Awesome. I am definitely a fan. (Thanks for the tip, Max.)

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  1. Enh. Needs more Stonehenge.

  2. Today is musicvideogum.

  3. Needs more Christian.

  4. The lock groove from H-ll.

  5. Obviously, someone had a guitarist for breakfast this morning. This video is eternity too short; I need more soul and rhythm!

  6. Wow, guys. You know being humble is a huge part of being a Christian rock band, right? Saying you are awesome is not humble. You guys should call yourselves “Final Contradiction” or “Hypocrite Placement”.

  7. “A true FP fan looped our solo!! Listen to that soul and rhythm!” -Final Placement

  8. I think we should clear out all the RAM on the Internet to make more room for this solo.

  9. clearly, he’s from the john mayer school of makin’ faces while shredding. (that was shredding, right?)

  10. The clip is only 31 seconds long… Thought it would be longer.

  11. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  12. Is there anyway we can commission these guys to write a Videogum theme song?

  13. Apparently it does end…mid-solo.

  14. Throw the black rock into the ocean, because good HAS WON!

  15. Sometimes I like to just sit and read the comments for a day. I’ve noticed a lot of shitty guitar and infighting, Casual Observergum.

  16. This is recorded shittily enough for Todd P to book them. Brooklyn loft party, here Final Placement comes!

  17. Pentatonic Scales 4 Christ!!

  18. Psh I posted this shit in the other thread.

  19. Am I the only one that thought it sounded in tune after listening to that marvelous loop?

  20. Somewhere Oprah is watching this and peeing endlessly.

  21. I think he is the lead mormon dude from the Single Ward

  22. UPDATE: This guitar hero joined a comment strand on
    He’s taking all this in good spirits, knows the solo sucks and insists he has no real involvement in Final Placement. Seems like a decent kid.

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