Bill Murray was on Letterman last night. He talked Ghostbusters 3. He did not talk, at least in this clip, about what is up with his outfit. Which almost makes it even better. Some things are personal, you guys, remember and respect that.

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  1. I remember an article a couple years ago about Bill Murray, he would just go and crash hipster parties around New York. I’m falling in love with him all over again!

  2. Who has the nerve to tell Bill Murray “get over it pal’? He’s a national treasure

  3. I stumbled upon the interview last night. Bill Murray is a big sports fan, and the sequined shirt is an homage to Johnny Weir (Apparently it was designed by Johnny Weir? And he got it in a Johnny Weir store?). He said the size smalls were all gone, but they had plenty of extra larges. The sling is there because he just had knee surgery after a skiing accident. The parka, boxers, boots, and fur hat? Well, that’s just our old pal Bill Murray bein’ Bill Murray, you guys!

  4. I tuned in to the final Tonight Show up until the first guest and then switched over to this LEGENDARY interview.

  5. Haha I thought you were exaggerating about his outfit. But no, it’s as glorious as you implied.

  6. clearly no one is watching this. come on monsters. click the youtube link so you too can go “WHAT” at work.

  7. I wonder how many fewer Wes Anderson fans there would be without the great Bill Murray’s role in Rushmore?

    I love you Bill. You’re my unironic boyfriend 4 ever.

  8. I cried when he died in ‘Zombieland’. I was fine with a world with almost no humans left, but no Bill Murray? How do you go on? What’s the point?

    • I also don’t understand comedy or fiction. I take all movies very seriously. I pulled the fire alarm during ‘Revenge of the Fallen’, people weren’t panicking enough.

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