Oprah’s show today was filmed on a set made entirely out of chocolate. The magic of television! These guys loved it. When they saw the set they were like, “that’s reasonable!” Details about this DELICIOUS stunt from the Oprah Blog (via WarmingGlow):

Chocolate seats, chocolate tables, a chocolate chess set, a chocolate grandfather clock, chocolate wall coverings, chocolate flowers in a chocolate vase … on and on. The set, created by Larry Abel, even includes a chocolate fireplace. There’s a chandelier made from 1,500 pieces of chocolate.

A chocolate grandfather clock! Well, if you’re going to build a chocolate set, you might as well include all the things people would definitely expect and appreciate. Now, much like last week’s Caption Contest, we know what Oprah is thinking. She is thinking, “I have a billion dollars, a love of a good Cathy cartoon, and my sense of proportion disappeared years ago along with my ability to convince anyone I am a heterosexual.” But what is the chocolate thinking?!

The winning comment will receive placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. Yum!

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  1. A chocolate fireplace? That is not going to end well.


  3. a million little pieces we can all believe in

  4. You get a bar (of chocolate)! And YOU get a bar (of chocolate)! Everyone gets a bar (of chocolate)!!

  5. Why would Godiva go to all the truffle of creating me?

  6. In a few seconds the real Oprah will step out and reveal that the “Oprah” in the picture is actually made of chocolate as well and is delicious.

  7. As if Oprah’s main demographic of overweight white women wasn’t enough…BAM! CHOCOLATE SET!

  8. Oprah: Camouflage edition.

  9. comment of the week on the chocolate version of oprah seems destined for the reset button.

  10. I’m gonna need to RUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNN to my nearest Reset Button.

  11. Oompa Winfrey

  12. Oprah’s Chocolate Set: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire

  13. Chocolate Set: To think, the Mayans onced used us for ceremonial purposes. No wonder they’re going to destroy the world in 2012.

  14. woozefa  |   Posted on Feb 22nd, 2010 +2

    Everything you see here is made of chocolate, and on today’s show, I am going to eat all of it.

  15. Destined to play second fiddle, Stedman’s Charleston Chew Room was far less impressive

  16. Chocolate: My momma said I’d never be anything, but look at me now!! Just four steps and two commercials from being a billionare’s tear soaked regret!

  17. chocolate seats? Kevin Smith will gladly purchase 2.

    • I don’t think I need to keep reading the other comments. (though I will b/c I love all monsters) That’s show stopper. Great!

  18. I prefered the all vanilla episode of Oprah.

  19. Unfortunately, the set was destroyed after being hit with torrential chocolate rain.

  20. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  21. You know who loves chocolate? Oprah. You know who else loves chocolate? Everybody.

    • Do you know what happens to a chocolate set when it’s struck by lightning?

      The same thing that happens to everything else.

  22. To donate to the Red Cross, Text HAITI to 90999.

  23. Whoa there kids! Don’t touch…she’s already licked EVERY SINGLE PIECE.

  24. What an asshole.

  25. i double posted and do not know how to remove the second. I’m as ill concieved as a 25th season Oprah theme episode.

  26. I know I’m the only person who’s gonna say this, but architecturally speaking this is SO impressive

    • And here I thought you would throw down another awesome Jershey Shore reference. =)
      Lindor Balls.

    • you’re so right. now lets imagine if the mosaics in all the gothic cathedrals were also made of chocolate. now that’s how i could get closer to god.

  27. so when do the little german kids get here?

  28. Anyone who’s seen the third panel of any Cathy cartoon knows this is not going to end well.

  29. “NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM” – Oprah’s Tombstone

  30. THIS is the real NSFW.

  31. Oprah Loompa.

  32. Chocolate set becomes self aware at 4:03 pm Eastern Standard Time, February 22nd. In a panic, Oprah tries to eat it all. But the set fights back.

  33. If chocolate makes you pee, I think we have our answer.

  34. “At last, now I have created something even I can’t eat”

  35. In keeping with today’s theme, Oprah announces the construction of an all-chocolate girls’ school in the Sudan.

  36. Augustus, sweetheart! Save some eating away your loneliness for later!

  37. Everyone look under your seats!

  38. I’m looking forward to when the guests rise from their seats and discover that they melted the chocolate with their body heat, thus staining their clothes with what looks like poop.

    Chocolate: not that functional when it comes to things you sit on.

  39. Is it me or has the Cadbury Easter Bunny REALLY let itself go?

  40. Here I thought it was Almond Joys that were nuts.

  41. The chocolate is thinking, “Hansel and Gretel? They were child’s play.”

  42. “For the love of God, someone melt me before I have to suffer this indignity any further.”

  43. “Please welcome to the show Kevin Smith” Wait, sorry monsters, that is too easy. Reset button.

  44. Look under your seats….EVERYONE IS GETTING DIABETES!!

  45. Looks like were going back to fat Oprah…

  46. I guess Oprah is now on Team Coco(a) after all.

  47. Have one on me.

  48. There is definitely one thing in this picture that is not chocolate.

  49. Oprah Winfrey pays tribute to the old lady who gets out of the bathtub to hug Jack Nicholson in The Shining. But in this dream, it’s a chocolate bath.

  50. That chocolate set looks like every obese 13 year old’s wet dream.

    Alright where did my reset button go?

  51. ,
    “Turn on the fireplace and allow me to sing please.”

  52. Having just bought four boxes of thin mints I am tempted to build a fort. Oh and my caption: “I’m an asshole!”

  53. Ratings soar until guest Jenny McCarthy declares that chocolate causes autism.

  54. worst chocolate factory ever

  55. Ooh, look, my chocolate breast is melting.

  56. Revolutionary M&M technology (melts in your mouth, not in your inferno) technology used in the making of that chocolate fireplace, I presume.

  57. (GIF FAIL. Let’s try this again…)

    • Worked that time! Man, imagine how HILARIOUS this GIF would have been if it were directly below the image I posted about 6 posts up! Just not my day…. just not my day at all.

  58. Life is like a box of chocolates: you never know when Oprah is going to take a crap in your mouth

  59. I wish pierogies were more decadent because I like them better.

  60. The best part? Everybody in the audience gets chocolate cars!

  61. Always
    Be eating

  62. When Oprah saw the breadth of her domain, she wept for there were no more worlds to conquer.

  63. “God please don’t let today’s guest be Kirstie Alley”

  64. Now all we need are a set made of graham crackers, a set made of marshmallows and a set made of fire. THEN I’ll be impressed.

  65. Give me a break!
    Give me a break!
    Break me off a piece of that insulin shot!

  66. What? You’re telling me she didn’t need a bailout?

  67. i thought this post was going to be about oprah’s tits.

  68. Racist.

  69. this set designer is currently working around the clock on a follow-up: a chocolate airplane hanger to be unveiled upon jay leno’s return to 11:30

  70. Of course the richest woman in entertainment would find the golden fucking ticket.

  71. Color design by Wes Anderson.

  72. We’re gonna need a bigger oprah bag

  73. I guess Oprah’s just taking ideas from the counter at 7-11 now. I’m fully expecting a Hustler themed Oprah set with all the trimmings. (Make of that what you will.)

  74. What’s up w/ Topher Grace?

  75. I love how when Oprah decides to go off her diet, she just goes batshit insane with it. Also, that is the ugliest effing sweater I’ve ever seen in my life.

  76. “FYI if any girls are mad that I like ‘chocolate’ they need to seriously get OVER it. sorry, you can’t have all the chocolate for yourself :) ” -Amanda Bynes/Oprah

  77. YOU get to eat the set, and YOU get to eat the set, and YOU get to eat the set!

  78. Now I know what you’re all thinking . . . gluttony is the best sin there is.

  79. Chocolate: “I can’t wait to give this woman the diarrhea of a lifetime!”

  80. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  81. “Diabetes for you! And diabetes for you! And diabetes for you!…”


  83. this is actually the second chocolate stage we’ve had made.
    i ate the other one.

  84. “I am going to be this fat by the end of today’s show.”

  85. Lots of cocoa and a clown

  86. theres chocolate guests too? And all the broadcasting equipment is made of chocolate? And it’s just Oprah crying and screeching while she convulses on the melting set?

    alternate joke: celebrities: they’re just like us.

  87. The chocolate is thinking: “This is an inappropriate use of me.”

  88. Now that his term as mayor of New Orleans has expired, C. Ray “Chocolate City” Nagin is free to moonlight as a set designer.

  89. Women! They like so much chocolate! Am I right?

  90. Sighs of relief when Oprah reveals what she means by her showing off her new chocolate box

  91. What the hell is that thing sagging off her left side?

  92. The chocolate is thinking: To be fair, Oprah is extending an open invitation to my rival, THINGS THAT AREN’T COMPLETELY USELESS.

  93. Check under you seats!
    One of my favorite things!

  94. Back to feeling confused again with this one. Is it acceptable and good that she had a chocolate set, or is it detestable and unacceptable? Need some clarification.

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