I have often said that if I ever won an Oscar, I would keep it in the bathroom as a conversation piece. I’m sure that I picked up this GREAT and serious idea that is real and that I will definitely do for sure no sarcasm from reading some interview with some clever and most importantly INTERESTING actor who had been asked “Where do you keep your Oscar as a conversation piece?”

Which is why I was pleased but not surprised to read this FUN FACT about where Kate Winslet keeps her Oscar. From ONTD:

The British star — who picked up the Best Actress award at the ceremony last year for her role in The Reader — says she has the statue in a public area of her house so guests “can sneakily have a little [hold] and put it back down again”. “Because basically everybody wants to touch it, everybody wants to hold it and go ‘Oh, my gosh,’ and ‘How heavy is it?’” Winslet added. “So I figured if I put it [in the bathroom], then people can avoid the whole, ‘Where’s your Oscar?’ thing.”

Good thinking, Kate Winslet. Very cool idea. I think the best part about it is how clever original it is.

I am instating a new Videogum Promise. With a little hard work and e-lbow grease (sorry), I believe that we can become the World’s Premiere Internet Resource for Tracking Which Actors Actually Keep Their Oscars in the Bathroom as a “Conversation Piece,” and Talk About It in Interviews Like It’s a Clever Thing They Just Thought Up.

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  1. Hey! It’s Friday!
    Dreamy Paul Rudd asks,

    “I’m bashful and stuff, but do you wanna chat on videogum chat? We’ll rap about rad 80s new wave bands and how nobody understand you.”

    I need some Glasses

  3. in doing my research, the most hilarious oscar story belongs to whoopi goldberg, whose oscar was stolen but later found. Where, you ask? In the garbage at the Ontario Airport.

    • Dang – the Oscar was found at an airport that doesn’t exist?
      That’s one dedicated, dimension-crossing thief.

      (Ontario might think it is the best and smartest and prettiest and most popular of all the provinces, but there isn’t an airport named after it. Yet. If people could get over Vancouver already and please come to Ontario’s party, which consists of smog and sub-par transit, maybe there would be an Ontario airport)

      Regional references ahoy!

  4. if i ever get an oscar (more like WHEN) ill use it as the anti-theft device on the public bathroom key at the gas station i own (dream of owning a gas station second only to my dream of winning an oscar)

  5. I want an Oscar in my bathroom, all I have is this lousy Spirit Award

  6. Yet another reason why Kate Winslet is my favorite.

  7. Is it weird that as soon as I read this post, I was like, “well, duh, Emma Thompson does, didn’t everyone know that?” Stars of Sense & Sensibility be storin’ their awards near the toilet!

    I just tried to fact-check and apparently she no longer stores them in the bathroom (in England, bathrooms are called lorries).

  8. I wonder where Topher Grace keeps his!… He DOES have one, right?

  9. I know that when I have people over, we immediately hit the bathroom, to talk. Naturally, in conversion, my clever friends will bring up the things I have stashed in my bathroom. I’m like, “yeah, that’s a new toothbrush” or “three ply toilet paper only please.” It’s kind of awkward because there’s only one place to sit, but you know, it’s worth it to hang in the bathroom like the celebrities.

  10. Yeah, because all the hundreds of people she has traipsing through her house are falling all over themselves to hold her Oscar. How considerate to spare them the awkward embarrassment of making them ask to hold it by forcing them into the uncomfortable and creepy situation of staring at the thing whilst sitting on the toilet. Much better than keeping it in, say, THE LIVING ROOM.

    • I think the purpose is so that each of her guests can practice his or her tearful acceptance speech into the bathroom mirror without getting TOO embarrassed.

  11. The best place to put conversation pieces is in the bathroom, where all the conversation happens. In my apartment, for instance, most of the conversation revolves around why the toilet is still flushing and usually ends in complex discourse concerning the jiggling of the handle. And world peace.

  12. That’s what he said, Kate Winslet…That’s what he said.

  13. ONTD for the win!

    (my VG personality is way more ditzy than it should be)

  14. I heard R Kelly has a toilet made out of Soul Train awards.

    Also, i have to get a new password everyday now because the new site doesn’t recognize me for some reason. Anyone else having this problem? Maybe its just Firefox users?

    • I’ve had to do as much every time I log out, but otherwise it remembers me and I’ve only had to actually log back in twice.

      Still, it would be nice to log in without having to email myself a new password and stuff…

    • Yeah, I don’t have to reregister, but I do have to log in manually every time. And this means digging through my email and finding my super secret password every time.

      I know I could change it, and maybe even find a way to have IE remember to keep me logged in, but this makes things feel more elite. Logging in every day makes me feel like Maxwell Smart walking through all of the awesome locked doors on his way to the secret hideout.

  15. I wouldn’t touch that bathroom oscar. It doesn’t seem too sanitary. But I don’t know what I’d be doing in Kate Winslet’s bathroom anyway.

  16. I think it’s funny that she’s pretending she hangs out with people who haven’t felt the weight of their own Oscars in their hands.

  17. I don’t understand how putting it in the bathroom avoids the whole ‘Where’s your Oscar?’ thing.” Does every visitor to Kate’s house immediately hit the bathroom before any conversation can take place? Now I don’t even want to go to her smelly house.

  18. I think it would be a lot less embarrassing to ask “Can I see your Oscar trophy?” than it would to say “Is there a place where I could go and pretend to poop so I could hold your oscar trophy in private?”

  19. From Gabe’s WMOAT review of I Am Sam:
    “I wish I could have run away from this movie. Get it? I think I’m going to put my Pulitzer in the bathroom, as a conversation piece.”


  20. Scoop! Winslet is biting Charlize Theron’s style. Videogum cub reporters represent.

  21. Next time Katie & I hang out I am totes stopping in the bathroom to take a Titanic dump so I can feel the Pride of holding that Oscar… man, she’s gonna have to Plunge that one out, cuz even All the King’s Men won’t get that one Flushed Away. All that’s left after that is a little Romance & Cigarettes.
    Good thing her film career isn’t….


    [sorry. I should get back to work... I think I was supposed to go to some healthcare summit thingy today. totally spaced!]

  22. This oscar in the BR shit sounds kind of unsanitary.

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