Roger Ebert, who is the best, will be on Oprah this afternoon, which I am sure we will all leave work to watch if we haven’t called in sick already. But this preview clip in which he demonstrates his new voice for the first time (created by a Scottish company using hours of audio from his TV show and DVD commentaries, which he lost in multiple surgeries that you already know about because you are a human being with intelligence and curiosity who pays attention to the world around him/her, but if for some reason you missed the Esquire profile of him, which is seriously great, stop missing it), is already too heartbreaking and too heartwarming for words.

It is nice to be reminded, especially after this morning’s bitterness, that the human spirit can always triumph, and that this world, which is too much to bear, can still be lived in with dignity and wonder. Roger Ebert: legend. (Via @grahamorama.)

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  1. can we institute some kind of videogum “get out your hanky” alert?

  2. May as well make me the editor Happiness Aficionado Magazine now.

  3. Not suitable for people who cry easily at work.

  4. well, this is just wonderful.

  5. I’m not crying, It’s just raining on my face.

  6. I haven’t even watched that clip and I’m already welling up.

  7. I can’t stop my tears from falling.

  8. Strong men also cry.

  9. what a blessed reunion of a man and his voice. i do feel bad though for all the thousands of other people who have lost their jaws but have no movie critiques to draw from

  10. Laughter through tears – after getting choked up watching that clip, went to read the Esquire piece – and my office internet filter blocked it due to ‘provocative attire.’ MMFCL to you, Roger Ebert!

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  12. I just love Roger Ebert. I think it’s wonderful that he’s been able to use the internet to become so expressive. Are you guys following him on twitter? He’s flat out great.

  13. this is just good

  14. This is too sweet. If I had feelings, I’d seriously be crying like a baby right now.

  15. we needed this today. #emogum

  16. I love that we can all take our monster masks off and have a good cry over this, although this particular video made me cry tears of joy – how awesome that he has his voice back in some form.

  17. How dare you make me cry at work, Gabe! Only my boss is supposed to make me cry here. I feel wierd and mushy. I’ll be in the bathroom, fixing my mascara and blaming my contacts.

  18. Hopefully Roger won’t use his new voice just for things that are positive. A series of insulting and witty messages left on Bill O’Reilly’s personal voice mail would be pretty hilarious.

  19. I forgot to DVR this and I submit myself to a Videogum congressional inquiry for stupidity. Roger Ebert is the fucking man.

  20. In addition to being a great writer, one of only a handful of respectable movie critics and an all-around inspiration on how to deal with adversity, this video showcases another reason Mr. Ebert is truly a national treasure: He’s a Mac.

  21. This is THE BEST. Actually, this is the top of my “THE BEST” list currently. So there. And I highly recommend this article written by Ebert if you haven’t read it already…(you’re already crying so just go ahead and read it now, ha).

    Thank you Mr. Ebert, for reminding me that I often take the little things SO for granted.

  22. That’s not Oprah.

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    • I really hate everything about this comment

    • Im glad we are here to serve you.

      • I was just venting my frustration. I don’t work in an office so I never get to read the ‘gum at work and I look forward to coming home and laughing it up with you guys at the end of the day. It really bums me out when I’m trying to read a page like this one and it takes 15 minutes just to load the gifs. But, whatever, I realize no one cares about my admittedly minuscule problems and I will scurry back into the darkness with my slow internet connection.

  24. I know now why you cry.

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