The teaser trailer for Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps was pretty good, but it was short. Shorter than this, at least. Longer trailer for Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps, you guys:

Oh, now I see. It was hard to tell what the movie was about from the first trailer. It just looked like a fast-paced social commentary about our national obsession with wealth and power, featuring an old famous person and a young famous person, possibly engaged in a battle of wits/wills. But now I see that it is actually just a companion piece to last year’s Everybody’s Fine starring Robert DeNiro. I sure hope Michael Douglas and Carey Mulligan can finally work out the tangled mess of their father/daughter relationship! It would be a shame to let something like greed or motorcycles get in the way! Too much time has already passed! If she won’t visit you for Christmas, you get on the bus and you go visit her!

This trailer also works pretty well as the trailer for David Fincher’s The Game 2: Long Con.

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever heard “Sympathy for the Devil” in a trailer ever before!

  2. Not to be Professor Economics over here, but the point could be made that money has been sleeping since September 2008. I feel much more comfortable speaking as Professor Woman. Today’s lecture: Josh Brolin is attractive.

  3. If Shia LaBeouf is this generations Charlie Sheen, does that make Megan Fox this Generation’s Heidi Fleiss? On that note, whats the over/under on the number of years before LaBeouf stars in a terrible sitcom for idiots?

  4. Wall Street 2: Lower East DIED

  5. Obviously I didn’t understand the plot of the original Wall Street. Apparently it was a coming of age story!

  6. Shia lebeouf and michael douglas’s plastic face deserve this but josh brolin is really cool and Carey mulligan has a promising career starting. Why can’t Oliver stone stay away from them.

  7. Ugh. This is just sad. Although, it does give Gabe an excuse to break out the C.R.E.A.M. tag, so at least there’s a silver lining. The mic is hectic!

  8. If ever a trailer needed a laugh track.

  9. it’s not about anything that you mentioned, gabe. it’s about you and me. it’s about doing the right thing. it’s about the game.

  10. Why do people even ask if threats are threats anymore? They always turn out to be threats.

  11. Money just moved into the apartment next to me…. So Annoying!!

  12. “It’s easy to get in, it’s hard to get out” TWSS Gordon Gecko.

  13. An endorsement from the boss, huh? I’m really happy for you and not filled with jealous-inspired rage at all…

  14. You can tell how long he’s been in jail because, ZACK MORRIS!!!

  15. Micheal Douglas will die at the end.

  16. This is going to the “Hannibal” of the Wall Street franchise. I mean that in a good way.

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