If this thing really happens, I am thinking Justin Bieber, Zack and Cody, the CGI baby from Ally McBeal (who is 13 now), and Jason Biggs as Bieber’s dad.

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  1. Hello, Jonathan Lipnicki clone, duh.

  2. Not-so-secret-jerk Michael Cera, Topher Grace, Corey Feldman, and R-Pattz. Michael Lohan is the father.

  3. Isn’t there an “American Pie Presents” direct-to-video shitbag released twice a month? How does that work?
    Also this makes me feel three hundred years-old.

  4. Fuck, not to get overly aggro about this, but come on! That movie came out when I was a freshman in college for god’s sake… 14 years ago! Movies I can remember being able to drive myself to the theater to see should not be being re-booten or whatever the fuck hipster term we want to make up.

  5. McRib as the Pie.

  6. i predict this reboot will make more than just toddlers cry

  7. They should totally get that delightful Eugene Levy guy. Why doesn’t he get cast more?

  8. Requite man child: Michael Cera
    Jock Friend: Puck From Glee
    Foreign Love Interest: Robert Pattinson
    Dorky Unlikely Actual Love Interest: Robert Pattinson Body Pillow
    Choir/Jock Boy friend: Zac Effron
    Funny Looking Choir Girl: Miley Cyrus
    Awkward Father Figure: Eugene Levy (of course)

  9. Can we preemptively reboot Cop Out?

  10. We’re gonna need a bigger MILF.

  11. Do today’s young actors even have the chops to pull of the emotion of fucking a pie?

  12. Thank God for an American Pie reboot. The whole backstory of all the characters has just gotten way too confusing.

  13. Topher Grace in all the roles duh

  14. The Jonas brothers. They’ll need to be involved.

  15. I hope they go the Dark Knight route and try to make it all adult and intense.

  16. It should be a Na’vi version. And they could fuck blueberry pie! Huh? Huh?

  17. Shouldn’t they remake Porky’s first?
    Oh, wait a minute…

  18. Why would they reboot this? It came out, like, a minute ago. Also, why are they rebooting Parenthood? It came out, like, a thousand years ago. (Will nothing make me happy? What is the exact right age something needs to be to get rebooted, if I’m so smart?)

  19. Mini Daddy, el nino mas bonito, surely has some part to play in this exciting “re-imagining.”

  20. To be fair, today’s horny teens are going through so much more than yesterday’s horny teens.

  21. Jason Biggs as the pie.

  22. CopperCab needs to be in there. somewhere. please.

  23. I googled it and these clowns have already made 7 (SEVEN) of these stupid movies. An announcement of another is like the Octo-Mom announcing BAD CHOICES.

  24. TWO J-Beeb mentions in one day?? I’m LOVING this reset!!!!

  25. True Story: the writer/brain trust behind American Pie is from my town. He came and spoke at my high school and was greeted like a conquering hero and a fine example of what we should all aspire to. My life is Twilight! err… American Pie!!

  26. Age is not a problem. They can just mash the Matrix, Terminator and Twilight franchises and have a too big cast of characters disappearing up their own asses with incoherent plotting, toothgrinding self-absorbtion, navel gazing fortune cookie philosophy and gallons of youthful self-pity. It’s easy. You know. With kick ass tunes. And comedy! Don’t forget to keep saying everybody’s names and how they got them.
    I am 40.

  27. Is Furby old enough to be cast in the Chris Klein part?

  28. American Pie! Now with more SEXTING!

  29. Pies are a 20th century dessert, grampa. This one stars Gary Coleman not fucking a waffle.

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