Now, I don’t know what a “book” is, but I agree that this is the way to sell one:

Speaking of the intersection between books and noodles, one time I had a dream that I was going to go out to dinner with some friends, and I was like, “Where should we eat?” And they were like, “Noodle Mile, duh.” And there was an entire mile-long stretch of noodle restaurants. But in the dream I was like, “Duh, but where on Noodle Mile?” Maybe I should write a book about THAT.

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  1. Well you are supposed to write about what you know. Hence my memoir, “Getting Free Pancakes from Rest Homes: A Treatise.”

  2. Gabe, with book ideas like that, I think I see some Pulitzers in your future! I hope you’re keeping your dream journal up to date.

  3. Can I be pre-emptively angry at the inevitable Zach Galifiankis backlash? Feel my anger, future hipsters!

  4. End The

    Thats all I’ve got so far for this comment

  5. Zach Galifianakis wrote us a book but he ated it.

  6. Let’s DO this, internet.

  7. Ferns or it didn’t happen.

  8. I wish Noodle Mile was a real place.

    • You and me both, Asa.

      • Now you’re replying just to show off you’re new avatar.

        And get me my “replies” tab zings on my desk 3 hours ago, technogabe! (In case that’s too convoluted, it means “I certainly enjoyed the ability to see when someone replied to my comment in the recent, past, Gabriel. And also thank you for all the wonderful jokes and observations that you provide on a daily basis.”)

    • I believe in Noodle Mile! It’s in Singapore. Or possibly Thailand. Gabe will find it in his first feature-length documentary.

  9. Zach keeps saying he’s going to turn his farm into a writer’s colony. Bradley Cooper’s made no such promises.

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  11. You know who gets pants? People who read. (Inside Joke only for me!)

  12. Gabe, I like your Noodle dream. Reminds me of the movie “Tampopo”, which should be nominated for The GREATEST Movie Of All Time! Seriously, its a great movie about noodles.

  13. 9/11: Noodle mile. Never forget.

    That reminds me of the best joke ever…

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