to ‘get after it’ in the 90s.”

    • Bah! There was supposed to be an “and I” in there. As if that would make it funny.

      My typing skills abandoned me in my lust for Videogum fame…

  35. “It was all worth it.”

  36. I for one really enjoy seeing rich people enjoying fancy parties to benefit the poor and the starving and the desperate. Because nothing says urgency like semi-formal attire! So what is Bill thinking? “I should have just written a fucking check. I know this is going to end up on the internet in the morning.”

  37. woozefa  |   Posted on Mar 2nd, 2010 +4

    someone’s on happy downvote time.

  38. “I can’t believe I’m getting my picture taken with the Fear Factor guy!” – Bill Clinton

  39. After surrounding himself with liars, drunkards, louts and miscreants throughout his political career, former President Clinton was given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to re-invent himself as a private citizen and handpick a new inner circle of associates. Sadly, the choice of his self-described “Brosef Numero Uno” only confirmed what even his most loyal supporters had suspected for some time: Bill Clinton loves dickheads.

  40. This downvoter troll is like that asshole who runs out on the kickball field at recess and kicks the ball over the fence out into traffic, then runs away laughing. Analogygum.

  41. “Happy Birthday Turtle!”

  42. Bill Clinton Community Outreach Schedule 3/2/2010: 10:00am-4pm Fundraiser for Inner-City Schools, 5pm-7pm Help Jeremy Piven deal with his night terrors.

  43. ” I did not inhale…so I wouldn’t have to smell the mixture of spray tan and rogaine…”

    -Bill Clinton-

  44. Bill Clinton: “I’m not wearing any briefs right now.”

  45. CLINTON (looking away from camera): That waitress is a beautiful young lady. Ooh, and she’s carrying a tray of spicy tuna on crispy rice! I just figured out the rest of my evening.

  46. Heyah Booboo!

  47. Help Bill Clinton: Text PIVEN to 90999

  48. These downvotes are no fun.

  49. Help Haiti.
    Mission Accomplished.
    High Fives.

  50. so are you really and asshole, or do you just play one on TV – bill clinton

  51. Mercury poisoning? I could have used you in 1998.

  52. Orange Douche Meets Silver Fox

  53. Clinton thinks in Jim Gaffigan’s whiny heckler voice: “Heyyy, I want to be on Entourage, fella…”

  54. Piven: “Man, when is Gabe gonna finish that WMOAT post?”
    Clinton: “I know, right? Wild Hogs is like the worst movie ever! Can’t wait! Okay, ‘Haiti’ on three, 1,2,3, HAITI!”

  55. “No, I don’t need to see the pictures of black people in your wallet…”

  56. Before I try to come up with a caption I just wanted to confirm that this is actually from a Haiti benefit and not from the American Hero Miracle World Tour 2010.

  57. When is that damn “Axe Effect” gonna kick in?

  58. Forgot to mention it earlier, but don’t forget about Lost chat tonight, guys!

  59. I Haiti Jeremy Piven so much.

  60. Original cast for Kevin Smith’s “Couple Of Dicks”

  61. “Thanks again for those cigars Mr. President”
    “My and her pleasure Jeremy”

  62. “I AM Bill Clinton Boulevard.”

  63. Hipster Puppies.

  64. “I hope this doesn’t make me look gay.”

  65. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  66. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  67. “Just so we are clear on this, this photo is not going to end up on videogum as the caption photo right? I mean, I think we are pretty safe because they rail on Leno all the time for telling lame jokes about me that are outdated, so there is no reason to think they would have a post that would encourage people to make the same exact inferences that they have time and time again deemed boring and lame, right? RIGHT?”

  68. “Smile like you give a fuck”

  69. Elsewhere a feminist wept.

  70. Nice try Gabe, but “What was Bill Clinton thinking” is actually a rhetorical question.

    Which is, ironically, my answer to “Why don’t you caption it?”

  71. “I loved you on Ellen. That Ellen, man she is funny the way she dances on her show, and have you see her on Idol? She won’t let Simon push her around. I really think Andrew Garcia is talented, I think he is going to win “

  72. “MONICA LEWINSKY MONICA LEWINSKY MONICA LEWINSKY” Oh, sorry. I thought it was 1998.

  73. “Oh man, take it easy, Willy. Just play it cool and maybe I’ll score those tickets to the Marmaduke premier.”

  74. Too much Tuna and… Too much Tuna

  75. “I am going to fuck the shit out of this guy.” — Bill Clinton

  76. mercury poisoning?


    call me when they start sticking metal objects into your heart.

  77. “Big things are expected of us, and nothing big ever came of being as small as Jeremy Piven.” – Bill Clinton.

  78. “what does he mean by ‘fingerblasting contest’?”

  79. Who’s the old guy with entourage?

  80. Is it gay if our balls touch?

  81. Something that smells like fish almost cost both of us our jobs!

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