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  1. So this is what Hell is like…

  2. The russian version of “The Price is RIght” has a really sick opening.

  3. Russian Wayne Newton, is that you?

  4. This is a viral ad for the Dante’s Inferno movie.

  5. In Soviet Russia show watches you

  6. I experienced a lot of different emotions.

  7. This is what I see every time I close my eyes.

    Sleep has been scarce these last six years.

    I may have killed a man.
    Sometimes it’s hard to remember…


  8. I could watch this forever! Can anyone make me a end Laugh Solo?

  9. 4 out of every 3 women experience involuntary urination while watching this video; I will never doubt Whoopi again.

  10. The most popular act on “Designated Midday Entertainment Program”.

  11. Oh and can anyone photo shop him into Freddy Kreuger? Just because.

  12. Good thing sparkly vampires never die. MLIT.

  13. Mr. Videogum, tear down this video!
    -Ronald Reagan

  14. Al thought his career had reached rock bottom when he’d agreed to lip-sync for an iron curtain variety show in 1979, but was assured that any such media would be too boring for western audiences to notice, or destroyed in the inevitable collapse of the USSR. He always maintained that that was what down-and-out felt like. Then he was paid $250 in Shoneys kids meal vouchers to star in a friend’s commercial for some ED scam, and he felt what it was like to fall off a cliff in the Mariana Trench.

  15. At first I thought I was crying, but then I realized that it was blood streaming out of my eye sockets.

  16. Mind Control Victim for sure.

  17. At the risk of a destroyed reputation, I am going to step up and say that I actually dig this song. The part at :37ish is pretty nice. I think it’s really just lacking context.

  18. This new Saw trailers are getting pretty abstract, you guys.

    • Apparently I was so distracted by the mind-numbing effect of this video that I momentarily lost all sense of grammatical wherewithal.

      Now please excuse me while I drive a screwdriver into my brain to get this song out.

  19. And here I was just thinking that my pants could stand to be more urine soaked!

  20. I love the swell of strings at about 1:02 and the pleased look on his face, like he’s so proud at throwing us such a curveball.

  21. Sochi 2014 is going to be the worst…

  22. I think he’s Russing the tempo a little bit.

  23. this was subsequently banned for its controversial lyrical content.

  24. So I read all the comments before I watched the video and I thought, “Everyone’s overreacting for comedic effect, it can’t be that bad.” I’m sorry I doubted you guys, never again.

  25. also, does this remind anyone else of “Diamonds and Pearls”?

  26. mydaughter'sname69  |   Posted on Mar 1st, 2010 +12

    Anyone here speak Russian? I’d really like to know what the lyrics mean.

  27. I just kept expecting for him to keep strolling over to stage left, revealing a hooded, bound man tied to a post. Gleefully, still yodeling, the singer begins to saw off the mans foot.

  28. You know, I didn’t really hate this…I may have even enjoyed it! But I also just got around to watching/reading that post about Ke$ha Blah Blah Blah that I intentionally kind of avoided last week.

    Sooooo…. what I’m trying to say is given a choice between seeing this or a Ke$ha video before I die… I’m voting for this, PLEASE A THOUSAND TIMES, THIS!!!!

  29. I jumped ahead about 7 different times and this dude was STILL doing his thing!

  30. In Soviet Russia you not sing, the PEOPLE sing through you!
    Also, everything is a drab shade of mustardy-brown.

  31. This is what happens when the Russian animatronic mannequin escapes World Showcase at Epcot.

  32. That poor man’s face is stuck!

  33. GAY.

    No really, he seems very happy about how his lobotomy turned out.

  34. Sometimes, I really miss the Soviet Union. Not the part where they were evil — just the part where it seemed as though the administrative staff of a 19th century petting zoo/yarn factory had fallen through a sinkhole that somehow teleported them onto a remote glacier in our time, where they had to keep warm by drinking gallon-sized mescaline hot toddies, and so naturally they decided to compete in everything.

    This, I miss.

  35. In Soviet Russia Ashley Simpson is a man and SNL is just one man and a gold background.

  36. He looks like a Japanese built robot.

  37. I am glad that there is something to fill the void that Rickrolling left, because i am tricking everyone i know into watching this. Repeatedly.

  38. You just can’t teach charisma like that.

  39. I think it’s ten times more disturbing once you realize he’s lip syncing. I’m not even joking.

  40. Seriously, about halfway through this video I was so creeped out I literally thought I WAS going to die at the end of it. Still kinda worried right now and looking out for dangers coming from all sides!

  41. Due in part to the title of this post, I was hoping this was a trailer for the Coen Brothers’ remake of The Ring. Oh well :(

  42. In case anyone was looking for some background, here’s the singer’s russian Wikipedia page as well as some more youtube terror

    • new Edward A. Gil 7″ single “How, tell me your name?” b/w “How to escort ships” out now on Matador

      “Onstage Gil kept very confident, smart, accompanying the singing of light dance moves and spectacular gestures.”

  43. My favorite part is 1:42 where he appears to question his existence, then reconsiders as it is better than being “disappeared.”

    Also, after paying $50 for, they simply sent me a link to this video. i’m so very , very numb, now.

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