Vulture is reporting that Sacha Baron Cohen was once a front-runner to host this year’s Oscars. When you think of all the things that might have been but aren’t, it can make your head spin. Isn’t that right, multi-verse?

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  1. We missed our chance to see his new character, Oscar, the outlandishly some way something.

  2. This would have been sweet. The Oscar hosts play like Leno, i.e., a rolodex (what’s a rolodex?) of lame topical pop culture zings without any feeling for the material. J-Stew was great in ’07, though.

  3. You guys should listen to the Fresh Air interview where the Oscar producers reveal this little tidbit:

    It’s totally hilarious, even if you don’t give a shit about the Oscars. Another thing revealed in the interview: Terry Gross has a safe word.

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