You guys,

Welcome to the fancy new When we first started planning our redesign, we knew we wanted the best, so we hired the Chief Web Programmer from Jukt Micronics and we said “we have two words for you: Geocities 3.5.” He stroked his waxed goatee for a minute and fiddled with his Dr. Who decoder ring, and then he he was like “OK, but I’m gonna need a case of Mountain Dew Code Black, a floor-length trenchcoat, and to live in my parents’ basement,” and we were like, “Done.”

In all seriousness, we are very excited about our new redesign. A lot of very smart people put a lot of very smart work into it, and we think that it looks great. But in addition to looking great, it’s also just going to function a lot better. You’re going to be seeing bigger photos, just as an example. I guess that’s about it, but that’s huge! Just kidding. I mean, there are going to be bigger photos, that was for real, but a lot of the ways in which the site has changed are for our own benefit. They are going to make it easier than ever before to bring you guys the latest in animal-based trampoline accidents, Topher Grace news, and NBC late night programming mistakes.

We would like to point out:

To regular readers: you have to reset your commenter passwords, but that is easy to do, and once accomplished, you should be able to post your hastily thought out reactions with the ease and comfort to which you have grown accustomed. To new readers: please register a commenter profile and join us! The revolution will not commented upon by unregistered users, and neither will this website. And although they are not quite ready for today’s launch date, the new Videogum is going to have a much-improved user experience with bells and whistles and nonsense. Monsters rejoice!

Of course, as with any new site, there will be bugs and glitches. Please be patient. And please help us to resolve them by pointing out anything that you think is wrong. Email us what you find along with what browser you are using, and possibly a screencap if necessary. It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes a bunch of anonymous people with too much time on their hands to fix a blog. (And please do check out the new, it is great.)

We hope that you enjoy the new site as much as we do, and we welcome your feedback! Kind of!


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  1. Well, I love the design, and I’m glad all the sections on the right have been given an update. Aint that a cute photo of Toph?
    Not so keen on the change so that all the comments are not on the same page (we Monsters have to be on the same page about these things!) but if the changes were a comment I would give them a thumbs up.

  2. Thanks to my job’s odd hours I got to actually be here when the change happened (like my very own New Years 3..2..1..HAPPY NEW BLOG!)

  3. This is why I need to upgrade to MS-DOS.

    Horrible puns on my part aside, though, this is a fantastic redesign!

  4. I was really nervous that we had lost upvoting privileges… because of how much I comment here, and how much I am upvoted! I think I got +33 one time! NoHomofishing

  5. siq tyte design bros! B L O G G I N G!


  7. Is the new site in HD or something ’cause that Lawnmower Man looks GREAT. Everything looks great. A+!

  8. Love the redesign. I had mixed feelings about suddenly seeing the voting system disappear (its been around too long, would Videogum be Videogum and its Monsters still Monsters without it?) but I’m glad to see that the design is all spiffy with its new features and that the familiar (too familiar) thumbs up/thumbs down are still around. Good job Gabe, Scott and mysterious Gummer elves!

    • I do not like that low rated comments get hidden, and I do not know why this comment has been branded as such.

      • I still don’t know I make the hidden comments appear. Yelling “SHOW YOURSELF!” hasn’t worked yet. All this change and technology is scaring this little muppet baby!

        • OK everyone, stop panicking! Call off the rescue team, I figured it out. Back to your day now.

        • What hidden comments?! Comments should not be hidden, but you will only see Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down if you are logged in. That’s a WordPress thing apparently.

          • Yeah, I saw that too over on your post about the story behind the story, the response to amrit’s FIRST…it said comment hidden due to low rating. And of course I’m going to want to see what could have been so horrible to hide it… and it wasn’t vulgar…and only at -3!! If it only takes that to get few -votes, half of the stereogum boards will be will hidden!

            WordPress must think we are to fragile to handle all the negativity?

        • Oh, I see now!

          The ‘click here to view’ is not actually a link:

          I will tell our tech people. That’s a bug.

          • “Click here to view” worked as a link for me when I wanted to see why pep’s -3 rated comment was so vilified. The comment popped up and I was able to see that it was an unjust case of downvoting.

            I think the hidden downvoted comments are going to be a controversial subject in this new era.

      • I’m glad I wasn’t around to see my low rated comment hidden, so that I didn’t have to share its shame. If I could insert a gif, I’d put in that part in Arrested Development where George Michael is walking home after being dumped by Her?, head hung and very sad.

  9. Is it the future now?

  10. Ah! Fearing change!

    Deep breath.

    Okay. I’m all right.

  11. Thank you monsters!

  12. Deep breath. First comment. Let’s see how this all works…

  13. this seems like i like all these neato features but i miss the old colors!

  14. anyone else having issues changing their password from the reset password?

    I have 2 boxes, both labelled “change password”, entering the reset password in both of them seems to work (tho achieves nothing), but entering [reset password]/[changed password] tells me that the user profile i requested wasn’t found.

    using mac safari 4.04, if that helps.

  15. Ladies and gentlemen, we are truly blessed to live in such glorious times as these

  16. In honour of the redesign I finally signed up. This can only end badly.

  17. Hello from Ireland, monsters!! One of many who’ve been reading for a few weeks and were emboldened to start leaving comments by the redesign – it seemed as good a time as any. I promise to get into the spirit of things and commence with the witticisms POSTHASTE.


    • I recruited a new monster tonight in the final hours of the chatroom –which he kinda stumbled into in the first place… But YAY! Lucky stumble, because now he’ll be joining the family. He is nervous about his first day at Videogum Elementary, so be nice ….maybe invite him to eat at your i-lunch e-table?

      With the new site design and all these new monsters, this is basically Videogum: The New Class!

  18. So, this is is, eh? All sleek and shiny…
    EVERYONE take your shoes off and leave them by the door! We don’t need anyone dragging dirt all over the brand new carpet in here, right?

    I will say, it does look very sleek and minimalist, that’s nice, but it will definitely take a while to feel like home in here. I remember back in the day when Stereogum changed their design to what it was up until tonight, and I felt the same way about the new design then… probably looks better, but it didn’t feel familiar at all. I had a soft spot for the the old videogum look, she was a little frumpy, but she was functional. RIP in my heart OLD CSS!

    And Gabe, I really saw the old chatroom off last night, I stayed at her side and read “What’s Up With Topher Grace” posts to her until until she typed her last emoticon…

  19. So, can I comment on Stereogum without getting signed out of Videogum yet?

  20. Also, can I for realz not see how many downvotes I’m getting on my profile?:( And where do I find replies to my comments? TECHNOLOGY! ACK!

    • That is my only concern thus far. And just so you know, I won’t be replying to every comment of yours that makes a Cathy/30 Rock reference. This is just a coincidence! Either that or we have the same brain.

    • Gabe shouldn’t have hit the reset button with a rock but he couldn’t help himself. Now look what’s happened!

  21. Embarassinggum, guys, but I just tried to upvote my own comment, and it won’t let me anymore!

  22. I just clicked the What’s Up With Topher Grace picture and was greeted by several Topher Grace pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  23. The site looks like it’s been REALLY moving its arms in front of the mirror! Good work on the change. I like the streamlined appearance, and if the site is stronger from the inside out I’ll feel even happier checking it out 10 times a day. I prefer to hang out with powerful, fit sites.

  24. Ok, everything is good. Very good. I like it, I really do. But no more gif avatars? I want to be Tyra Banks with laser eyes, not just Tyra Banks! :(

  25. Man, some of you guys get up TOO EARLY.

  26. Looking goood.

  27. No ability to preview makes me kinda NERVOUS! Especially with my terrible HTML skills that I sometimes attempt to employ! But I think everything else is GREAT! (Though, I somewhat miss the animated .gif avatars).

    • totally with you on the preview function. the only reason i’ve ever searched “HTML tips” is to post comments, and now i’m just terrified! same with gif avatars. i think i really miss the graffiti-gum banner most of all though….i feel like we all took a step towards deadspin/jezebel-gum

  28. Guys you are not gonna BELIEVE what my new password is.

  29. What a real birthday present this.

    In related news, when I was growing my brothers would always throw a fit when it was mine or the others birthday so eventually my parents decided to give us all at least one “un-birthday” present.

    In other words, I have been following this site for about a year…It warms my heart and in honor of this redesign, I officially sign myself up for the wonderment of videogum.

    Can we talk about “After last Season” in the near future?

    Paul “essaygum” Cooley (REAL last name)

  30. I was very frightened when Gabe had us all “gather” for the announcement last night (not in the least because I’m a fairly quiet Monster, and was nervous to enter the chat room live with so many of Videogum’s Major Players– hehe) but this change was–is– a pleasant surprise. Hooray!

  31. I’m into it. This may possibly bring me out of lurkdom. You’re all thrilled.


  33. HOW did you get Frank Lapidus to be your new spokesperson?

  34. I’m surprised that old man Gabe would use such a small type face. My face is inches from the screen. I guess it took a redesign to bring out my old lady side. Can’t wait to work with it and figure out. I’m sure its great. The bigger photos are going to be AWESOME!! and I’m glad it’s easier for Gabe.

  35. Blewmymindgum.

  36. Some twuntwad stole my username. Twuntgum.

  37. *clears throat* Verrrry Niiiiiice *gives double thumbs up then shows self out*

    One thing though, the Stereogum logo/favicon kills the Videogum one. We can’t let them win!

    • hmmm, poking around a bit more I’ve realized Stereogum might actually lose the great redesign war of early 2010. The whole format is more news-y which is less conducive to any sort of community development. This is totally fine b/c it doesn’t change the content being produced but I fear the trolls might have finally killed Stereogum. Viva la Videogum!

  38. Ah, but where has gone the reassuring, paternal presence of Spock-in-a-bra?

  39. Now I know how Sully felt…

  40. The new site works a ton better on my stupid smart-phone! Videogum on the go!

  41. Googling die antwoord brought me here… where the hell am I?

  42. With no more videogum chat we may need some kind of twitter roll call before Lost tonight.

  43. So now the newest comments are at the top?? Up is down, and down is up!

  44. Holy Shit, you guys! This is cray-cray. I’m all turned around, upside down.

    In honor of the new design, I’ve even changed my name! No more gross misspellings or inaccurate readings. Hurray!

  45. in short, yes. anywho, glad to be here.. seems like a great way to ignore this stack of tps reports.

  46. This feels expensive. And INSANE.

  47. Hmm. What does THIS button do?

  48. This new site is like walking in to a set made of chocolate…

  49. I was considering my introduction – how to best make a splash for you monsters!
    And then I felt like the new kid at school desperately looking through his wardrobe for something to make him look cool.

    So instead of a clever entrance, here is my bland + uninspired first post:

    Hi guys. I like Lost, too!

    • oh jeez,
      I too am coming out of the videogum closet after creeping for over a year – I wish I had juggalo make-up to hide my shameface, which I assume is the purpose of the make-up.

  50. now we snark in style.

  51. This is some next level videogum shit! It looks great!

  52. Um, can we try to keep all the comments to one page? There is going to be a lot of accidental repeat snark otherwise.

  53. New design, new username (to fit with my twitter)! It’s like we’ve all got a second chance here. It’s like Lost.

    The new car smell is great, but what’s with not being able to see all previous comments when you post your own?


  55. I love the new design! Better than Christmas!

  56. There is no spoon.

  57. woozefa  |   Posted on Feb 23rd, 2010 +2

    i’m sensing they’s goan be lots of weird shit happ’nin til this all settles down, huh.

  58. Awwww….you got rid of The Double Dogs :( :(

  59. You know what’s scary though? NO PREVIEW! I feel so many html fails coming on.. guess we’ll have to take that into consideration before the down-vote, now….and I’m not just saying that because I double failed on a simple gif posting on stereogum (yes I am) :(

  60. Does this mean we can delete posts when we accidentally double post?

  61. How in the bloody hell am I supposed to know what the sixth through tenth most commented posts were?

  62. testing…..

  63. my parents repainted the living room when i was three and i still haven’t gotten over it.

    hold me.

  64. I was registered as so now I’ve had to start a new account and lose my username/account because I can’t change the password. Perfect!

  65. woo hoo, it works! for the occasion i’m trying out my new avatar (which is not that new to my twitter buddies).

    i’d like to request we get a line about who has most recently commented on each post on the main pages. keeps me informed.

  66. I… have… the power!

  67. Suck me beautiful!

  68. I only have two concerns so far, and I know that you guys are totally excited to hear what they are:

    1. The comments not being on the same page. Like Captain Boring said, I predict a lot of failed funnies because of repeat snark. Also, it makes it hard to follow the chronology of the comments (SAT word!)

    2. Not being able to see the upvotes/downvotes on our own comments by going to the profile page. I can barely remember what I typed 17 seconds ago, so going back through posts to see if my fellow monsters validated my opinions and zings will be an issue.

    That’s it, that’s what I had to say. I’ll go back to my cave now.

    • In addition to what Zingers said, I would also like to point out that on your profile you can no longer read the responses to your comments. And I also can’t jump straight to the comment like I used to.

      • I already feel like Gabe and Scott should get the day to iron kinks, I feel like we’re throwing a 100 things at them to fix. I’m just speaking for myself obviously, but I would forgive you guys if you just posted live feeds of cute animals for us to stare at all day while you fix the internet mainframe. I just picture phones ringing off the hook (emails filling the inbox), faxes flying out of the machine (more emails)…total chaos at ‘gum HQ!! (lots of emails to read).

  69. Gabe! The gang here at the corporate office just took a gander at the new VideoGums design, and boy are we thrilled. We’ll let you know when Kourtney Kardashian is ready to take over as president-blogger-in-chief, but in the meantime, stop writing about Topher Grace unless it’s to say nice things about “Dear John”, which is in theaters now.

  70. Whoa, who knows what else changed in this new Videogum timeline!

  71. I’m commenting! On videogum! For the first time!

  72. Clever how you added myspace, facebook, twitter to our profile, but where is Friendster?!

  73. I don’t like change! CHANGE IS SCARY!!!

    The words look and sound different. Eh. eh. ehhhh….

    You guys sort this out. I’m going to be over in the corner in the fetal position for the rest of the day.

  74. So Samsung is proud to present Stereogum, but not Videogum?

  75. This new site is so delicious. I feel fat.

  76. I don’t even KNOW what I think yet! Overall, I’m sure the change is for the better and I will probably forget what the old Videogum looked like by next week.

    My only criticism at this point would be that everything looks incredibly washed out. Gray text on white on light gray? I feel like Videogum is a ghost. There’s no real contrast to hold it all together. Everything is kind of floating in white space. (I’m not a big fan of the beige thumbs up button, either. I know, color scheme, but the purple one stands out much more and I find myself accidentally gravitating towards it.)

  77. It took me a while before I could find the up/down vote thingies. I panicked for a second.

    • I’d also like to say that I really wish that when you scroll your mouse across someone’s profile pic, it would pop out as a larger version like it did on the old site. I mean, people can barely see David Bowie’s crotch now! I may need to find a different profile pic. Sigh….

  78. I was shocked!!

  79. reset

  80. I did it! Now people who see me laughing at a computer will think I’m laughing at a classy Google Site instead of some Angelfire page.

  81. OH NOES! You can up and downvote as many times as you want!

  82. I LOVE the green tick which appears when you upvote a comment, it’s like a pat on the back from you guys!

  83. It’s because of the occasion that I’ve decided to make my first post too. Trying new things!

  84. I am scared.

  85. This is kind of like in “She’s All That” when Rachael Leigh Cook gets a makeover and all you had to do was take off her glasses and change her out of those paint stained overalls. At first I missed the overalls, but, you know, you get used to change. Don’t you? Did they make a sequel to that movie?

  86. Agh I’m kinda freaking out a bit – but look how pretty we are you guys! Gabe extreme-makeovered us

  87. Is it just me, or does the new stereogum site look a lot like P4k?

  88. Testing. 1-2-3. Testing 1-2-3. Sibilants. Sibilantssssss

  89. Is this real life?

  90. It really is pretty great.

    Also what’s up with Topher Grace and Teen Korner having their own quick links on the side makes me so happy.

    ‘Sup Pogs?

  91. I am enjoying the fact that replying to people is easier now. Though I’m not seeing a preview comment option? I like to look in the mirror before I leave the house.

  92. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  93. New LOST tonight, new Joanna Newsom album today, and a new look for Videogum! So much to process!

  94. did videogum get bought by gawker??? ba-dump-bump. (it looks good guys!)

  95. The internet!

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