One of my favorite comedians, Greg Johnson, ran naked across America and even though I read his blog every day I had to find out about it from Buzzfeed! Don’t be ashamed of your patriotism, Greg:

He’s like the troll in Amelie, only naked!

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  1. eric  |   Posted on Aug 14th, 2008 0

    reminds me of the part in AHWOSG,

    i would think that would hurt, unless his dick was fastened to his inner thigh or something. but that would hurt too.

    guess it’s just best to run across america with shorts

  2. Nylund  |   Posted on Aug 28th, 2008 0

    Its a good thing they didn’t show him coming back out of the ocean at the end. The Pacific is cold! There’d be some major shrinkage with that blurred censored box.

    I really liked this, but thats because my name is Greg Johnson too.

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