I still haven’t been on Chatroulette ever, because I am going to do everything in my power to stay out of jail for as long as possible.

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  1. This chatroulette stuff is awesome.

  2. As we’ve learned over the years, sexual predators defy all occupations and creeds, even those who teach our children can be caught performing inappropriate acts on the internet:

  3. 40 percent of chatroulette is dicks

  4. Cabbage man loves Chatroulette.

  5. Everybody loses on chatroulette.

  6. The first time I went on I was greeting by a middle-aged man having sex with a stuffed raccoon toy.

  7. It’s funny that the guy who posted the video thinks Hot Chip is “awful.” Guess I won’t be going to BuzzFeed for music recommendations!

  8. This guy isnt that bad. Click here to see a real creeper in action.

  9. That place is pretty much ran by 4chan.

  10. I saw the Jonas Brothers on Chatroulette. I next’ed them, TOO OLD.

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