Kanye West’s new “Coldest Winter (remix)” video, you guys:

Yikes. That is just an incredibly cold winter. On the plains of Mordor or whatever this is. Kanye is like, “one beat to rule them all!” Total beat wraith.

P.S. Look at that! Video on Videogum! Web 2.Blah!

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  2. Y’know, you could’ve let the whole “no video” thing slide for a little while longer and overlooked posting this. Not that it’s a bad song or anything. But it’s a bad song.

  3. needs more bieber

  4. I think you accidentally embedded a perfume commercial!

  5. Dumbledore doesn’t care about Muggles…

  6. Her dress doesn’t fit so well up top.

  7. Production values in Mordor are PLUMMETING, y’all. This video should have stayed Fro-do-zen.

    I wanted to make a joke about runes and auto-tunes and auto-runes, but anyway: Nice try, Kanyeti, but this song sucks. A lot.

  8. Yikes! Somebody get that lady a sweatshirt and a wand to cast a patronus and get rid of the dementors!

  9. Jesus would’ve gotten his ass kicked in that forest… cuz ya know, Jesus walks!

    It didn’t work, I’m still sad that such a bad song will make money.

  10. Obviously Kanye saw a preview for Percy Jackson and the Olympians! LOL! Am I doing this right?

  11. It is like Kanye West is one 18 wheeler racing down the highway at breakneck speeds and Creed is another 18 wheeler speeding down the opposite direction of the same highway and soon we won’t even have to worry about these things anymore because the two will collide and the angels will come down to earth and take me away (but not my pets, but that is all right since I have left them in very reliable hands) and oh geez.

    Oh geez.

    Oh geez….

  12. Kanye casts level 3 auto-tune.

  13. This video sure gives me the CHILLS!

  14. more like Web 2.PAH mirite?

    someone tell me I’m right

  15. Are you sure this isn’t a Sleepy Hollow movie tie in music video a decade too late?

  16. This is what happens when Kanye sings into his Xbox.

  17. Such a shitty device using those winter bells between refrains. What a Cop Out?

  18. So I hate this video. A LOT. I hate the uncomfortable boobs especially. I hate the song. Hate the harry potter theme (cuz I like HP and it shits all over it) and I hate how Kanye’s enormous ego is still shining through even though he is not even in the video.

    • I know, there are just so many comfortable boobs in this video! It’s like, lady, TMZ could be hanging around. Lock that shit down.

    • Actually, I was surprised that his ego let him go the entire video without popping out from underneath that hood.


  19. “Runaway Bride meets Dungeons & Dragons.”
    -NABIL’s original treatment

  20. This video is more northern Angmar than Mordor. No duh-nedain*.

    *I am so, so sorry for making that joke.

  21. Yikes. I tried to play this and my ears were like, “What is this shit?” but I didn’t want to miss out on the fun discussion just because my ears are weak-willed. So I muted it, and played the song “He Poos Clouds” by Final Fantasy over it, and it matched surprisingly well. Mainly because that song contains references to D&D, Zelda, and Narnia. Made the video much more enjoyable, except for how I was really worried that her fake breasts were going to pop right out of her Arwen dress.

  22. are we sure that it’s really that cold? isn’t it possible that they just put a big old industrial fan behind the mountains of cocaine that were most assuredly off camera and blew that shit onto the set, simply because they could?

  23. Christopher Dane Owens is going to be soooooo pissed when he sees this…. because Kanye is shining on us all so hard right now.

  24. I Want Kanye West To Be Part Of My Family

  25. This whole no pictures thing is cramping my style.
    So unfortunately a link will have to do. AKA Come cry with me, let’s cry, let’s cry away.

    In any case, link (groan).

  26. Facebook User  |   Posted on Feb 23rd, 2010 -2

    This is Kanye’s vest, he thinks this is the best video of all time. The End.

  27. Watch this video, the go watch “The Maiden, the Mother, the Crone” by Sword. Here, I’ll help:


    I’m no Sword apologist, but there seems to be some HEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAVVVVVVYYYY borrowing done here.

    • Man, I actually like Sword a lot, but that video was straight cheese. Although, that seems to be the trend for most metal music videos.

      Guy 1: “Hey, we’ve got a new assignment: We have to make another metal music video.”

      Guy 2: *sighs* “I’ll fire up the Random Generic Epic Setting Generator, and get the Low Quality CGI Machine running.”

      Guy 1: “Great! This is gonna be SO EPIC

  28. I enjoyed the Director’s Commentary:

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