But this comes about as close as humanly possible.

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  1. Damn this 7 year old has a nicer phone than I do.

  2. Clean your room!

  3. Her photo shopping of seeing the sunlight looks A LOT like my wedding invitations.

  4. That 12 year old girl is already a waaaay better video editor than I will ever be. And she’s adorable. My life is now pointless.

  5. Pause at 1:23. I think that’s the closest it comes to redeeming.

  6. 12-year-old girls mimicking a garbage musician who talks about guy’s touching her “junk” the darndest things?

  7. I predict an Avery/Quarantine Rapper collab in the VERY near future.
    They’ve both got mad video-making skills.

  8. This girl just rocked my face.

  9. Wait, does that kid have six fingers on one hand?

  10. I’m a bit confused by this… there seems to be something more here. Some internet subtlety if you will. I will say no more for fear of a downvote attack.

    • downvote all you want, but this would have not been on any website, if it wasn’t for the obvious…subtlety.

      • I completely nodded slowly to myself in my office as I read and upvoted. Winkwink nudgenudge eh?

      • What is the subtlety? Is it the finger thing? I’m so confused.

        • We never EVER make fun of these types of people. Do we.

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          • Mostly we make fun of spectacularly beautiful people who thrust themselves into the public eye and then expect us all to admire their physical superiority as if it were some kind of blessing that they were generously bestowing upon us. Occasionally we also poke much gentler fun of ordinary people who naïvely thrust their talents or opinions into the spotlight despite the fact that their talents or opinions are only interesting in totally unintended ways.

            This is a super charming 12-year-old girl who, birth defects notwithstanding, has gone ahead and decided to share her not-insubstantial video skillz with the Internet, probably not realizing her shit was about to go viral. She doesn’t really fall into either category, so we (by “we” you mean the Monsters, right?) maybe should Not make fun, no.

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          • I’ll be honest, I’m still pretty confused here. Am I missing something obvious? Is it the finger thing? Or something else? What are we talking about?

          • I’ll join the chorus of people who have no idea what you’re talking about. Commenting is disabled on YouTube. Could you just come out and say it? Thanks.

          • What? That she’s got some sort of physical disability? Is that a secret?

          • Wait, so we’re playing coy about the fact that a little girl already knows everyone on YouTube is an asshole?

          • Basically, my point was that this video is obviously going viral because the girl has some sort of physical “issue” going on. If i were to make an outright joke about it, I would probably be lashed out against (yes even here… more so here). There are hundreds of tik tok videos like this on you tube., why this one? I was just confused how to approach it. By posting this, I was unsure if Gabe was dipping his toe into the diarrhea water to see the reaction. Are we permitted to go THERE? Or, maybe there was some other irony I was missing because in all honesty I have seen better tik tok videos and wasn’t enterained in the least. (Note: though, none better from a 12 year old with a disability)

          • For the record, I, and I assume most people here, love it because she is an adorable 12 year old who has some pretty impressive editing and internet skillz for her age. I didn’t even notice the physical disabilities until I saw someone mention it.

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          • Wow. Are we really using YouTube comments as a standard here? I guess I’ll have to start stocking up on bigoted quips to drop randomly into future videogum comment threads.

          • Most people absolutely do add a couple extra “w”s on their “aww” in this situation. I think its the sign having a good heart or at least wanting to. Other’s do it specifically because they are aware that it will make them seem so and this is obviously unacceptable. Regardless of your intention, this behavior is dangerous b/c you’re still saying its okay to hold those with disabilities to different standards. Even though I like both of them, I don’t want to defend jwormyk and DS3M b/c they’re kind of being dicks but so is everyone purposefully doing the opposite. This whole video is a nightmare and there is no need to feign love for it when the fact remains its a little girl imitating a horrible song by a horrible person singing about horrible things. I really do not want to take anything away from this girl but the sad truth remains: the only reason this is on so many blogs today is b/c this girl has a disability. Everyone knows that, don’t be self-righteous.

  11. Dollars or whatever should really consider hiring Avery for her next video– this is scores of improvement on the original.

  12. I just died a little inside. I’d say that this does the absolute opposite of redeeming her.

  13. I was REALLY worried that the little girl was going to be holding a bottle of Jack Daniels at the beginning. Whoops! You made a fun internet video and now your parents have to go to JAIL.

  14. Another 10 points to Canada for awesomeness.

    • I love your enthusiasm for anything Canadian!

      • It’s envy, that would come out bitter and ugly but for the beauty of the Canadian spirit. I mean you all have Kate Beaton and bilingualism and national healthcare, plus all the guns with little of the violent crime. Plus the best bacon, not that I approve of real-animal bacon.

  15. It kind of makes me sad that this twelve year-old knows how to use ManyCam and I still can’t.

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    • Considering this is your only comment on this blog, I want to say that you are a regular reader of the site who made another account just to leave this stupid comment in anonymity and collect downvotes. However, the rookie mistake of including a call for said downvotes makes me think I am wrong. If you are the former, man up next time. If you are the latter, I welcome you to the community but hope you will consider never commenting again. Regardless, the sheer audacity (the balls if you’re a cool dude like me) of your awfulness wins you a downvote from me.

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      • I’m not trying to take side on the morailty of this random internet video where a little girl with a physical disability pretends to sing about drinking Jack Daniels whikey b/c it pisses me off either way. However, I do find it annoying that someone would create a profile on Videogum just to make this stupid comment.

    • Actually I’m going to upvote you just to PISS YOU OFF. This week’s prize for “Lowest Rated Comment” can go to someone who isn’t trying so damn hard.

  17. Wow. I’ve never heard this song before but if people are touching your “junk” without your permission Ke$ha, that is not alright. Don’t make a song about it, call the cops – sheesh!

  18. I just want to say it is Ke$ha’s birthday today. Party!

  19. I was hoping for some more subbies, but 35 will have to do for now.

  20. Tim and Eric Awesome Childhood, Great Job!

  21. I would be totally cool if the world formally recognized her as Ke$ha from now on. Ke$ha can still make her garbage music, but only this girl can perform it.

  22. Two things:

    (A) This girl is adorable and awesome and cool.

    (B) Ke$ha is in no way redeemed. In fact, this only further proves her folly–getting children to drink Jack Daniels.

    (C) This girl is adorable and awesome and cool.

  23. This cool little girl has many videos–the Bad Romance is also good. She clearly is the best ever. Once, when I was her age, I made the concious choice to not bother to get up from my seat to use the restroom becuase I didn’t want to miss any of “Good Times.” It was a re-run that I’d already seen, but still…

    What I am saying is much love and respect to this young woman who is far cooler than I will ever be.

  24. I actually like that stupid and disgusting song. I listened to it 5 times in a row, and, to wash away my shame, am listening to Wu tang for the past two hours.

  25. obviously she wins everything

  26. I wish I had been this self-aware at 12 years old. She is really fucking bright, guys! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnbJCzWmNTw

  27. Hi videogum, long time listener, first time caller.

    Just for the record, I became a bit worried as I read this comment thread for lo we were almost set upon by the divisive teeth gnashing of the chaotic wilds of the internet outside, but thankfully everyone kept up the basic modicum of decency and maturity that keeps this wonderful Shangri-lol from being run by Ron Livingston (because everyone recognizes references from The Cooler.)

    If I could make an Adult Swim spot for Videogum it’d be a picture of Whoopi Goldberg peeing herself saying Videogum, No villians, just monsters.

  28. Only just watched this now.This girl is the cooooooooolest. Check out her video on “life without the internet”! She reflects on how she’s never lived without it and how her life would be different without it. AND SHE’S 12! THAT’S CRAZY!



    ps. She lives in Canada. When I eventually meet her(/babysit her?) you will all be the most jealous ever.

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