For some reason, on more than one occasion in the past week, I have found myself watching snippets of MTV’s new show, 16 and Pregnant. Have you guys seen this show? It’s the worst! And it is in its second season! I mean, on the one hand, I respect MTV’s attempt to provide it’s youthful audience with an alternate and unvarnished depiction of people their age. In that sense it is a refreshing departure from the STD-filled-hot tub bodyshot-parties that have made up the bulk of MTV’s programming schedule for the last 10+ years. But between the show’s Juno-rip-off aesthetic to its manipulation of teenagers’ insatiable thirst to be on television without any regard for the consequences in order to create an ad-revenue-generating schadenfreude laced spectacle of what must be the single most difficult moment in their entire short lives ever, it’s kind of gross. And by kind of I mean super. It’s supergross. I’m all for offering up vital human stories that explore what it is to be human, but these are babies having babies. At the very least, this show should have been called MTV’s True Yikes.

Of course, in season six, episodes 13 and 14, of That ’70s Show, Eric (Topher Grace) and Donna (Laura Prepon) had a teen pregnancy scare. And so it goes. Hakuna Matata. The more things change, the more they stay the same, you guys. Speaking of Topher Grace, what is up with him?

Now that the Valentine’s Day bulldozer has barreled through, CRUSHING HEARTS, things have settled down a little in Topher Town. FOR NOW. I mean, if you thought you were seeing a lot of him in the past couple of weeks, just wait until Predators comes out! That is like Valentine’s Day IN SPACE. It’s probably going to be an intersection between Valentine’s Day and Avatar, in terms of box office success. (Not, of course, in content. In content, it is going to be an intersection of Valentine’s Day and Predator. Duh.)

Although, the VD publicity train hasn’t run out of steam yet. Here is Topher’s appearance on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson:

“Did you ever wear a hat backwards?” Actual interview question in this interview!! Good question!

Of course, Topher, like any celebrity, knows that you better lose yourself because you only get one shot hippity-hoo-blah. So he is definitely making the most of this window of heightened attention, but he’s doing it the Topher Way, which means modeling leather jackets for GQ magazine!

Those jackets look great! Looks like Ashton Kutcher wasn’t the only fashion model on That ’70s Show!

But the biggest TGN this week was, obviously, his participation in a hilarious Funny or Die viral video, featuring fellow celebrity Kate Bosworth, and Videogum pal Brett Gelman as a Bigtime Hollywood Movie Director. The language is NSFW, so headphones UP.

Great! I saw this video first thing the morning it was posted, because in addition to being a Topher Grace fan, I am also a PROFESSIONAL. But thank you nevertheless to Martín, Russell, Shanna, Rhymenocerous, Marc, Nate, Chris, Jeremy, and Darryl for the tip! We did it! Together!

And, of course, That ’70s Show remains popular in syndication.

There you go. That is what is up with Topher Grace. Send your Topher tips See you next time!

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  1. I’m with you, TOPHER.

  2. Where’s the official romantic sunset picnic picture of Topher Grace?

  3. I was super excited to see Toph’s cameo in Stella, which I watched for the first time this week!

  4. i like to think that Topher is looking at me in those pictures. he sees me. not sees me sees me, but SEES me.

  5. Those GQ stills are making me wonder if Topher hopped on a different VD train.

  6. My login issues were miraculously solved just now. Topher Grace is an IT genius. Thank god too. Mental upvoting is not as fulfilling as you’d think.

  7. I had a date with T. Grace this weekend, meaning I saw him in Valentine’s Day, and – earmuffs Toph – it was the worst piece of shit garbage movie I’ve seen in quite some time. Not that I expected Oscar winning material, but man, it was like VD in my eyes (wordplay!). Can we amend the rules of WMOAT to include movies that are still in the theater? Because it would win, hands down.

  8. Bad role model alert! What’s up with Topher Grace’s lungs?! (Just kidding. I’m sure that cigarette was photoshopped in to appeal to the edgy “dad likes leather” demographic.)

  9. Thanks Brett for all describing that which we wish to do with Topher

  10. Topher is giving serious FACE in that third still. wuuuuurk.

  11. woozefa  |   Posted on Feb 24th, 2010 +15

    topher or not, i bet he can’t post a fucking gif on videogum yet.

  12. GQ isn’t even trying anymore.

    Those are just candid photos of Topher standing outside the bus stop, because at heart he’s just like the rest of us.

    GQ, skimping on photo-shoot money, for shame, for shame.

  13. <a href="; Click here for image that would otherwise be imbedded

  14. I don’t know how MTV can get away with this constant idea stealing from respected institutions. Turning The O.C. into Laguna Beach, Gossip Girl into The City, Juno into 16 and Pregnant/ Teen Mom, The Bucket List into The Buried Life, and The Truman Show into The Real World. Where are your scruples at, MTV?

  15. TOPHER LIKES SKINNY TIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  16. hey GQ, when your goal is to be sexy, and obv when you have a photo shoot with topher grace in leather and some bronzed sexy lady in pretty much nothing, that is your goal, maybe lay off the chris berman references?

  17. so do I just call up the mall and ask for “the red topher jacket”? they’ll know what I mean, right?

  18. Uh, so, what’s the target demographic for GQ? Men who smoke and like red leather and sexy ladies?

  19. ugh. not to be Veg-gum, but i hate leather.
    come on Toph! it’s fur for men! (kind of)

  20. It’s time for a new Topher picture. What with the new design and all, it looks all grainy.

    Just sayin’.

  21. Is it just me or is the world honing in on our T-Grace coverage a little bit as of late? Am I the only one feeling weirdly jealous over here???

  22. Is it just me or is that lady’s neck in the second picture horrifyingly elongated?

  23. Whew! I had so much trouble resetting my account. The password recall hated me. Oh right this should be relevant to Topher………………. um Hi new Videogum!

  24. Oh no! Topher Grace feels ashamed about his twitter account. There’s nothing wrong with liking Halo 3, perfumes and R&B.

  25. that is not the kind of leather i want to see topher in.

  26. GQ’s photo shoot just belies how out of touch they are. They don’t seem to realize how far out of her league she is. It’s like, Hello, GQ! Make me believe it a little…


  28. WAIT! I’m with you “topknot” more acknowledgeing the Stella reference. Can we please talk about Stella more all the time?!?! If Gabe talks about it does that mean that we can talk about it? Maybe Michael and MIchael can get an extra season? Topher was in Stella which reaffirms that both Stella and Topher are still both awesome forever and also, “we did, it together!” Where would we be as a civilization without them?

  29. I guess I will test something.

  30. A GIF party is the best kind of party and a GIF party don’t stop

  31. woozefa  |   Posted on Feb 25th, 2010 +1

    more like ‘hey, what’s up with topher grace’s half a head on the main videogum page?’

    also, this might not be applicable tomorrow.

  32. H,WUWTG makes me go TGIW.

  33. Umm, not to be nitpicky, but in future installments of HWUWTG on newgum, can the question mark be included?



  34. I just noticed he’s wearing his watch on his right hand in all of these pictures, and so I just spent the last several minutes finding out if he is left handed or what, and on his IMDB profile page, it says that he’s ambidextrous and also dislikes the movie Space Jam and also I need to know the word for where irony and sincerity start overlapping?

  35. Could anyone please explain if this article is telling us to like Topher Grace or to dislike him? Thanks in advance.

    • I can’t speak for everyone, but for me it’s just about being happy for him. I really like TV and for a few seasons, he starred in a decent show that contributed to the quality of TV. Now, I like an underdog story – which is kind of what it’s like to go from TV success to movie success. So when he tried to make the switch, I was rooting for him. However, shortly after Topher’s venture into movies began, I forgot about him.. oops… and felt a little awkward when I ran into him in Spiderman 3. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m not still rooting for him! It just means he’s like my best friend from high school who now lives in Vegas and posts of lot of pictures of herself on facebook in hardly any clothes, hanging on, what appear to be, huge douchebags (I believe the popular term these days is Guidos or Juiceheads?): I’m still rooting for her, we just don’t have much in common these days or enough interest to find out about each other’s lives outside of a safely organized internet setting. I feel a strange nostalgia mixed with pride mixed with “eh” when I look at her status updates and HWUWTG. Videogum stalking! It’s just nice to see that Toph is happy.

  36. from deadspin: A friend of mine just told me he’s getting married. When he gave me the news I immediately thought of the time we were in Scottsdale at spring training, because it’s the best pickup story I’ve ever been a party to. It was about nine years ago, and I actually forget the bar. But my friend was seriously putting the moves on this somewhat attractive young woman, who was wearing leather pants and had a leather jacket draped over her lap. They had been chatting at the bar for about an hour, and my friend thought he was in the house. I had never seen someone work so hard for a score.

    But just as he was putting on the finishing touches, Chris Berman walks by. And without even breaking stride, Berman looks at the girl, points and says “You’re with me, leather.” And the girl looks up, instantly recognizes Berman, snatches up her jacket and walks out with him, leaving my friend in mid-sentence.

  37. Ah, I have a really hard time looking at Brett Gelman and not seeing the Little Bit of Luck! Even with the half-beard. But I’m trying!

    Also, Gabe nailed that pregnancy scare episode reference. I like to think he just has it (and all other That 70s show plot arcs/episode numbers) indexed in his memory banks, and did not use Google or Wikipedia or at ALL.

    I am over a week late to this comment party, but I still felt it was important to add, for posterity.

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