“Imma Be Rockin That Body” video, you guys:

Really, Black Eyed Peas? You feel that you have earned the 10-minute music video? This is your “November Rain”? Fair enough, this is probably your “November Rain.” It is an epic of awfulness. I do like the beginning skit, though. The one where Will.i.am pretends like it would be hilarious if all of their music was just computer-generated garbage? It’s funny because of how a lot of humor is based on TRUTH. This video really missed the boat on showing Fergie getting hit by a bus, though. Whoops! That is like having footage of GOLD and not showing it. A frequent miss, Black Eyed Peas.

P.S. Fergie is right when she says that you guys are not robots, because robots are just sophisticated machines, they are not stupid assholes who think every day is Halloween and The Matrix just came out.

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  1. Does Taboo do anything in this group? I mean, any goddamn thing at all?

  2. This is like ‘The Terminator’ as imagined by Christian Siriano. Deadly… but with foil and daring sling-backs!

  3. i’ma be skipping this robot video! tl;dw!

  4. I believe when he’s not not singing for the peez, he moonlights as Apolo Ohno’s stunt double…

  5. This is worse than Seth MacFarlane and Sarah Palin running for President of the world [cue Family Guy style cut-away]

  6. Fergie has the loveliest and da realest accent.

  7. Did you feel that raw emotion from Fergie? “Were not robots!” Poignant stuff.

  8. Fergie singing like a muppet and dressed like Sarah Palin: Robot Hooker From Space was the definite highlight of this video.

  9. I enjoyed :26, when Will.i.am explained Science. The whole English vocabulary? Tell me more!

  10. Kids music has come a long way since Raffi.

  11. That is one video for two songs? No, Black Eyed Blaine! (At least I can tolerate “Rock That Body” because it was produced by MSTRKRFT.) This video, however, is atrocious. The Black Eyed Peas are utterly incapable of pulling off this whole “futuristic” look that they insist on. Yuck.

  12. Yes, but how is this going to sell crap and/or be used to hype sporting events? We’re going to need less robots and more lyrics about good nights and calls for general retardedness. (Sorry, Sarah Palin, started-ness.)

  13. i hope there are no more levels of shit.

  14. l couldn’t make it through the whole video. Was there a twist at the end? Did will.i.am turn out to be a hologram and start appearing on cable news networks? That would be some next level shit, indeed.

  15. And the Academy Award for best Live Action Short goes to the Black Eyed Peas

  16. When Fergie says, “That takes the soul out of it,” I’m confused, because soul? Huh? Wha?

  17. “That would take the soul out of it.” Fergie, 2010.

  18. Man those robots were gettin’ down! That part almost makes up for Fergie’s bathing suit. (Ew)

  19. Maybe it’s because I like the Black Eyed Peas (I think Will I Am is an excellent producer, and totally earned his place in pop culture by knowing how to work the shit out of a massive pop song), but uhhh why they gotta be stupid assholes? WHY, GABE, WHY?


    I really enjoyed this video and song.

  20. so they cribbed a day in front of manns as a concept for a music video, brilliant.

  21. also, jerking robots guys! put a smile on!

  22. “Man, this is some wack shit” – Life

  23. also, jerking robots guys! put a smile on!

  24. So someone should have definitely given William a script. He ad libs futuristic technical jargon about as well as he ad libs lyrics. You want thingamabobs? He’s got twenty. He keeps them right next to his Knight Rider glasses and artificial intelligence rap-a-matron.

  25. in the future, there will be robots.

  26. I like how he said “the whooole English vocabulary.” Right. Totally gonna use all of it. For sure.

  27. Why do they dress like that? Is there a cyborg war going on right now of which I’m not aware.

  28. I was just about to share this video with all of my friends (enemies), and now it’s gone. :(

  29. I know we hit the reset button but Fergie looks like her daily beauty routine is a meat tenderizer to the face.

  30. Fake (?).

  31. This IS a glimpse into the future. Now we know what music will be playing in Kraft Singles commercials next October.

  32. Well of course we’ll all be wearing silver sunvisors in the future. It’s to keep the sun out of your eyes at your kid’s hoversoccer game.

  33. Tragically, the Black Eyed Peas concert is not canceled for tonight. IMMA BE still not going.

  34. aww, you kooky kids today with your garbage music.

  35. Sadly, this was better than Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen (and Terminator 4)

  36. I’m just glad they were able to use the set from Legion for something else.

  37. I don’t know you guys, this is a pretty awesome video! And to think, this amazing idea came from the result of Fergie getting hit by a car! I’m just saying, if the Black Eyed Peas wanted to continue to hit Fergie with a car in order to get some more great dream visions for future music videos, I think that would be a great idea…

  38. Fergie and Will.I.Am have become such expressive actors since they both started to work in real Hollywood movies. This is just the culmination of their talents.

  39. Okay, so WHAT ARE THEY WEARING ON THEIR BODIES?!?! Also, look out Talib Kweli, will.i.am rhymed “Lehman” with “semen,” who’s today’s premier lyricist now? I can’t wait to watch this video again in ten years because it will be even more incredible than it is right now.

  40. You know what? I am really looking forward to hearing this is my spinning class. Hopefully it’ll be enhanced by MSTRKRFT, but it’s okay by itself, too.

    What happened to this idea???

  41. This is gonna rock the shit outta those jr. high dances

  42. when david hyde pierce can perform your song and have it be on the same lvl of painful as the original its time to mix up a special bowl of kool aid. and for anyone whos ears arent bleeding http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdMsTUGhVJI

  43. The only thing worse then this actual video is the realization that for the rest of the year I will be hearing all the garbage people in my neighborhood mumbling the chorus “I’ma be, I’ma be”. I know there is something to be said for the power of positive thinking but, if you’re a Black Eyed Peas fan, you’re pretty much not gonna be doing nothing. Just sayin’.

  44. Imma be doing a shitty job at posting images, is what Imma be.

  45. What are the chances that anyone in the Peas understoon Will.i.am’s Lehman Brothers reference without having someone explain it to them?

  46. I thought we had all agreed who’s got the next level beats.


  47. “I just had a great idea for a video… quick call Michael Bay.”

  48. The thing is, Fergie’s the last person in the group who would be against making music “like robots”. Remember 2007-2008 with her solo album? (sorry for bringing up unpleasant memories). “Soul”. As if their last record had much to begin with..

  49. The thing is, Fergie’s the last person in the group who would be against making music “like robots”. Remember 2007-2008 with her solo album? (sorry for bringing up unpleasant memories). “Soul”. As if their last record had much to begin with..

  50. I like this song a lot. The BEP are consummate pop craftspeople and they deserve some credit for that. Of course it’s way too long, but it tosses the DJ so many alley-oops to just flip the fader over to one of the greatest songs of all time (“It Takes Two” by Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock). A-minus, Peas.

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