Good song. Great family. I give the whole thing Two Zunes Up. (Thanks for the tip, Marcus and Craig.)

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  1. where was this video when i was planning my wedding last year?

  2. I’m so mad at my Dad right now for leaking our family-time karaoke videotape to the internet.

  3. I am *SO* proud to be Irish right now. Well done you guys, well done.

  4. did that woman name her children derrick and derricka?

  5. I took me three replays to figure out their names weren’t Mary, Derek and Derberal Laburbal. Also, Wow, I never really expected to get a tip used, consider my day made.

  6. At least they saved money in the MIDI-fying process.

  7. this is a cover right?

  8. “Rural TV?” this should be on “Almost-too-in-tune-with-society’s-needs TV”

  9. The line “you’re so naughty, kiss my body” is far more disconcerting when you realize that’s her brother rocking the other mic, and mom’s on the keys. Kind of like choosing to sing Afternoon Delight at karaoke with your niece without realizing the lyrics. MLIAD (My Life Is Arrested Development).

  10. “You’re so naughty, kiss my body,” she sang to her brother.

  11. Inappropriate sibling pairing are so hot this week.

  12. There by the grace of Luda goes Bieber.

  13. They’ve definitely all been naked in the same room at the same time.

  14. Finally, Jimmy Buffett meets Irish karaoke meets Mexico?
    And is an American accent really just pretending to sing like a Muppet?
    Not to mention the whole “he talks dirty in Spanish” *smash cut to mom*
    So many questions, so much incest.

  15. Incestuous and fake!

  16. First U2 and Now Crystal Swing… Ireland Sucks!

  17. From the website: Crystal Swing consists of Mary Murray-Burke and her son and daughter, Derek and Dervla Burke. The band provides an excellent variety of music at affordable rates for weddings, parties, functions or any social event. (italics mine)

    Dear Gabe – Please tell me we can get Crystal Swing to play the next Videogum Pizza Party.

  18. “…and I’m Durff-leff.”


  19. I drink NAPAALM and Battery Acid. Where’s my song guys?

  20. I was very close to checking out, but I couldn’t shake the feeling I was about to get Incestpartnerswappingsextoysrolled

  21. What bothers me more: that both kids appear to be 14 or appear to be rhyming “her pretty pink jammies” with “talks dirty in Spanish”? I am SO CONFUSED.

    • what bothers me most is that the son doesn’t blink.
      he has all the intensity of a lounge singer clawing at his moment in the spotlight.
      watch out sister! this kitty will cut a bitch to get to the TOP!

    • “Pretty pink jammies” was where I drew the line. I assume they all made out at the end.

  22. “You’re so naughty, kiss my body, and just call me pretty.” Aww, SUCH a great family.

  23. Pretty Pink Jammies:

  24. Sky Rockets in Flight, y’all.

  25. Mildly racist and incestuous! good morning! I think I’ll go add some rum to my coffee now.

  26. The sexual tension is palpable. Also, I LOVE when people with foreign accents sing like they’re from Oklahoma.

  27. A tip used on Videogum! Kiss my body! Thank you, Gabe. Thank you, Crystal Swing.

  28. Well, everyone’s gotta put food on their families/lovers.

  29. she definitely says that they’re going to perform a JEW-ET for us.

  30. I kept waiting for them to throw it back over to Jerry and keep those pledges coming.

  31. can we please get a endless keyboard solo video up somewhere?

  32. “She talks dirty… in spanish” is pretty token.

  33. If I learned anything from Dubliners, it’s that a girl can tell her brother to kiss her body and it’s OK.

  34. I think the mom is the scariest thing. She’s the Housewife with a Horrible Secret. What is she mouthing to the camera around 2.40?

  35. Derrick is your boyfriend.

  36. Ireland’s on the VG tag list! I’m so proud
    Also, Irish country music RAAWKS.
    Also I’m pretty sure Derek’s my cousin.

  37. I’m pretty sure Derek’s wearing his Confirmation clothes. Derbhla looks nauseated every time Derek looks directly at her

  38. this would make for an excellent adam green song.

  39. That was really nice of La Quinta Dublin to let Crystal Swing use the Executive Dining room to shoot this video.

  40. so, i think i understand – crystal swing is basically the irish equivalent of die antwoord, amirite?

  41. In the words of Louise Bogan, “There was so much to love, I could not love it all;
    I could not love it enough.” I will go to a quiet corner now and think about my thoughts.

  42. They are HUGE in Ireland right now. Every station is trying to hunt them down for an interview here, but they won’t talk to anyone because the Late Late Show (like Jay Leno but longer and with interviews of victims of clerical abuse) has exclusive rights to them! I’ll keep you posted…I guess.

  43. O…………..M………….G…………. My new fave!

  44. I swear I saw a bum touch at the end. Just saying. Bum touch.

  45. I’m afraid we at Videogum have been too loose with our affections. Do we not remember what true Zef is? Will we so quickly forsake our love for DJ Ninja for the twangy tones of sibling love? These three need a lesson in Zef.

  46. This just goes to show you that monkeys + typewriters (is it computers now? I forget) = country music. America can stopp yeehawing anytime now.

    • I once saw a documentary on Quebecois country music that was FANTASTIC, in part because at one point a woman followed a rootin tootin country song by going, in French, “THIS NEXT SONG…IS ABOUT INCEST.”
      Everyone stopped clapping IMMEDIATELY.

  47. such talent wasted on catchy lyrics

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