Everyone feels dumber in summer, so here’s a reminder that there are people even dumber than us, appearing as contestants on the least challenging game show, Wheel Of Fortune. Don’t those shows require tests of basic reading skills? I doubt this guy Kevin is, as billed, the “dumbest Wheel Of Fortune contestant ever,” but he definitely doesn’t know what words mean:

Poor Kevin. He thought he’d be “Dangling on air.” The butterscotch cookies incident was, at least, just unlucky.

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  1. He can’t spell, but he can Hi-Five like a Little League Champ.

  2. oh pat sajek – you ball buster

  3. That was a twist ending for me, cause i thought he was going to say Bitterscotch cookies.

  4. Yeah but I bet that chick just made some sort of deal with the guy before the show. Why do they even still have a $100 pie piece? Whoever goes on Wheel of Fortune sure as hell doesn’t do it to get rich.

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